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The best way to move around the Catalan capital

Barcelona is not a massive city, so it is relatively easy to move through its public transportation network, which is also considered one of the widest and highest in the country.

If this is the first time you visit the Catalan capital, you need to know some characteristic features of this transportation network and what the best options are to move around Barcelona.

What types of transportation exist in Barcelona? How do you get to the Sagrada Familia? How much does the 1-trip ticket cost? Are tickets for bus and metro trips compatible? Are there any discounts? These are questions that you may be asking yourself if you are already in Barcelona or will be soon.

This information we are offering today will be useful for you to make decisions or inquiries about city routes, so keep it available. In addition, we have extended details of the prices and uses of transportation cards, as well as private transportation options available to make your stay in Barcelona as comfortable as possible.