The best way to move around the Catalan capital

Barcelona is not a massive city, so it is relatively easy to move through its public transportation network, which is also considered one of the widest and highest in the country.

If this is the first time you visit the Catalan capital, you need to know some characteristic features of this transportation network and what the best options are to move around Barcelona.

What types of transportation exist in Barcelona? How do you get to the Sagrada Familia? How much does the 1-trip ticket cost? Are tickets for bus and metro trips compatible? Are there any discounts? These are questions that you may be asking yourself if you are already in Barcelona or will be soon.

This information we are offering today will be useful for you to make decisions or inquiries about city routes, so keep it available. In addition, we have extended details of the prices and uses of transportation cards, as well as private transportation options available to make your stay in Barcelona as comfortable as possible.

Getting around Barcelona: how to move in the big city

Metro of Barcelona

The first option in this list about how to get around Barcelona is the subway, also called metro. The metro network has 8 very simple lines to use that you can identify by number and color. The price of the subway single ticket is 2.20€ but you can get it cheaper if you are going to use the metro a few times (see the different cards for transportation in this article). It opens from 5 am to 12 midnight, which makes it perfect to move around the city throughout the day. On weekends and holidays, it stays open until 2am, except on Saturday in which it stays open all night, this will allow you to get to know the nightlife in Barcelona and return to the hotel using the metro.

FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya)

In the second place you have the FGC, the city railway network composed of several urban rail lines such as L6, L7 and L8, R5, R6, R50, R60 or lines S1, S2, S33, S4, S5 and 55, and S8. The price is also 2.20€, although if you bought the 10-trips tickets for bus or subway, you can use it for your trips on the FGC too. The Barcelona Railway has a schedule very similar to the metro, which will facilitate the combined use of both modes of transportation if necessary. Although it is important to note that there may be variations depending on the railway line of your need, so we recommend you checking it before starting your journey. The FGC does not work the all night long.

Rodalies RENFE

If you need to go from the airport to Barcelona center, move a long distance in the city or even visit other towns next to the Catalan capital, the trains from Rodalies Renfe would be the best option. You can buy tickets in the same station, in cash or with a card. Prices change depending on the distance you travel. Rodalies RENFE covers a big area which is divided into different zones. Those zones indicate the cost of the ticket. You can also buy some integrated tickets so that you can use the train and other means of transport during a determinate time.

TMB buses

The Barcelona bus is a perfect option if you are looking to reach every corner of the city. There are more than 80 lines and 1,000 buses covering virtually any route. On the website you can check them to evaluate if it is better to make your trip by bus, metro or FGC. The price of every single ticket is 2.20€ and the price of the 10-trips ticket is 10.20€. Remember that as with the metro and railroad ticket, the bus ticket is also valid for use in any of these 3 modes of transportation.


Barcelona’s bus service does not stop during the night, although, of course, there are fewer buses available. There are dozens of routes and night bus lines that you can take to return home.

This time we recommend you to access their website to select your destination and discover the schedule of each night route. All the website information for transportation in Barcelona is available in Spanish and English, as well as Catalan.


In addition to the usual metro and bus transportation systems that we see in many cities around the world, Barcelona has incorporated another fast and great travel system: The Tram (the trolley). To use the tram, you must have a valid ticket that allows you to access. On this occasion, and although there are different transportation cards, the simple ticket and the integrated one are the most common options for tourists. The integrated system will allow you to do up to three transfers in an hour and a quarter. Although there are other options that we will explain later in the list of cards.

Taxi, Uber, Cabify and private transport

You can get a taxi directly on the street, through MyTaxi applications or at the reception of your hotel, where they will help you to contact and meet it at the hotel door.

In addition, there are different platforms and applications such as Uber or Cabify. These companies offer a private transportation service like the taxi, with the advantage that you can pay it from your mobile phone, in addition to knowing in advance the price of your trip.

Private bicycle

Barcelona offers also public bicycles for residents. You can access them by purchasing a card. Getting around Barcelona with a bike is an amazing experience, and you can park it at the different bike stations – the city is full of them. In addition, we take the opportunity to remind you that if at any time you can’t continue, you are allowed to travel on Barcelona’s metro, tram and rail network with your bike without any problems. If you are in Barcelona because of your vacation or on a business trip, you can enjoy a guided tour by electric bike through Barcelona by contacting Barcelona eBike Tours.

List of card types for transportation in Barcelona

If you are going to visit Barcelona for several days and want to make the most of your money, we recommend you buy one of the different cards available that are compatible between transportation systems.

Bus, Train, Metro and Tram

The Barcelona integrated bus, train and metro tickets offer travelers the possibility of combining their modes of transportation. With this ticket, you can access from one to another without paying an extra during an hour and a quarter since your ticket validation. Here you’ll find the most used ones:

T50-30 card – With 50 integrated trips for 30 days, it has a price that changes depending on the radius of action. 1 zone is 43€.

T-Trimester card – A personalized subscription that will allow you to travel without limits for three months, 90 days, for 145€ if you only use it in one area.

T-mes card – It is the same type of subscription, but to use for a month with a price of 54€ in 1 area.

T-dia card – You can travel unlimited for 24 hours for the price of 8.90€.

T-10 card – This time the number it does not refer to the number of active days, but to the number of integrated trips. 10 trips for 10.20€.

For more information about integrated tickets and multi-journey tickets click here.

Hola BCN

Hola BCN is a tourist-use card that allows you to use unlimited public transportation for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days in Barcelona. Its price varies according to the number of days you select. The cheapest option is 15€ and the most expensive, 35€. It will allow you to use metro, buses, trains and trams.

Barcelona Card

It is a card available to be used for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. Its price goes from 20€ if you select the two-day option, up to 60€ for a complete option. You can buy them at the Barcelona Information and Tourism Offices or by calling 932 853 832. With this card you will also get discounts on museums, restaurants, shops and services.

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