Barcelona is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and bustling bar scene. Whether you’re a local looking for a new spot to unwind or a visitor seeking an exciting night out, the city has a variety of bars and pubs to suit every taste, from trendy cocktail bars to cozy neighborhood pubs, these buzzing establishments offer unique experiences and a friendly atmosphere.


Located in the heart of Barcelona, Vivinos is a chic and stylish wine bar that has quickly become a favorite among wine enthusiasts. The bar offers an extensive selection of Spanish and international wines, curated by knowledgeable sommeliers who are passionate about their craft. The staff at Vivinos will guide you through the menu, recommending the perfect wine to suit your taste. 

The sleek and modern interior, adorned with elegant wine displays, creates a sophisticated ambiance that is perfect for an intimate evening with friends or a romantic date night. The friendly and approachable feel adds to the warm and inviting atmosphere, making Vivinos a go-to spot for wine lovers seeking a memorable experience.

Carrer dels Flassaders, 19




Kaktos Botanical Society

This hidden gem offers a unique and immersive botanical-themed experience. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a lush and enchanting ambiance. The bar showcases a wide selection of botanical-infused spirits and craft cocktails, artfully crafted by skilled mixologists. They use fresh herbs, fruits and botanical extracts to create delicious and innovative concoctions that awaken the senses. 

The botanical-inspired decor, featuring cascading greenery, floral accents and earthy tones, transports you to a serene and enchanting world. It’s the perfect setting to sip on refreshing gin and tonics, vibrant mojitos or other enticing botanical creations. At Kaktos you will find a friendly and welcoming environment for you to indulge in botanical bliss.

Carrer del Comte Borrell, 147



The Room

As soon as you step inside The Room you’ll feel like you’ve entered a cozy living room with a touch of magic.The Room bar offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, with comfortable couches, soft lighting and quirky decorations that make it feel like a home away from home. It’s the perfect spot to relax and unwind.

The bar serves a fantastic selection of drinks, from creative cocktails to your favorite classics. The skilled bartenders are friendly and always ready to whip up a special concoction just for you. You can also enjoy a variety of tasty snacks and tapas to accompany your drinks. It’s a place where laughter and good times are guaranteed.

Carrer de la Marina, 19



El Jardí de l’Abadessa

El Jardí de l’Abadessa is an oasis of tranquility that provides a welcome escape from the bustling city. The bar offers a diverse range of cocktails, from classic favorites to creative concoctions, all made with care and attention to detail. You can sip on refreshing gin and tonics, fruity mojitos or signature cocktails while enjoying the serene and ideal surroundings. 

This outdoor garden is a lush and inviting space, adorned with blooming flowers, tall trees, and comfortable seating areas. It’s the perfect setting to unwind with friends or loved ones, immersing yourself in nature while savoring delicious drinks.

Carrer de l’Abadessa Olzet, 26


Bobby Gin

Bobby Gin is a stylish and sophisticated bar that caters to gin lovers. As you step into this elegant establishment, you’ll be enveloped by its sleek interior, dim lighting and inviting atmosphere. Bobby Gin takes pride in its extensive collection of gins from around the world, offering a diverse range of flavors and styles to satisfy even the most discerning palates. 

The expert mixologists behind the bar are masters of their craft, creating exquisite gin-based cocktails that are a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. The knowledge and passion for gin shine through, as they happily guide you through the menu, making recommendations based on your preferences. The refined ambiance and attentive service make this spot a perfect setting for a sophisticated and memorable night out.

Carrer de Francisco Giner, 47



Willy’s Tapas Music Bar

Willy’s is a classic pub with a modern twist. This lively and vibrant establishment combines the charm of a traditional Irish pub with contemporary touches. The rustic wooden furnishings, cozy seating areas, and friendly atmosphere make Willy’s a welcoming place to relax and socialize. The bar offers an extensive selection of craft beers on tap, catering to beer enthusiasts who appreciate quality and variety. 

You can also savor delicious pub grub, including mouthwatering burgers, crispy fish and chips and other comforting favorites. Live music performances add to the lively ambiance, creating a vibrant and enjoyable experience for patrons. Willy’s offers a friendly and laid-back environment where you can unwind.


From indulging in a curated selection of wines at Vivinos to enjoying the lively ambiance and craft beers at these amazing options, which provide friendly and welcoming environments where you can create memorable moments while enjoying excellent drinks and vibrant atmospheres. Hungry? Then when not enjoy alongside our Gastronomic Segway Tour! Cheers!