The 8 Best Halal Food Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is an astonishingly fun and welcoming place. Millions of tourists from around the world pass through the city each year, creating memories that will last them a lifetime.

A truly cosmopolitan hub, the city welcomes visitors from all backgrounds and faiths. This means that the city is accommodating and if you’re a Muslim visiting Barcelona, you’ll find a lot of solid halal food options available to you.

Ready to get started and explore some of the best halal food restaurants in Barcelona? Here we go!

Where to enjoy Halal Food in Barcelona

1. Asador de Aranda

Where is it? Avda. Tibidabo, 31, 08022 Barcelona

Asador de Aranda was founded in 1983 and the quality of the food on offer means its network has extended to Spain’s key cities. A fine dining experience is always guaranteed and the range of food options means that Muslims can find quality halal food to enjoy.

The lamb and fish dishes are particularly adored by diners and while the prices are somewhat high for each menu, you can rest assured that you and your family will enjoy an exceptional dining experience.

2. Lal Qila

Where is it? Carrer de Roger de Llúria, s/n, 08009 Barcelona

Lal Qila is found in the L’Eixample District of Barcelona and it is open from 10am until 1am. Boasting great quality at reasonable prices, the owners offer amazing food and authentic Pakistani flavors.

The staff is always courteous and welcoming, often praised as highly as the food itself! The range of dishes on offer means that you and your companions will be sure to find something you’ll love. The dishes are halal and there are great options for children too.

3. Zeeshan Kebabish

Where is it? Carrer del Marquès de Barberà, 26, 08001 Barcelona

Zeeshan Kebabish has a claim to offering the most traditional Pakistani food in Barcelona. Found in the center of the city, the restaurant offers a large and mouthwatering range of dishes. Every dish can be adjusted to the palette of the customer, from not spicy at all to very spicy.

Many diners describe the food as being cooked with love, and that certainly comes through in the food. The prices are very reasonable but the only complaint some diners have is about the somewhat dated décor. If you’re looking for a flashier restaurant, you might want to try another on this list!

4. Bombay Spicy

Where is it? Carrer de Sant Pau, 16, 18, 08001 Barcelona

Bombay Spicy is one of the best Indian restaurants in Barcelona. Inspired by cooking techniques and tradition from the north of India, the flavors of the dishes on offer are rich and authentic. There is a lot to enjoy and a warm welcome is guaranteed.

The restaurant was opened in 2007 and it has been delighting diners from around the world ever since. It is found just off Las Ramblas, giving you a shelter from the flurry of activity outside and the opportunity to focus on the lush dining experiences on offer.

5. Habibi Restaurant Shisha Bar

Where is it? La Ramblas, 75 Barcelona, Spain 08002

The Habibi Restaurant Shisha Bar is found just on Las Ramblas. If you are looking for a central location to enjoy a break, this popular halal restaurant in Barcelona offers quality Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes.

The prices are reasonable and diners praise the welcoming charm of the staff. The dishes on offer are an interesting blend, giving you plenty to choose from. There is a shisha bar on site too, giving you the opportunity to relax in good company.

6. Restaurant Liban

Where is it? Carrer de l’Equador, 29, 08029 Barcelona

The Restaurant Liban captures the unique taste of Lebanese food throughout its range of healthy and delicious dishes. Lebanese food is renowned as being colorful and vibrant, bringing together a stunning blend of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

This restaurant offers a huge selection of halal dishes, ranging from house specialties to luscious natural juices and midday menus. The prices are reasonable and the restaurant is located in Les Corts, perfect if you’re looking to venture a little outside the city center or near the FC Barcelona’s Stadium, the Camp Nou.

7. Restaurant Shiraz

Where is it? Carrera Calabria 144 local, l, 08015 Barcelona

Restaurant Shiraz is an Iranian restaurant that is full of life and energy. The flavors, smells, and colors come together to celebrate Persian gastronomy and make this place one of the top halal food restaurants in Barcelona.

Customers can also enjoy shisha and a great variety of teas while at the restaurant, and participate in special events on Friday and Saturday evening.

The restaurant is found very close to Plaça España, making it easy to get to.

8. Masala 73

Where is it? Carrer de Muntaner, 152, 08036 Barcelona

Masala 73 began with a food truck and the high demand at events inspired the owners to make the leap and open up a restaurant. The chef and co-founder pours his heart into the authentic food that is on offer here, and patrons adore the authenticity.

The prices are very reasonable and you can enjoy a trendy experience in the Eixample District of Barcelona. The menu is small and this is a reflection of the restaurant’s focus on fresh and ecological ingredients.

Enjoy Your Halal Food in Barcelona!

As you can see, there are many halal food options for you in the Catalan capital. We are confident that you will enjoy some incredible gastronomical experiences here! Choose your halal food restaurant from our favorites list. You will not regret it!