The better beaches in Barcelona

This is a complete list of the best beaches in Barcelona to take a quick dip. It’s pretty easy to get to the beach in Barcelona, no matter where exactly in the city you’re located.

Here’s a list of all beaches in Barcelona (from south to north, with link to Google Maps)

San Sebastià

San Miquel



Nova Icaria


La Mar Bella

La Nova Marbella


Banys Fòrum

The best beaches in Barcelona

How to get to the beaches in Barcelona

You can get to the beach by bus, metro, cabify and taxi, if you are the more ecological type of person you can also pick up an electric bike or simply skate down the hills towards the mediterranean sea.

Top 3 Beaches in Barcelona

We’ll try to drill it down for you so you don’t have to research each and every single beach we have here.  So, in order to make this work, we focused on several aspects of the beach.

– Cleanness
– Security, Pickpockets
– Connectivity
– Services like Food, Drinks, Shops near by
– Amenities like Showers, Toilets

The Top 3 beaches in Barcelona are the following ones:

Top 1. La Mar Bella
Top 2. Bogatell
Top 3. Barceloneta Beach

All beaches, around the city of Barcelona

  • Platja de San Sebastiá (Sitges)
  • Platja dels Balmins (Sitges)
  • Platja de la Marina d’Aiguadolç (South of Barcelona)
  • Platja de Gossos (South of Barcelona)
  • Cala Vallcarca (South of Barcelona)
  • Platja del Garraf (South of Barcelona)
  • Platja de Castelldefels (South of Barcelona)
  • Playa Gavá (South of Barcelona)
  • Platja San Sebastià (in the city)
  • Platja San Miquel (in the city)
  • Platja de la Barceloneta (in the city)
  • Platja Somorrostro (in the city)
  • Platja Nova Icària (in the city)
  • Platja de Bogatell (in the city)
  • Platja de La Mar Bella (in the city)
  • Platja de La Nova Marbella (in the city)
  • Platja de Llevant (in the city)
  • Platja Banys Fòrum (in the city)
  • Platja de Badalona (North of Barcelona)
  • Platja de Montgat (North of Barcelona)
  • Platja d’Ocata (North of Barcelona)
  • Platja de Premia de Mar (North of Barcelona)
  • Platja de l’Astillero (North of Barcelona)

More beaches up north along the coast of Barcelona, Costa Brava and Costa Maresme:

Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar is a growing town along the coast of Barcelona or better, the “Costa de Maresme”. This is the village where the famous ex Barça player “Cesc Fabregas” is from. Located about 40 km outside of Barcelona, in Arenys de Mar you can find one of the most important ports of the catalan coast. The main event in Arenys is “La fiesta Mayor” celebrated the day of Sant Zenon, the 9th of July, every year.

Sant Pol de Mar

This picturesque village is worth a visit during your next trip to Barcelona or the coast. It has it’s own train station and is located around 50km north of Barcelona. You can reach it in exactly 1h taking the train from Placa Catalunya or Sants estació. With around 3000 habitants, the small streets and shops you’ll truly experience the catalan lifestyle.


This touristy town on the coast of Barcelona is packed with Hotels and Entertainment opportunities. If you’re travelling with family and you are looking for an easy vacation with tons of options to do tours, activities for kids and a huge beach. If you like to party at night, Calella might be an option, there’s plenty of Bars, Restaurants, Lounges and Clubs to enjoy a night out.

Tossa de Mar

Cristal clear water, rocky coastlines and one of the best climates await you in Tossa de Mar. This small village is perfect for small relaxed vacation on itself. The fine gravel beaches cause the water to be as clear as it gets. The rocky cliffs are perfect for snorkeling and with plenty of hotels and small apartments to rent this might be one of the underrated spots on the catalan coast. If you travel further up north you’ll get to Lloret de Mar.


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