Want to escape the heat of the city center, avoid the typical tourist routes and still manage to have a stunning view of Barcelona and the sea? If your answer is “yes!” then this post is for you. We’re talking about what locals commonly refer to as “The Bunkers” – and that’s no pet name! An incredible viewpoint of the city, the Bunker’s panorama Barcelona, a place you shouldn’t miss

Bunker’s Panorama Barcelona, a piece of Barcelona’s History

They are actually air raid bunkers used during the Spanish Civil War and then deserted for years.. but now they’re back, but instead of ducking from bombs, “los bunkers” have taken on a whole new meaning…

Bunkers Barcelona

View from the Bunkers towards the city & sea below.

The Bunkers are known locally as “Los Bunkers del Turó de la Rovira”, which is a complicated way of saying that they’re located at the top of “Rovira’s hill” in the heart of the “Carmel” neighbourhood.

This is without a doubt one of the city’s best-kept secrets and the best panoramic view of all of Barcelona – which is not an easy claim since there are many!

Although the structures date to the period of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) there’s no need to worry about dilapidated infrastructure – the Bunkers were recently renovated. That said, it makes for a perfect outing to gather with friends, makes an outdoor picnic, contemplate the city below with that special someone or even go it alone.

Bombs Barcelona Civil War
Barcelona was bombarded several times during the Spanish Civil War. Above, in 1938.

To back up that claim of Barcelona’s best view, you can expect a 360º vista of the entire city – from the mountains of Collserola behind you, to Montjuic to the south, the Besòs neighborhood to the north, and of course, the sprawling city at your feet – which ends where the vast blue Mediterranean begins. If you happen to be a photographer – even an amateur – this is the spot for you!

So, now that you’re convinced, here’s the big question: how do I get to this secretive place? Well, there are a few ways: first is by metro. Getting off at the “Alfons X” stop on the L4 (yellow line) is one option, following the exit for “Ronda Guinardó”; another option would be taking the V17 bus and walk a few more minutes uphill. Or, once you make that first local Catalan friend, you can reach the Bunkers by car! So, make your way off the Ramblas, and go where the locals go “to get away from it all” (even though you’ll still be in Barcelona!”) – you won’t be disappointed!