Best crepes in Barcelona

Crepes, the original French Breton receipt, has already spread out all over Europe and conquered the hearts of all sweet lovers. 

Especially Barcelona has made a big tradition and introduced these delicious wraps widely in its gastronomy. The crepe has done one more evolution: salty and healthy is another seducing variation and we have picked the spots with the best crepes in Barcelona, where you can experience any flavours for crepes.

By now many stores are attracting with a smell of hot chocolate, nougat, vanilla and so much more. Our recommendation is Creps Barcelona specialised in wrapping these dough-discs: Weather integral or classic. You can order your crepe with salad, salmon, vegetables and nuts or rather get the sweet option with any sorts of chocolate, fruits, ice cream and flavours of coconut, honey or marmalade.

There are many stores in the centre and around like in the beautiful chilled neighbourhood Gracia, in one of its most radiant streets: Carrer Verdi.

For a unique experience, a nice place with crepes is Creperié Bretonne Annaick in the Olympic harbour. An authentic London double-decker bus, generously decorated with details of firemen-equipment, bus doors for the restrooms and more bus engine pieces. …And still, the real highlights are the crepes.

Here you can get them in variations with salads, as crunchy or soft crepes, even in breakfast menus or for lunch and dinner –  any taste any time would be their slogan.

Another place in the heart of the Gothic centre at Carrer Avinyó 50, is Belgious:

It is a small place but can offer a huge range of waffles, crepes and gofres to give only a few examples. Ask for a crepe with Cannabis ice-cream for example. Sounds tempting?

Crepe – a French receipt, adopted by Spanish kitchen, it is definitely worth a try and won’t disappoint.

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