Enjoy the best Brunches in the Barcelona

We know that you like to go for brunch when you are traveling. So, how about an introduction to some of the best brunch spots in Barcelona?

About 5 years ago, the word “brunch” entered the vocabulary of almost everyone in Spain. Nowadays, there is no-one in Barcelona who hasn’t had a weekend brunch with friends at least once. That is why we’ve prepared our list of the best places for brunch in Barcelona. Are you ready?

Brunch & Cake Barcelona

best places for brunch in Barcelona, 2021

A classic brunch location since 2009, Brunch & Cake, has become a favorite for locals and tourists from around the world too. Known for having amazing food which is so eye-catching that the foodie in you won’t resist taking a picture to put on Instagram.

Their philosophy is based on a grandmother’s love by making everything by hand with only the finest ingredients for every dish made. They have four locations in Barcelona, one in Dubai and they’re also planning to open one in Abu Dhabi!

You can enjoy anything from salads, poke bowls, brunch, cocktails and more. There are plenty of vegan options and most dishes contain organic ingredients that are purchased from local producers.

Brunch & Cake is definitely a place to visit if you’re in Barcelona.

Carrer d’Enric Granados, 19 (3 locations in Barcelona)



Federal Café

best places for brunch in Barcelona, 2021

A well-known café in Barcelona with two locations, one of them with 2 floors and also a terrace on the 3rd floor to choose from. It is a typical aesthetically clean and modern brunch venue with a large shared table on the ground floor and tables for four or two guests in the rest of the room. This is that sort of place where people are working with their laptops or drinking coffee with their friends.

Federal Café is vegan friendly and has a totally young atmosphere and delicious plates; organic of course. With its rooftop terrace, this relaxing and lively haunt is the ideal place to be if you like to enjoy your brunch and/or coffee outdoors in a peaceful environment free of crowds and cars passing by. Needless to say, working from here is super comfortable. Could we even ask for more?

Parlament, 39 (3 locations in Barcelona)




best places for brunch in Barcelona, 2021

Situated in the heart of Born, it is an ideal place for a morning meeting or time with your friends. Just 2 minutes from Park of Ciutadella, it is very easy to reach. Picnic is one of the few cafes in Barcelona with a panoramic street view, where you can eat eggs benedict with salmon and admire how the neighborhood is moving.  

Since 2010, Picnic, offers a menu that is influenced by American-Chilean cuisine and is made with seasonal products. There is a renewal of the menu every season which offers a fusion of the latest tendencies of international and traditional cuisine that we all love.

Besides brunch at Picnic you can also enjoy dinner or takeout that includes their famous sweet iced tea or pink lemonade. Be sure to book beforehand, as with a popular location like this, there is bound to be a waiting list.

Carrer del Comerç, 1



Granja Petitbó

best places for brunch in Barcelona, 2021

Granja Petitbó is a café and restaurant located close to La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona – right on the locals’ favourite Passeig Sant Joan. It’s interior decor mixes vintage aesthetics with simple modern style. Warm lighting enters through the window pane to cheer you up, while you relax and drink a delicious cup of coffee on the big leather couches. The ambiance feels like home, making you not want to leave.

The Granja Petitbó is an old dairy since the early 20th century and is now a wonderful spot with a very personal touch where you can enjoy a wide variety of fresh food and brunch dishes.

You can enjoy dishes that are lovingly made with fresh products: sandwiches, salads, pancakes and more. It’s a very popular spot for a weekend brunch but you can also enjoy coming here at any time of the day during the week.

Passeig Sant Joan, 82




best places for brunch in Barcelona, 2021

Caravelle is a classic option to start a weekend brunch off near central Barcelona. With its menu of international options you can almost taste the food before ordering. You can have anything from a veggie breakfast burrito and a vegan salad bowl to a smoked pork belly gyro and chicken schnitzel. All of which are mouthwatering, by the way.

If you like craft beers, Caravelle, is definitely the spot for you with their Beer Shop, which includes 6 types of beers. They also brew beer on site. You can also enjoy a matcha or chai latte. This place also has great service and a lively atmosphere. Caravelle will give you a relaxed feel while you enjoy your time here.

Don’t forget to order the orange blossom cheesecake for dessert.

Pintor Fortuny, 31 (Raval)



The Benedict

best places for brunch in Barcelona, 2021

The Benedict in the Gothic district of Barcelona, is a restaurant with vintage British inspired style that is well-known for its appetising brunches. Inside you can find a charming interior that transports you to classic British bistros and pubs, with furniture that will quickly make you feel settled and at home.

Here, you can enjoy a brunch menu with the classic full English breakfast from 10am Monday to Sunday, or a tasty dinner that ranges from tasty burgers and salads. Latin tapas and exotic cocktails are also present in the menu to showcase the flavorful background of the owners.

At The Benedict they aim to make your visit an experience. All this put together in a space which is as original as it is relaxed and comfy, making it a brunch place so magical you can’t miss. Very worth it!

Carrer d’en Gignàs 23



Citizen Café

best places for brunch in Barcelona, 2021

To strive to be the meeting point where locals and travelers can meet is the goal of Citizen Café. Their menu has food that is inspired by worldwide gastronomy. Brunch during the day with classics like pancakes, eggs Benedict and freshly pressed juices. Then in the afternoon there is a menu change after 4pm with delicious global dishes like pulled pork nachos and avocado ceviche.

Inside you will find yourself comfortably seated in plush leather sofas resembling a living room, cute tables or a high chair at the bar where you can enjoy yourself over a coffee or a cocktail.

They have also taken a step ahead to add live music on Thursdays. Citizen Café definitely has a menu to satisfy all their customers.

Pl. d’Urquinaona, 4



Eat My Trip – Brunch & Bakery

best places for brunch in Barcelona, 2021

This unique brunch and bakery arrives from the hand of Genia, who is a self-taught baker and recipe creator as well as a brunch fan. She aims to serve dishes that are not only delicious and tasty, but healthy as well. She expresses her creativity in the kitchen by making creations that are inspired by world travels and cuisine.

At Eat My Trip the coffee is sourced locally from SlowMov, making it a special treat. Homemade desserts and cakes are available on the bakery side. Avocados toast and smoothie bowls are just a couple of the many things to choose from. You will be coming back for more with all of the tasty options to try. 

The atmosphere is warm, as are all the foods that are made here. With Genia’s hands-on approach you will feel the kindness and friendliness all around. The details of the murals, plants and the terrace will invite you to enjoy your time there.

Eat My Trip also has a location in Madrid, which Genia opened alongside her friend Irina.

Carrer del Consell de Cent, 378


So, tell us, which one would you like to visit? Have we missed any other must-visit places? And remember if you’d like to try something a bit more classically Spanish while in Barcelona then you could always give our Tapas and restaurants tour a try.