Temperatures are rising, nature is awakening with all its power and so does the city and the people. Barcelona and its open air activities are the most blissful part in spring and summer season, where so many corners in town turn into public living rooms for everybody. Here we have some suggestions for you what is going on in Barcelona, where you have open air feeling guaranteed.

Open air activities in Barcelona you shouldn’t miss

Brunch Electronic is a very nice event with a mixture of picknick with many different workshops, hula hoop activities, breakdancing shows, and of course a huge variety of music. Apart from that, it is located at one of the most beautiful places in town – Poble Espanyol.

It was used as part of the International Expo 1929 in Barcelona and still show a collection of different styles of Spanish architecture. This open air event takes place on 10th and 24th of May but continues its program until autumn.

Another must-do-experience would be Cine Montjuic, which is an open air cinema. It is a great experience to go there!

The location is chosen in the heart of the old fortress on top of the hill Montjuic. Its old stone walls are used to support the huge screen and since it is an open air activity in Barcelona, there is, of course, more than just a screen:

As a visitor, you can get your deck-chairs and optional also delicious food like self-made hamburgers, chips, drinks and more. The program starts usually with a pre-show, where the show itself us a surprise. And then the movie starts and you can enjoy it with thousands if starts above you in the sky.

On certain days this screen even switches to the Barceloneta beach, where the whole atmosphere is different with sand between your toes 🙂

Another great reason for getting out and prepare a nice picknick are the Magic Fountain Shows at Plaza Espanya.

From Thursday to Sunday you can watch the big fountain installations dancing to the rhythm of light and music – the best reason to get a spot in the grass next to it and enjoy it with a self-made “pica pica”.

If you haven´t been to Parque de la Ciutadella yet, it is a perfect plan to visit it on a Sunday. It is definitely the most public living room in town and everything is possible there:

In the morning time, people use to crown for swing dance, which is guided by volunteers and hold in the romantic pavillón in the center of the park. If you go there around 11:00am, you will not miss it.

And then just walk through this “green circus”: People celebrating birthdays with huge picknicks and colourful decoration, others improving their slackline skills, drummers giving rhythm to this mood, Acroyogis and so much more – you will see.