How to enjoy the Champions League in Barcelona

The Champions League is the most prestigious intercontinental soccer tournament in the world. It was known as the European Cup until 1992, when it was changed to reflect better the European diversity and the fact that only the best teams in the world can play it. Nowadays, their football games are a huge tourist attraction for all the cities that host this competition, especially from February, which is when the qualifiers begin. FC Barcelona (5 trophies) is the third most successful team after Real Madrid (12) and AC Milan (7) in the history of the competition.

The possibility of watching Messi, Coutinho, Iniesta or Luis Suárez playing and spending a day or two of sightseeing in Barcelona is something that you cannot miss. Prepare your visit to the Camp Nou, the second largest field in the world after the mythical Maracanã, to enjoy the Champions League in Barcelona!

Where to stay in Barcelona? Accommodation near the Camp Nou

There are two typical formulas for Champions League lovers when planning their trips. The first is travelling and returning on the same day, but due to the time that usually the matches end, 22:30 PM considering there are no extensions, the second option is the best: expending a couple of days in the city. After all, it gives you the chance of combining the match with other tourist activities. Here you have the best options to sleep in the surroundings of Camp Nou.

· NH Barcelona Stadium

Where is it? Travessera de les Corts, 150-152

It is the closest option, in addition to be one of the best-known hotel chains in the country. Practically in front of the Camp Nou, their price range goes from 85 euros, a very good price considering the hotel has a 4-star rating. And the location couldn’t be better: you can almost see the match from the window.

· Hotel Catalonia Rigoletto

Where is it? Carrer de Sabino Arana 22-24

Its great location, big pool and delicious food make it a superb option if you are coming to Barcelona and want to be around the Camp Nou, the FC Barcelona stadium. It has 65 rooms with all the equipment, like TV and WIFI. The restaurant “La Traviata” is on the premises, so you can have a spectacular dinner before going to the match.

· Hotel Madanis Liceo

Where is it? Carrer de Francesc Layret, 2

This little great hotel takes pride in their modern premises and all the services that come with the room. They have two business points totally equipped for conducting meetings, plus the breakfast and room service. You can connect to the internet from every point of the hotel, and they even have a service for buying tickets to touristic activities.

· Hostal Conde Guell

Where is it? Carrer del Comte de Güell, 34

This hostel is also 5-10 minutes away from the FC Barcelona stadium. It is a hostel, not a hotel, that will allow you to stay for a slightly lower price. For only 50 euros per night, you can have a great room very close to the Camp Nou. Their friendly staff and comfortable features will delight you.

· Yellow Nest Hostel Barcelona

Where is it? Passatge Regent Mendieta, 5

Yellow Nest is the most suitable option for young people who want to enjoy the Champions League. This great hostel is just three blocks away from the Camp Nou Stadium and for just 22 euros per night, you can have a great room in a dynamic and international atmosphere. If you are looking for a close, economic and cool place to stay while enjoying Barcelona, Yellow Nest Hostal is a highly recommended option.

Where can I eat near the Camp Nou? Bars and restaurants around the stadium

You are already settled, you have left your bags in the hotel room and want to eat something in near to the stadium. Where to go? Well, here you’ll find some bars full of locals next to the Camp Nou to have a meal or a snack before your sightseeing tour or the Champions League match start.

· Bar Estrella Damm

Where is it? C. d’Arístides Maillol, 12, 08028 Barcelona

The Estrella Damm Bar is a great place located in front of the Camp Nou Stadium. It offers its customers a remarkable variety of beers and Spanish tapas such as “Patatas Bravas” (spicy potatoes), “Huevos Rotos con Jamón” (eggs, chips and ham) or croquettes. On match days it becomes one of the busiest terraces in the area, filled with Barça fans.

· El Bressol Restaurant

Where is it? Travessera de les Corts 120, 08028 Barcelona

In the Comandante Benítez street and two blocks away of the stadium, we find this place where you can enjoy tapas, “raciones” (rations of food to share) and sandwiches. With a traditional Barcelona bar aesthetic and a small terrace on the outside, El Bressol is famous for their Bravas (patatoes). If you’re looking to eat something quick before the game, this is the place.

· Frankfurt Munich

Where is it? Carrer del Comandante Benítez, 18, 08028 Barcelona

Another option for grab some food, perhaps the fastest of all but equally tasty, is Frankfurt Munich. In Barcelona, Frankfurts (bars to eat burgers and hot dogs) are very popular, and this one is very good. For just 10 euros you can have a delicious burger with cheese or a hot dog with onions and all the ketchup and mustard you want.

· Taller de Tapas Restaurant

Where is it? Travessera de les Corts, 64, 08028 Barcelona

The Taller de Tapas (The Tapas Workshop in English) offers a selection of high-quality tapas, prepared at the moment. They have a daily menu and among their dishes you can find a good paella, boat fish and meat from the Pyrenees. The restaurant has a great location, close to the FC Barcelona Stadium, is spacious and also has an outdoor terrace. It is an ideal place to enjoy a good meal with family or friends in your short visit to the city.

Where to get tickets to watch the Champions League in Barcelona?

This is one of the most critical points you must bear in mind before traveling. It is important that you do not scalp the tickets because you will be at risk of overpaying or even getting fake ones. For this, we recommend the following options.

· FC Barcelona website

When buying the tickets in the website you must consider the nest: the tickets are for selling only 10 days before the game. Also, there is always extra seats, because the member of the club can confirm at any time that the won’t attend, so the club put their seat to sale.

· Your team’s website

Chelsea will play soon against FC Barcelona in the Camp Nou. You can apply for your tickets through the Chelsea website. With this formula you will not only save the process of having to come for your tickets to the Camp Nou Stadium but also you will also know that you will join by your fellow fans.

FC Barcelona Merchandising

The Messi, Iniesta and Piqué team have fans from all around the world. If you want to dress their colors for the match, we offer you the location of the 2 most important merchandising shops in the city of Barcelona.

· FCBarcelona Official Store Megastore

Where is it? Camp Nou, Carrer d’Aristides

The largest official FC Barcelona store in the world is located in the same venue of Camp Nou Stadium. There, you can find memories, shirts and everything related to the Catalan team.

· FCBarcelona Official Store

Where is it? Ronda de la Universitat, 37

In the heart of Barcelona, you can enjoy the official Barca shop. T-shirts, posters, training equipment, balls, cups and any Merchandising object is available at this official store.

Here you can find a complete list with the official stores and official partners in and out of Barcelona, to buy your original FC Barcelona shirt, a gift or a souvenir for your trip: FCBarcelona Official Stores, Complete List

Tourism before the football match

One of the best things about the Champions League is how well-organized it is. All matches start at the same time. In Spain it’s always at 8:45 PM, which gives you a lot of hours to get to know the city before the game. Here you will find our recommendations for activities to do before the match.

· Walking through La Rambla

The center of Barcelona is Plaça Catalunya, a big square in the center of the city and in the border of the old town. This is the starting point for every visit to the historical parts such as the gothic district or the Raval. There are people gathered, walking down the main street, called La Rambla, every day. In this street you can feel the Barcelona vibe with the rest of the locals that live their daily life in this colorful avenue.

· Shopping in the downtown area

Barcelona is a world fashion capital which means that if you are as passionate about clothing as you are about football, you are in luck. Near Plaza Catalunya there is this street called Pelai, where you can find young international brands and clothing of all type. Also, very close you have Portaferrissa and Portal de l’Ángel, two shopping areas adjacent to Calle Pelai.

· Efficient tourism with a Segway tour

The new formulas for tourism have made it possible to know the cities you visit in a completely new way. Visiting a city in just a couple of hours seems impossible, even with a touristic bus or by metro. In this case, where you have an appointment at 20:45, you must be quick and efficient, but without giving up quality. Barcelona Segway Tour offers you the most fun way to know a city while having an unforgettable experience. Especially if you have never used a Segway. You can choose between different routes across the gothic areas, the port, the mountain and more. You will enjoy the Segway tour around Barcelona with a local and professional guide, who will explain you about the history of every monument and place during your visit. And you can also stop and take all the pictures you want for your Instagram!

La previa, the time before the match

La previa is the name of the time you spend before the beginning of the match. It usually takes 1 hour, and it can be used in so many ways. It’s the time to get together with friends and family to enjoy a snack and a soft drink or a beer. You can get together with other FC Barcelona fans to sing, discuss everything related to the game, lineups, players etc. People go to the bar to get a good seat, or entry into the stadium to find their seats. For La Previa we recommend going to the bars adjacent to the Camp Nou, some of which we have already recommended in this post, as most of the local fans do.

Watching a Champions League match in Barcelona

After a long trip, after a day of sightseeing and a good time enjoying “La Previa”, the time to enjoy the best football show in the world has arrived. It’s the Champions League! Let your emotions go free, scream, support, suffer and celebrate with your team. Let the excitement and the effort of the players to be yours, and make sure that they feel supported using the many chants and slogans of the team. If you don’t know them, just listen the rest of the fans and follow their lead. It is a turn to watch your team playing against Leo Messi, Andrés Iniesta, Ter Stegen or Coutinho, recent signing of FC Barcelona in the winter market.

· Tips to watch the Campions League at the football bars

Finally you didn’t get a ticket, but it’s fine. In Barcelona we love football so much, so in almost any bar in the city you will find the game broadcast on TV.

If you finally are going to watch the match in a bar, here are some useful tips:

    1. Get to the bar soon, at least one hour before, because the seats fill up quickly.

    2. The sooner you get to the bar, the closer you can get to the television.

    3. Try to order the food before the game. They are very busy during the game and you will have to wait a lot.

    4. Don’t block the TV or you might get booed!

When I can put this plan in motion?

If you are determined to follow our itineraries, you have an opportunity within a very short time. The next 14th of March will be the Champions League match between FC Barcelona and Chelsea, after the 1-1 of the first leg. An open tie between two teams that has yet to be resolved in the Camp Nou, where the Barça always attacks.
Now you already know some places for accommodations, bars, shopping areas and touristic activities to do during your visit. But more importantly, you are ready to enjoy the Champions League in Barcelona!