Vintage lifestyle of Barcelona. Lost&Found

Barcelona is like a runway for all kind of people and their different styles. They all come together for a special event in the city. From hipsters with full beards, dressed in shortened jeans, striped socks, coloured suspenders and woodcutter shirts; “nerds”, interpreting brackets and glasses as a new hype, passionate bike riders wearing coloured caps, up to fashion queens in retro style, where red lipstick cannot be missing.

LostandFound as a multifunctional market

There is a perfect opportunity to experience that Barcelona mood in vintage fashion, -food, -and music event, called LostandFound MarketEvery three months this market opens its doors for all who like to sell their treasures and the visitors.

However it is not about real business or just shopping – it is about the atmosphere between the lost and the found and about capturing these inspiring moments.

What makes it so different from normal flea markets?

Since it is an interactive event, the locations change according to the seasons. In summer this market is open air and located on the beach of Barceloneta. This time, that international edition will take place in the halls of the historic train station Estació de França.

Whether you are collecting discs, Japanese kimonos, love fashion, self-made accessories, or just want to experience the mood – this market has it all for you in between its railway platforms!

You can even get your hairstyle in the middle of the market by a different English retro hairdresser Anthony Llobet, surrounded by Brazilian beats or rhythms of the 50’s up to modern music, while the trains are departing and arriving. The later it gets, the more the mood switches from a market scenery into a communal dance floor.

Apart from cakes, coffee and Mexican empanadas, there are also typical liquid flavours to taste, like Vermuth, or the most common Spanish Estrella beer.

Are you ready to go and see?

The market is opened this Saturday, 13th and Sunday, 14th from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm.

Experience it all

I have been living in Barcelona for three years, working as a tour guide and this time, I will have my own booth at that market.

Barcelona is a predestined city for all types of markets and it is the best way to get to know its spirit.

So see you there!

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