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The Top Upcoming Music Festivals in Barcelona this Summer and More Events

At Barcelona Segway Tour we love music, which is why you will hear some great local artists in our offices. We also know that whether you’re traveling alone or with others, traveling can sometimes feel like a solitary and chaotic activity.

Thankfully Barcelona is here to welcome you into its sunny and beautiful environment, where feeling alone is not an option, among the many sights, bars, and activities, the city stands out for its artistic and musical flair. Which is why Barcelona hosts some of the biggest festivals in Europe, and we want you to enjoy them with us!

If you are looking to enjoy some amazing international artists or you want to be introduced to new hot talent, Barcelona is the place to be. Keep reading about our recommendations for some of the hottest upcoming festivals in Barcelona so you can join the fun! 

Música als Parcs

June 1–August 31, 2019

Looking to add some music to your summer city break? You should be sure to check out the calendar for the Música als Parcs event (Music at the parks).

Música als Parcs has happened each year for the last 15 years! By now, the events are very smooth and you can expect to find some amazing music in the mix. Jazz is the most common genre, providing the perfect soundtrack to drinks and fun times in the sun with friends.

These events are all free to access and each one takes place in a park in Barcelona. Locals love these events too, so it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture!

Sant Joan Festival

June 23, 2019

This Sant Joan festival is a celebration of the summer solstice. It’s a couple of days late because the Catholic Church in Spain moved it slightly to coincide with the birth of John the Baptist.

During this night, each neighborhood lights bonfires to represent purifying fire that fights away bad spirits and the tradition of midnight bathing in the sea represents a new start.

This is one of the most important nights in Barcelona and you will find a lot of fun activities all the way across the city. Many people enjoy watching the fireworks from the beach and you’ll be sure to find lots of music and special celebrations wherever you are staying.

Open Air Film Festival

June 28–August 2, 2019

Opern air cinema Barcelona Festival

Barcelona has very warm summer nights and it can be pleasant to sit outside. This open-air film festival is magical and it takes place within the castle of Montjuïc – a pretty unique setting to enjoy your favorite film!

Unique gems like this require very little planning. Simply grab your snacks, a blanket, and find your favorite film!

There are lots of indie gems and blockbusters on the festival this year. You could enjoy Into the Wild with your friends to celebrate your adventure, or take a trip down memory lane by watching a classic movie like Goodfellas.

Cruïlla Music Festival

July 3–6, 2019

If you are planning out your trip to Barcelona this summer, keep this music festival in mind. Cruïlla takes place on the beachfront at the Parc del Fòrum and it’s the perfect location.

Some of the biggest bands in the world come to Barcelona for the festival. There is a range of stages meaning that every musical taste is catered for and you’ll find a lot of food stalls and independent fashion designers selling their wares.

This year is going to be amazing in terms of music. Over the course of the weekend, you can look forward to seeing show-stopping acts like Kylie Minogue, Black Eyes Peas, Foals, and more.

BBF Barcelona Beach Festival

July 13, 2019

BBF is relatively new on the scene and it is very unique in that it takes place directly on the beach itself. If you want to party into the early hours with sand between your toes, this where you will want to be!

This year’s lineup is strong with names like David Guetta and Steve Aoki making their way to Barcelona. You will find lots of food and drink options while you are there too.

An enormous sound system and an impressive stage set the scene – it’s a spectacle to behold and thousands of people are already gearing up to enjoy the 2019 edition!

Sónar Music Festival

July 18–20, 2019

Sónar Festival Barcelona

Lots of European breaks in the summer feature festivals, but none are quite like Sónar. This three-day festival is a celebration of art, design, and electronic music. Some of the biggest names in electronic music appear here and Sónar had grown to become one of the most popular electronic music festivals in Europe.

The 2019 edition is shaping up to be incredible. Hundreds of top artists will make their way to Barcelona and you can look forward to seeing the like of Disclosure, Four Tet, and many more.

If you want to blend some amazing nights out in Barcelona, you would love the Sonar Festival!
This incredible event has daily and night passes, so you can also enjoy fantastic activities for all audiences during the event.

Tomorrowland Music Festival

July 27, 2019

Tomorrowland is a huge festival that takes place in Belgium. But thanks to this unique event, you can get in on the action all the way from Barcelona!

A massive DJ line up is organized for Barcelona and a unique live satellite connection means that you miss none of the action from Belgium. There’s a fun sense of community throughout the festival and it runs from 3pm to 3am – a lot of time to enjoy!

DGTL Music Festival

August 23-24, 2019

DGTL not only focuses on exploring undiscovered musical talents but is constantly on the lookout for the latest technological innovations that tackle issues like sustainability to present you with a different kind of festival experience- one that’s fun for you and good for the earth.

The Parallel Festival

30 August – 1 September, 2019

The Parallel Festival is the summer camp experience for grown ups. 3 days in rural Catalonia, Pyrenees to be exact- located 1.5 hours from the city, you have the chance to camp out, enjoy new music in an intimate setting with an unforgettable scenic background that will make your instagram game the envy of all your friends.

Annual Neighborhood Festivals

Over the course of the year

People in Barcelona love to have fun. The long summer nights are warm and you can comfortably party into the early hours – the perfect reason to enjoy Barcelona’s various summer celebrations.

By now, these summer festivals are legendary. Each neighborhood hosts its own authentic festival, celebrating the unique character of the location and its people. Some of them are more famous than others, but you’ll have an amazing time across the board!

They run throughout the year, but many of the largest ones take place in the summer months. Raval and Poble Sec have theirs in July, while Gracia’s takes place in the third week of August.

The Ark Cruise Festival

May – 13-16, 2020

The Ark Cruise is the first festival in the world on a cruise ship. Need we say more? We will anyway. The ticket includes a round trip cruise that starts and ends in Barcelona, with pit stops in Marseille and Ibiza. Oh, and did we mention the ship also includes swimming pools and rock climbing facilities… you’re welcome.

Don’t worry about missing out in the city sights, our Segway and BeBike tours are a great way to see the city before and/or after the festivities. We wish you fun and safe attendance, and look forward to hearing your festival experiences when you join us in our tours!

Enjoy Barcelona Festivals!

As you can see, there is a lot to enjoy in Barcelona this summer! We hope that this list has helped you with your planning.

Want to find out some more general tips to experience Barcelona like a local? Check out our blog for the latest hints and insights.