Oysters are in fashion and Barcelona, as a city where many gastronomic trends come together, has not missed the opportunity to become a favorite place for oyster lovers. In Barcelona it is possible to enjoy this delicacy in many amazing establishments, here are a few of the finest places for you to visit. 


El Casal

El Casal opened its doors in 2011. Simon and Jules, two Norman brothers, have created this place, where customers feel good thanks to the eclectic decoration and music. Every Thursday, El Casal receives oysters directly from Normandy, Utah Beach or Blainville-sur-Mer. Sold between 20 and 24 euros a dozen, the oysters are always served at night, and at noon only by reservation. There is a refreshing deal with Sauvignon blanc for 35 euros and with Étienne Calsac champagne for 65 euros. 

For any type of event, the restaurant even offers takeaway food. Customers can choose between several varieties: special, open sea or fine de claire. El Casal also shares its know-how and passion for oysters through workshops. Every Friday and Saturday from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., Barcelonans can take a course to learn how to open them and improve their knowledge on the subject. The session also includes half a dozen oysters, a welcome glass of cava, two glasses of wine and four tapas for 45 euros per person. 

Plaça Víctor Balaguer, 5





A Barcelona classic and pioneer who landed in Sarrià in 2005. If there is a certain oyster culture in the town, it’s largely their fault. There you will learn that Normandy oysters do not have the same taste as those of the Ebro delta, nor that of Brittany oysters. You will discover several ways to enjoy them, as ceviche, marinated and even with potatoes. You can also order them for take out.

Gouthier Bar de Ostras is located in the Plaza de Sant Vicenç de Sarrià, they offer up to 13 different types of oysters on their menu and they will also be able to advise you depending on what you want to discover or try. Among the unbeatable ones, the Belón, a flat oyster with consistent flesh and finished with a bitter hint – and the Sélection Gouthier which is fleshy, almost sweet, with an almost hazelnut aftertaste. Simply delicious!

Carrer de Mañé i Flaquer, 8



Joel’s Oyster Bar (Mercado de La Boquería)

At the heart of La Boquería market is Joel’s Oyster Bar, the gastronomic proposal of chefs Romain Fornell and Óscar Manresa, who collaborate with Joël Dupuch, the sixth generation of a family of oyster farmers from Arcachon. Among the varieties on offer, the natural, ponzu and trout roe stand out, also marinated or with cucumber and green apple.

In addition to having oysters as a star product, the Joel’s Oyster Bar menu is complemented by top quality seafood like lobster, shrimp and king crab which are always served cold. There is also marinated raw fish such as tartare and ceviche to enjoy.

Plaza Sant Josep 13



Oyster & Sea Bar by Ostras Thierry

Thierry Guillemet has one foot in France, which he often visits to choose oysters raised by the best specialists, and another in Eixample, where he serves them. At Oyster & Sea Bar by Ostras Thierry you can taste the Fine de Claire, the Spéciale de Claire which is from the Marennes-Oléron region and the Utah Beach Special from Normandy. Also know as BOB, it is not a person’s name, but the initials of Barra de Ostras de Barcelona. 

Guillemet masters the “oyster theme” because he has been importing and marketing this gastronomic pearl for more than 20 years and in 2005 he opened his first oyster bar, in Sarrià. If you’re hungry for something else, the menu is complemented by Smoked Carpier, preserves, pickles, eggs, salt fish and local artisan cheeses. You can try them at the bar, at the table or at home, since they have take away service.

Carrer de París, 190



Casa Gràcia Restaurant

The Casa Gracia restaurant recently renewed its menu with a clear objective: to become one of the best oyster places in Barcelona. Its gastronomic adviser, Thierry Wahnich, is aware that oysters have a specialized and very loyal public, which seeks quality – above all quality.

With prices fluctuating between 3 and 4.50 euros, the star product is the Spéciale de Claire nº 2 oyster, renowned for its meatiness and sweet flavor, with a hint of salinity. Also standing out is the Special Utah nº 2 beach, from Normandy, where the waters are very rich in phytoplankton, the main food of this mollusk. Finally, the Fine de Claire n°3 is a less fleshy oyster, with an intense and very marine taste.

Passeig de Gràcia, 116 bis



Fishhh is a oyster and seafood restaurant located in various areas of Barcelona. This pretty small location on Carrer de Modolell, 2, is so small that it has more oysters in its menu than chairs to sit down to eat. And there is room for caviar, marinated salmon and king crab. To drink, you can select cava, champagne and white wine, often organic. You can eat on the spot or buy and take the oysters home. 

The establishment, inaugurated before the summer, is inspired by the Oyster Union House in Boston, the first oyster bar in the United States, on the east coast of which there is a long tradition of this type of trade, where they even prepare sandwiches and cocktails with the shellfish.

Carrer de Modolell, 2




This seafood restaurant boasts of offering “the best Galician oysters” in Barcelona. They are distinguished from the French varieties by their round and flat shape, as well as by their succulent flavor. It’s a luxury once reserved for nobles and grand banquets but today a whim within everyone’s reach, which also offers an immediate invigorating effect.

To taste them, the seafood restaurant offers two formulas to make the most of their flavor. They can be as is, fresh and natural. And the other option is to add a squeeze of lemon and serve them on a bed of crushed ice. Once opened, they must be carefully and without puncturing be detached from the callus that connects them to their lower shell, smelling their delicious clean and iodized aroma and savoring a delicious bite of the sea. And to accompany them, nothing better than a glass of cava or good champagne, Albariño or white wine.

Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 3



We hope you enjoy these oyster spots as much as we do! And if oysters aren’t quite your thing, or you fancy something different, then why not try our gastronomic tapas segway tour!