While it is true that the number of craft breweries in Barcelona has increased exponentially, it should not be forgotten that this city already had a tradition of beer for many years, more precisely since the end of the 19th century, with Estrella Damm and Moritz.

If you are selective with your brews and are not satisfied with any old pint, you can find a carefully crafted beer in these Barcelona bars. 



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If you’re indecisive and never sure what to choose from a massive menu, you’ll be hard pressed to settle for just one beer from the BierCab. They have about 30 taps and all the styles of beer on the market, despite the fact that the house beer, the Naparbier, takes center stage and takes up about 20 in total. In this monumental brasserie, you can also fill your stomach with dishes such as bar ceviche or Wagyu tartare with Naparbier beer sorbet. If you just want something to snack on, ask for the sliced ham dish or the classic patatas bravas.

Carrer de Muntaner, 55




Mikkeller Bar

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Located on the left side of Barcelona’s Eixample, this brewery of Danish origin is one of the best-known European craft breweries in the world. Since its founding in Copenhagen in 2006 by Mikkel Borg and Kristian Keller, two childhood friends, there have been hundreds of beers they have crafted and brewed at their facilities.

It has 24 taps where you will find mainly beers made in its own factory, although they always leave room for a few local and international beers. With a strong Nordic-style decoration inspired by the Hygge philosophy, added to the generous space between its tables, this is a peaceful place where you can taste delicious beers and accompany them with delicious typical Catalan dishes.

Carrer de València, 202




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BrewDog is a Scottish beer brand that has grown global and is one of the most well known craft beer brands in the world. Here you’ll find 20 taps of its own craft beers and those of other guests. The place has a great American vibe in its interior. Industrial decoration with graffiti on the walls, concrete columns, brick walls, wooden and metal furniture, sofas, high and low tables of different sizes, illuminated signs and good music.

To accompany the beers, they have a food menu with hamburgers, chicken wings, patatas bravas, nachos, hummus and more. There are also wines and soft drinks and on Wednesdays from 5 p.m. you can eat all the spicy chicken wings you want for €10. 

Carrer de Casanova, 69



Cerveseria l’Alternativa

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Cervesería l’Alternativa is located in the Poblenou district and is run by the brothers Jordi and Miquel since its opening in 2016. It has 8 taps where national and international beers are produced every week. There’s a quiet, neighborhood feel to the place, with regular customers stopping in for a refreshing craft beer after a long day of work.

Starting off the weekend, there are more groups of friends visiting, some to drink and chat casually, others to warm up the engines before the long evening ahead. Staying in the premises is complemented by great background music and a TV screen that plays the best scenes from many iconic movies . You can’t leave without trying their exquisite burgers or one of their delicious Iberian sausage tapas!

Carrer de Pallars, 294



Garage Beer Co

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Garage Beer Co is a craft beer factory and brewery in Barcelona. Located behind the building of the University of Barcelona, you can find one of the favorite brasseries in the city. Looking like an old garage or warehouse and entering a narrow but deep place, carefully decorated with industrial furniture of different styles and to top it off, the microbrewery which is at the end of the square and where they make some of the styles of craft beers that can then be tasted in its 8 taps. They produce beers of various styles: Sour, IPA, Pale Ale, Imperial Stout and New England IPA. They also collaborate with other breweries and limited editions.

Food wise, they offer some tapas to share and also sandwiches that are prepared with care, both for the bread used and for the ingredients. With a lively atmosphere, especially in the evening, although you can always find a small table to taste one of its craft beers and accompany it with a delicious porchetta sandwich. If you love craft beer, you can’t miss Garage Beer Co in Barcelona.

Carrer del Consell de Cent, 261




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This brewery and boutique is in the Passeig Maragall area, next to Congrés metro station. Looking at the aesthetics, this brewery is a far cry from most of the rest of the city, as you could argue that it retains a more classic and austere character. But unfortunately for interior designers, good brewers place much more importance on the quality of the liquid that emanates from their kegs and bottles than on the space in which they are housed. 

This is precisely why, in quality and variety, this brewery can hold itself high with more than 100 references of bottled beers and 8 rotating kegs that will delight the most demanding beer drinkers. From its tiny kitchen come very tasty dishes prepared on the spot, such as patatas bravas with their slightly spicy homemade sauce, homemade croquettes, cheese boards and of course, hamburgers. The store is located in the adjoining premises, where not only can we find a huge range of bottled beers but we can also buy all the ingredients and utensils needed to make craft beer at home. 

Carrer de la Manigua, 8




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In Palau del Mar and Avinguda Diagonal you can find an essential place for beer lovers, where you can taste a craft beer made a few meters from the bar and accompanied by fusion cuisine. In their artisanal creations they include products such as chocolate, coffee or fruits such as watermelon.

That’s not all, at BlackLab you can enjoy live local artists and they plan to organize beer classes, tours, meetings and other social events. It has a privileged location and gastronomic fusion seem to be the strong points of this ambitious project which has earned the respect of craft beer fans. Its IPA Claudia and APA Cosas Que Pasan are among customer favorites.

Plaça Pau Vila, 1 



Lovers of craft beers, we hope you enjoy our recommendations on where to taste the best craft beer in Barcelona and if you’re in Barcelona then why not ride around with us on a Gaudí Segway Tour and see some carefully crafted buildings too?