The central neighborhood of El Raval in Barcelona has a wide variety of restaurants and bars that are perfect for a snack both at lunch and dinner. It is very close to pubs and bars and, therefore, the neighborhood is very full on weekends and holidays with people wanting to experience Barcelona’s party vibe. Here are a five of our favorite places to catch a good bite.

Mercado de La Boquería

Better known as La Boquería, in the heart of La Rambla is the Mercat de Sant Josep. It is the most famous market in Barcelona. This iconic space of the city, which occupies the former patio of the old church of Sant Josep, was inaugurated in 1836. The Boquería Market is one of the most iconic points of Barcelona, ​​a must-see for both locals and tourists, who will undoubtedly enjoy the exciting mix of colors and flavors and its lively atmosphere.

The exterior of the Boquería is made of metal and glass. But it is its interior that attracts attention and makes this market famous for the quality and diversity of its products from all over the world. The best way to feel its lively atmosphere is to walk among its fruit and vegetable, fish and meat stalls. However, even if you don’t want to buy anything at the market it is worth visiting to absorb the atmosphere and the explosion of colors of the fresh fruits on the stalls. Approach its bars and restaurants and enjoy the mixture of sounds, smells and flavors.

Stops not to miss inside La Boquería: Bar Pinotxo, probably one of the most popular places, also Bar Central, Bar Boquería, Ramblero de la Boquería, Bar Clemen’s and El Quim de la Boquería. Direkte Boqueria is also an exceptional fusion bar that features in the Michelin guide. The degustation menu is great value for money.

La Rambla, 91



Restaurante Loto

Loto is an Asian restaurant in the center of Barcelona with elegant decoration and flavoursome food. It offers us one of the best selections that we have ever enjoyed and all this with very competitive prices.

A small but cozy restaurant in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, where you can enjoy the best specialties of cuisine from all over Asia, from China, Japan, Thailand to Singapore or Korea. They have a varied menu, designed to travel through Asia. This simple restaurant allows your taste buds to go to exotic places, without leaving Barcelona.

Carrer del Call, 17



Restaurante RAÓ

A beautiful and elegant restaurant located in Barcelona, where they serve Mediterranean cuisine with contemporary touches. The waiters make you feel at home and make sure your experience is a satisfying one. This very cozy place has a main dining room and a small private room for meetings or celebrations with a modern décor. 

Its menu proposes original Mediterranean dishes perfect to share made with seasonal ingredients and local products. Some of the outstanding options are the smoked burrata with candied pumpkin, the scallops with bacon and toasted cauliflower, and the avocado and beet tempura with romesco. They also have an extensive wine and beer list and an open bar area for drinks and cocktails. 

Carrer de les Sitges, 3



Bar Cañete

This place is hands down one of our favorites when it comes to ordering the classic pulpo a la gallega tapa in Barcelona. A classic and very famous place to go and enjoy seafood tapas, which they are renowned for, but they also have other tasty options on their seasonal menu. You can sit at the bar and enjoy the atmosphere, or you can get a dining table behind the bar. This is another restaurant which has also impressed those at the Michelin guide, who have highlighted it for a few years now.

Ordering the arroz del día is always a good choice, always juicy and very tasty. The buñuelos de bacalo and berenjenas fritas are among some of the most popular options in the menu. There are also items like croquetas de bogavante and alcachofas fritas that you can never go wrong with. We recommend that you make a reservation as with a place like this, showing up last minute is not really a good idea.

Carrer de la Unió, 17


Bar Bacaro


Bacaro is an authentic Venetian tavern located in the Raval on a narrow street that leads to the back of the Mercat de la Boquería. This could easily be one of the best Italian restaurants in Barcelona, ​​mainly for the food, but also for its authentic and pleasant atmosphere. Bacaro is the term they use in Venice for tavern. Its owners buy the freshest products every day to prepare an excellent menu with no shortage of homemade pasta or fish.

Bacaro is an ideal place to go with friends or family to enjoy Venetian cuisine. Some of their specialties are burrata de Puglia PDO with marinated zucchini and tomatoes, Sautéed mussels and tomatoes and Galician beef tagliata with baked potatoes and endive salad, Veal liver alla veneziana, and more. You can delight yourselves with the best flavors of northern Italy in this restaurant. Without a doubt, a great alternative to enjoy less commercial Italian cuisine.

Carrer de Jerusalem, 6



The Raval neighborhood has always been one of the most diverse places in all of Barcelona. We recommend that you visit it and immerse yourself in its mix of culture, leisure, history and color that its streets give it. And if you’d like to experience Barcelona’s gastronomy from a segway, then why not try our gastronomic tapas segway tour.