The perfect time to visit the city

Barcelona opens its doors to celebrate one of the most significant celebrations – La Mercè. It will arrange almost 600 cultural activities, like music, arts, dance and much more. It is perfect time to visit Barcelona, isn’t it?

Everything about the celebration of La Mercè in Barcelona

When the celebration has begun you ask? After Papa Pius IX declared the Virgin Mercè as the patron of the city, Barcelona began to celebrate these holidays in September. La Mercè took place for the first time in 1902 when, under the impulse of Francesc Cambo, it was a Fiesta Mayor that became the main celebration in Catalonia. Anyway, the story of La Mercè would suffer many ups and downs that spread after the Civil War and the years of Franco.

Actually, La Mercè in Barcelona is a celebration that takes a large number of public spaces with a program full of Mediterranean culture. In less than a week, you can see how Barcelona brings together different activities, street theatre or dance, wide variety of performances and concerts. During these days you can admire typical for Catalonia dance “La Sardana” or Castells – human towers.

In addition, every year La Mercè invites one of the European cities to be a part of it. This year Stockholm takes part in celebrations of La Mercè 2014. It means that the main theme of the celebration is the culture of Stockholm. The freshness of the north and the passion of south come together in two vibrant cultural and artistic events. These days, Barcelona will have the talent of more than fifty artists from Stockholm.

To stay updated have a look of the program on the official website. During La Mercè in Barcelona you can use a public transport. There will be a non-stop metro during some days, so people can enjoy the street festival of La Mercè during the day and all concerts and activities at night.

See you at La Mercè!