Explore the best kart circuits in Barcelona and immerse yourself in an experience full of fun and competition. Whether you are a beginner in the world of karting, planning a birthday party for your child, looking for a Team Building activity for your company or simply want to try a new hobby with friends, karting circuits are the answer.

Karting is the perfect activity for those who like adrenaline and driving one of these small cars can be an experience that you will never forget. Whether you want to enjoy it alone or if you prefer to compete against your friends in a race against the clock, even if you prefer indoor circuits or if you are more of an outdoors type. Here are some cool spots to check out. 


Indoor Karting Barcelona

Indoor Karting Barcelona has the most advanced indoor circuit in Europe. Due to its outstanding and brilliant amenities it is one of the most well-known kart courses in the city. Built with the newest technology, it boasts one of the best indoor courts in all of Spain. Indoor Karting Barcelona is a must-see for kart enthusiasts, spanning over 500 meters and featuring the best shock-absorbing protective barrier.

They have karts for all ages equipped with the best safety systems. The vehicles have been designed with the latest speed technology and have adjustable seats and pedals. It has a special route for children and another for adults. In addition, a special circuit for children from 2 to 6 years old with electric karts has recently been inaugurated.

Carrer de Laureà Miró, 434




Karting Sallent

Just 40 minutes from Barcelona is Karting Sallent, one of the best kart circuits in Catalonia. With almost 1,500 meters of route full of curves, gradient changes and long straights, this circuit offers an experience full of adrenaline and excitement. Karting Sallent adapts to your needs, dividing the circuits independently for personalized events, such as birthdays, bachelor parties or team-building activities. They also offer a kart circuit for children.

Carretera Manresa – Berga C 16 km 58, 5



Barcelona Adventure Karting

Another track in Barcelona that we are going to recommend is Barcelona Adventure Karting, a kart circuit located on Pau Claris Street that has both an indoor option for beginners and a perfect outdoor circuit to test yourself. In Barcelona Adventure Karting you can carry out three initial competitions, in addition to experiencing the adrenaline of a full-fledged kart race by moving to the outside circuit. 

Carrer de Pau Clarís, 173



Gené Karting

The Gené Karting Group is one of the Indoor circuits with the most advanced karting features, and it not only has the latest generation models; It also has advanced two-seater kart vehicles that will make you experience speed accompanied by a co-pilot. As if that were not enough, it has a pit area, a changing room equipped with individual lockers and best of all: it has an excellently paved circuit designed for you to take the curves at high speeds.

Among the many things you will find at Gené Karting, you will find a room on the track to carry out group briefings and equipped with a screen and projector, a 120 m2 multimedia room with capacity for 100 people, a bar area for the drivers’ breaks, and a catwalk area to view the races.


Avinguda del Siglo XXI, 6


Karting Cardedeu

Karting Cardedeu is one of the most iconic places to practice karting in Catalonia. In this renowned circuit you can travel the 750 meters in length with your kart, previously chosen to suit each person. At Karting Cardedeu there are options for all ages, from the 20-minute mini Grand Prix to the 40-minute Grand Prix. Don’t think twice and dare to experience karting in Barcelona first-hand.

Carretera Granollers a Sant Celoni, C-251



Barcelona has a remarkable selection of kart tracks suitable for novices and aficionados of all ages. There is a perfect circuit for you in Barcelona, whether you’re searching for an enjoyable family outing or a professional indoor or outdoor karting experience. Enjoy our Barcelona Segway Tour during your visit for the best sights of the city, this time on two wheels!