The 6 Best Locations to Celebrate Your Company Christmas Dinner in Barcelona

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The holiday season is here, and Barcelona’s many businesses are gearing up to celebrate together. While there generally isn’t snow on the city’s streets, finding the perfect venue is a must – it says a lot about your business and helps your team to celebrate together in style.

But with so many businesses looking to celebrate Christmas in Barcelona, competition can be fierce.

As the calendars of restaurants and bars across the city continue to fill up, we have you covered. Here’s a look at some of the best places to host a company Christmas dinner in Barcelona.

Where to celebrate your company Christmas dinner in Barcelona?

Fun with a “Startup” Vibe

Barcelona is home to a thriving $1.5 billion startup scene. These companies attract the best talent by cultivating offices and atmospheres that ooze cool: coffee, coding, and colorful offices… you know the deal.

These companies want to keep the cool vibe rolling into the festive season and they’ll be looking at places that reflect their own culture and ethos. Here’s a look at some potential options.

Christmas dinner - Fabrica Moritz Barcelona
Fabrica Moritz Barcelona

1. Fàbrica Moritz

Where is it? Ronda de Sant Antoni, 41, 08011 Barcelona

Around since 1856, the Moritz factory has billed itself as the meeting point in Barcelona’s center “where anything can happen” for many years now.

This is one of the largest microbreweries in Europe that is a heaven for beer fans and also offers fantastic food. If you’ve ever been here, you’ll know firsthand just how large the place is. This means that there’s plenty of space to accommodate for lots of people while offering enough space to have a private and exclusive area.

The place has a wide range of spaces for event and you can check them all out in more detail here. You’ll find all the pictures and technical information you need to put together a perfect proposal.

2. Flaherty’s Irish Pub

Where is it? Plaça Joaquim Xirau, S/N, 08002 Barcelona

Startup companies generally attract an international bunch, so your company might be a mish-mash of traditions and customs… But everybody loves an Irish bar. Flaherty’s is a great place to enjoy a range of beers and get the party started in a cozy setting.

Raw and unpretentious, this can be an excellent place for startup companies looking to keep things real. The staff are no strangers to hosting private events, so you’ll be able to coordinate your exact needs with them.

You can find out more information about the bar and its facilities on its website. Have fun partying and soaking in the Christmas spirit!

Suave and Sophisticated

Perhaps you’re a smaller business looking for somewhere sophisticated to celebrate a successful year in a classy setting. Look no further, these are some really stellar options that can help you to capture the holiday spirit.

3. Slow Barcelona Cocktail Bar

Where is it? Carrer de París 186, 08036 Barcelona

Low lights, vintage décor, immaculate cocktails… Slow Cocktail Bar is just downright cool to the core. You’ll find a huge range of cocktails available and upstairs a lounge/nightclub area that blends a mixture of music from live bands and DJ’s.

The place is frequented by a range of people from hip-hop heads to rockers, testament to the overriding quality of the experiences there.

If you’re looking to coordinate a sophisticated Christmas celebration for your team this could be the place you’ll all enjoy a night to remember. You can learn more about Slow here.

Christmas dinner company at Marmalade Bar
Marmalade bar in Barcelona

4. Marmalade

Where is it? Carrer de la Riera Alta, 4-6, 08001 Barcelona

Christmas parties in Barcelona often extend beyond the allotted time and guests pour out to enjoy the city’s awesome nightlife. Marmalade places your attendees right at the heart of the action in Raval in a space that is elegant while being effortlessly cool.

If you’re looking to treat your team to great cocktails among some fantastic décor to get the party started, Marmalade is a great option. There are light food options to enjoy and Marmalade regularly receives high praise from its patrons.

You can learn more about Marmalade on the bar’s website. You’ll be surprised to learn how large the place is and there’s absolutely enough space for you to have your own private party.

A Gastronomical Experience

The older we all get the less important things like a present, decorations, and weather become. It’s all about the food. The holiday season offers the opportunity to truly indulge in special meals and we all know that Barcelona is an incredible place to be a foodie. Do you want your Christmas celebration to be all about the food? Are you looking for a gastronomical experience? Here are some options.

5. El Mirador de Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer de Riudecanyes, 5, 08033 Barcelona

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona and it is steeped in history and prestige. Wonderful views await, and the restaurant has proven experience in catering for very large groups of people, so you can rest assured your group will be happy.

With a wide range of preset menus available, the restaurant truly makes things easy. Each menu has been put together to flow perfectly and offer each individual diner an unforgettable experience.

If you’re looking to treat your guests to a wonderful evening they will enjoy alongside their colleagues, this could be the option that you’re looking for. Learn more about El Mirador here.

Companies dinner christmas at Etapes Restaurant Barcelona
Etapes Terrace in Barcelona

6. Etapes Restaurant

Where is it? Carrer Enric Granados, 10, 08007 Barcelona

Looking to enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of class? Etapes offers wonderful food and it can be hired for private functions – perfect for your corporate Christmas dinner in Barcelona.

A wide range of menus on offer, picking is easy and it’s impossible to make the wrong choice given that the food is of such a huge quality! Each of the spaces inside is uniquely woven together and has a distinct feel, giving your event a taste of distinction.

If you’re looking to keep things focused around Mediterranean cuisine, then this is certainly an option that you should keep in mind. Learn more about Etapes here.

Happy Holidays!
We hope that these recommendations serve you well and help you to have a truly unforgettable company Christmas dinner in Barcelona. You have earned the break and we wish you all the best heading into the new year!