Ranking: The best travel blogs about Barcelona in English

In the age of technology there are many ways to access information. From the computer or the mobile phone, you can get almost any format of data: digital newspapers, infographics, social networks or blogs. Today we want to focus on the best English-speaking blogs about the city of Barcelona.

The blogs are usually written by amateurs and they share contents and information about diverse topics. On the internet, you can find blogs talking about almost everything, and one of the most popular topics is traveling. People like to tell others about their trips, what they did, where they had lunch and share the pictures they took. They also share travel tips, good advice and other information that might be useful if you are traveling there.

So, here is our recommendation for the best travel blogs about Barcelona in English.

Top travel blogs about Barcelona in English:

Latitude 41

This Blog is run by Justine, she is living in Barcelona since 2008 and has many interesting articles about Barcelona in her selection. You can find all types of information about the Catalan culture in English. Info for families and kids, culture and interesting places to see. Her recent article “Kid snacks you can buy in Barcelona supermarkets” presents you the snacks you can buy in the supermarket here in Barcelona while traveling and make sure your kids stay healthy.

Driftwood Journals

Driftwood Journals is a Barcelona Travel Blog run by Ben Holbrook. Apart from a lot of interesting articles about the city, in Driftwood Journals you will get accurate information about all the different wine routes that you can enjoy in the Catalan capital. Other useful information such as tips for visiting the Tibidabo mountain or the monastery of Montserrat will help you to discover new areas around Barcelona. More than general information about Barcelona, in Driftwood Journals you will find a nice personal experience that might be a good guide for you to move around. There is only one way to make sure!

Barcelona Street Scraps

Barcelona is one of the world capitals of art in all its different formats. You can enjoy Gaudí’s architectonic legacy or get your mind blown at the Joan Miró Foundation with samples of his paintings and sculptures. But if you want to know the Barcelona artists that move outside the system and far from the mainstream, then you have to check Barcelona Street Scraps. In Barcelona, underground artists also have a lot to say and you can see it through this blog, which is focused on all kind of urban art: Graffiti, street paintings, performances, photography etc. If you are an outsider yourself, this blog should be your homepage.

Barcelona Navigator

There are people who like (and can afford) to travel surrounded by luxury. And they do need tips and information too. So, if you want to know the most luxurious part of Barcelona and the most exclusive activities, restaurants and stores, the Barcelona Navigator blog seems is the perfect destination. It offers general information, accommodation, where to eat and a list of the best Barcelona SPAs.

Wonderful Wanderings

“Wonderful wanderings” is the kind of blog that, after reading it, makes you feel like a local. Written by a young Belgian who decided to travel around the world, she has posted some great pieces of information about Spain and especially Barcelona. Tips to organize your trips, great unknown places for eating and some of the most original activities you have at your disposal. Sofie gives us great advice that will help us find the best way to get to know to the fullest the capital of Catalonia. Read about the experiences of this young Belgian girl and unveil the real Barcelona.

Homage to Barcelona

Among all our different blog suggestions, homagetobcn.com might be the most complete and informative of them all. In Homage to BCN you can find day-to-day plans, general information about the city, cooking tips and all kind of secondary information that may help you prepare your trip better. Entertainment is one of the most important parts of the blog, so you can access from your mobile at any time to learn the best choices for having a good time in Barcelona.

Barcelona Blonde

Oriented towards foreign residents more than to sporadic tourists, Barcelonablonde still has great tips and information, especially if you´re planning to live in this great city. Written by Jessica, a travel writer and translator from England who grew up in California and now lives in Barcelona, Blonde has a lot to offer you, from sports facilities to the different means of transportation and their prices. Also, you can read articles about the reasons to visit one museum or the other, routes around the city or 15 perfect things to do in summer. The great thing about Barcelona Blonde is that it gives you a very accurate idea of the 1001 possibilities that exist in this welcoming and fun city.

Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam, as it says its slogan, is “the coolest way to know cities around the world.” In this blog you can find everything you need about Barcelona. With a well explained drop-down menu you can get useful information of all kinds, such as where to go, cafes and tapas bars, art and museums, in addition to tips to get by without problems in the city of Dalí and Gaudi.

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Of course, we couldn’t finish this article without recommending you the best blog of them all, the one that has all the information you might need if you travel (or not) to Barcelona: the one you are reading right now!! 😉


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