How to enjoy the Champions League in Barcelona

The Champions League is the most prestigious intercontinental soccer tournament in the world. It was known as the European Cup until 1992, when it was changed to reflect better the European diversity and the fact that only the best teams in the world can play it. Nowadays, their football games are a huge tourist attraction for all the cities that host this competition, especially from February, which is when the qualifiers begin. FC Barcelona (5 trophies) is the third most successful team after Real Madrid (12) and AC Milan (7) in the history of the competition.

The possibility of watching Messi, Coutinho, Iniesta or Luis Suárez playing and spending a day or two of sightseeing in Barcelona is something that you cannot miss. Prepare your visit to the Camp Nou, the second largest field in the world after the mythical Maracanã, to enjoy the Champions League in Barcelona!