There are typically three things on every traveler’s list when they come to Barcelona: eat (and drink), visit the sights, and shop.

But believe it or not, there’s more to shopping in this iconic city than the likes of Zara, Mango and co. You can find those chains in almost every metropolitan hub in the world, so why not go for something a little less known and a lot more special?

If you agree, we’ve rounded up our top 10 local brands for you to check out the next time you’re in town.

1. Lola Casademunt

  • Makes: womenswear and accessories
  • Pricing: €€€
  • Find them in: Eixample Izquierda, Les Corts

Lola Casademunt was born more than 40 years ago in Barcelona. Back then, its founder, Lola, started making hair accessories. Not women’s clothing.

Now, Lola Casademunt presents a bold line of clothing, tailored for women who embrace fashion’s latest trends. The Lola style embodies comfort and sophistication, with a slight edge. Every collection mixes vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and wild animal prints. From party dresses and stylish blazers to versatile jumpsuits and footwear, Lola Casademunt offers a diverse range of attire and accessories for those unafraid to make a statement.

The brand is now run by Lola’s daughter, Maite, who serves as both the President and Creative Director. “We are a brand for women with attitude, women with energy, and strength,” she told El Pais in a recent interview.


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2. MariaRoch

  • Makes: women’s occasion wear
  • Pricing: €€€
  • Find them in: Eixample Derecha, Sant Gervasi-Galvany

A proud alumna of Barcelona’s Escuela Superior de Diseño (ESDI), MariaRoch offers women’s occasion wear for the elegant dresser. Though born and made in Barcelona, it identifies more with the overall Mediterranean style: stylish but effortless, colorful yet not patterned, timeless, and made with fluid fabrics. Especially characteristic of the brand is the fact that their pieces flatter women of all ages and body types.

Despite having dressed many of Spain’s celebrities and other elites, there’s no air of pompousness or unattainability.

Maria originally started her fashion journey running a multi brand store in the El Born neighborhood, before finally deciding to start her own line. She now has two stores in the city: one dedicated to occasion wear, and the other to bridalwear.


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  • Makes: limited-run women’s clothing and reimagined vintage pieces
  • Pricing: €€
  • Find them in: Eixample Izquierda, Sant Gervasi-Galvany

You might be wondering why any brand would take the name of a novel –albeit a classic– featuring a protagonist with an evil alter ego. But the reason behind it is pretty clever.

“The idea is this, we have two lines; the Jekyll and the Hyde. The Jekyll line consists of pieces from our own brand, with very limited units; while the Hyde line consists of pieces that are no longer used, and we give them another chance,” explains Meritxell Teixidó. Meritxell and her daughter, Maria, are the duo behind this local brand.

Their newest store on Carrer de Mallorca is all about sustainability. While they still stock the brand’s own designs, which are produced in small batches to begin with, they’re also promoting secondhand pieces that they’ve restored themselves.

Meritxell and Maria first launched JEKYLL n’ HYDE in Lleida (they come from a long line of tailors), before closing and relocating to Barcelona.


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4. Mikakus Barcelona

  • Makes: sustainable sneakers
  • Pricing: €€€
  • Find them in: Eixample Izquierda

Mikakus Barcelona is a sneaker brand rooted in the lively streets of Barcelona, with production taking place in Portugal, founded in 2018. And by whom exactly? None other than a football icon and World Cup champion, Andrés Iniesta. The story goes, Andrés and his close group of friends would refer to themselves as the “mikakos”.

Infused with Japanese influences and inspired by sports, the brand’s designs epitomize individuality and superior craftsmanship. Made from high-quality materials, each pair of shoes ensures comfort and style.

Mikakus also claims a commitment to sustainability, working on reducing their environmental impact.


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5. Tropicfeel

  • Makes: sustainable adventure wear and gear
  • Pricing: €€
  • Find them in: Gótico, Les Corts

Established in 2018 by local Alberto Espinós, Tropicfeel has always been about meeting the needs of adventure-loving consumers. Their initial breakthrough came with sneakers designed specifically for travelers. It got significant support on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, amassing over €5 million in funding to fuel their expansion.

Since then, this fashion and lifestyle brand has expanded their offerings to include a range of clothing, backpacks, and sneakers, all crafted to withstand outdoor activities and cater to today’s avid traveler.

Extra bonus: they’re especially devoted to sustainability, focusing not only on eco-friendly and recycled materials but also ensuring full traceability throughout their supply chain.

For those globe-trotters seeking environmentally conscious options, Tropicfeel is definitely worth exploring!


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  • Makes: everyday essentials for men and women
  • Pricing: €€
  • Find them in: Eixample Derecha, Sant Gervasi-Galvany

If you prefer the minimalist aesthetic, this is one to check out.

It’s an all-family affair as brothers Kiko and Pep are the minds behind this Barcelona brand. Not at all about flair and trendiness, SHON MOTT offers men and women everyday pieces characterized by timelessness, minimal cuts, functionality, and top-quality natural fabrics.

And if you find the time to stop by their stores, you’ll notice that same simplicity and taste translated to the rest of the space. Founded in 2015 starting with one location in the Catalan capital, you can also find them in Antwerp, Lisbon, Madrid and Paris.


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7. Macson

  • Makes: menswear
  • Pricing: €€
  • Find them in: Eixample Derecha, Gótico, Gràcia, Les Corts

Established in Barcelona in 1942, Macson initially specialized in men’s shirts. Over time, they expanded their product line, catering to the cosmopolitan man who looks to express his personality through style.

Designed to dress men from Monday to Sunday, Macson’s collections feature three distinct lines: tailored garments for a polished look, essential pieces like polo shirts, plain shirts, and jeans, as well as items reflecting the latest fashion trends. The brand is known amongst locals for its attention to detail, use of premium fabrics, and value for money.


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8. Buff

  • Makes: outdoor accessories
  • Pricing: €€
  • Find them in: Les Corts

Buff was started because of Joan Rojas’ fervent passion for sports and the outdoors. Seeking a warmer, more protective solution against the elements while cruising the Catalan country roads on his motorcycle, Joan eventually created the brand’s iconic tubular.

From there, they’ve gone on to develop a range of accessories: caps, hats, headbands, balaclavas, and more. Each is designed to make the adventures of sports and outdoor enthusiasts more comfortable and stylish.

Similar to some others on this list, BUFF also uses business as a force for good. They produce locally at their in-house factory, making use of renewable energy, and natural and/or recycled materials.


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9. PJ.Lobster

  • Makes: contemporary eyewear
  • Pricing: €€
  • Find them in: El Born, Eixample Izquierda, Gràcia

Eyewear brand PJ.Lobster was established in Barcelona in 2018. With a commitment to providing trusted and high-quality optics, their products come wrapped in a sleek and contemporary package.

The brand prides itself on designing eyeglasses and sunglasses that seamlessly integrate into your individual style. From classic frames to more modern options, there’s something to suit every taste and preference.

You can also visit any of their stores for a free eye exam (we recommend booking a slot via their website).

PJ.Lobster glasses come with a fifteen-day trial period and a generous three-year warranty. To top it off, they rival high-end brands in quality, but they come with a more accessible price tag.


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10. Toni Pons

  • Makes: handmade footwear for men and women
  • Pricing: €€
  • Find them in: El Born, Gótico

Few things are more characteristic of Spain than espadrilles. So if you’re visiting Barcelona leading up to or during the warm season, we highly urge you to visit Toni Pons and get yourself – or a lucky someone else – a pair of them.

The brand was founded in 1946. For more than 75 years, it’s been emblematic of Spanish craftsmanship and tradition in the world of footwear. And now, the company is being led by the third generation of the Pons family. Each shoe is crafted by hand, employing techniques passed down through generations.

But if espadrilles aren’t your thing, don’t worry. They’ve also got a range of boots and other shoes that are equally comfortable and stylish to browse through.


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See, there’s more to shopping in Barcelona than many visitors realize. If you’re going to eat and drink like a local, you might as well shop like one, too.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to book a Barcelona Segway Tour for your trip!