5 little restaurants in Barcelona you shouldn’t miss

If there is something that brings all people together, it’s food, and no one does it like Barcelona. The city certainly has no shortage of great places to eat, and while you might be tempted to eat at La Boqueria or El Nacional, two of Barcelona’s favorites, we want to encourage you to try something a little different. There’s nothing you won’t find in Barcelona, from gourmet tapas, to Japanese and Mediterranean fusion food. We’ve listed below some of our favorite dining experiences, so as the Spanish say… buen provecho!

Dans le Noir

Dans le Noir is French for ‘in the dark’, and that’s literally its concept. It is a journey for the senses and the mind. Hosted and served by people who are visually impaired, you will be immersed in a unique experience where you will have to put your other senses to the test. It can be a little intimidating at first, but it is a great way to bond with loved ones and strangers alike, as you will have to place your trust in them. Just remember… just because you won’t be able to see anyone else, doesn’t mean none of the hosts and waiters can’t, so be careful before do something you might not want anyone else to see 🙂

5 places foodies should definitely try in Barcelona

The Box

You never know what to expect from a place that has large jars of conspicuously labeled rum on the walls. On the edge of the Gothic Quarter, you will find The Box, a French – Colombian bar, with a caribbean flare. They also claim to serve the best hot dog in Barcelona, which of course we took as a challenge to try it, and we were not disappointed. The creole hot dog was everything they said it was, it even came with instructions from the friendly bartender. You might think that you don’t need a guide on how to eat a hot dog, but trust us, you haven’t had one like this before. Getting back to the large jars of flavor-infused rum, you can’t leave this place without trying their organic homemade rum. You have a whole wall of flavours to choose from, and the best part is, there is no wrong choice. We never thought hot dogs and rum would go together, but it is a match made in fast food heaven.

5 places foodies should definitely try in Barcelona


Refined and chic, ElDiset looks like one of those fabulous restaurant that only the really cool people know. But you don’t need to be a celebrity to eat here, and even better, you don’t need to have their budget either. With a rustic modern interior, wine bottles that line the walls, and a cozy atmosphere, this vinoteca has become a favourite in the neighborhood of El Born. This is one of the best places to try Catalan cuisine, and of course, Catalan wine. Their appetizers are enough to satisfy any craving, and their detailed presentation makes it even more delightful. Go ahead and treat yourself to an evening of sophistication.

5 places foodies should definitely try in Barcelona

A tu Bola

In the past few years we have seen street food be transformed from late night snacks from dodgy food trucks, to 30€ kobe burgers made by world renowned chefs. A tu Bola serves the best of both worlds, gourmet flavor at street food prices. The food is served in the shape of a ‘bola’ or ball, in what can be seen as small presentations, however, don’t think you’ll be leaving the place hungry, we promise you’ll leave full and satisfied. With a small open kitchen restaurant, it feels more like having dinner at your friends place than a restaurant. It’s intimate but not crowded, opulent but not pretentious. A little gem in the infamous neighborhood of Raval, it makes for a great place for a first date. Pro tip: Try the Asian Style chicken, served with sweet and sour roots salad, peanuts and wasabi seasoning. Yum!

5 places foodies should definitely try in Barcelona


No, we don’t mean the beach (though having a picnic there is a great idea!), BarCeloneta is a Sangria bar / Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant. So what makes this place so special? Apart from having some of the best burgers, you will ever have, it is conspicuously located in the heart of Barceloneta. You might walk right past it if you’re not looking carefully, always busy but never crowded, it is a hidden treasure in the overpacked neighborhood. On Thursdays, they serve vegan paellas, but you can enjoy their delicious tempeh or seitan burgers any day of the week (except Tuesdays when they close). And of course you have to try their sangria. Choose from 8 different kinds, including alcohol free, and you will see why veganism is more than just a fad.

5 places foodies should definitely try in Barcelona

This is a very small list of all the places we love to eat, but you’ll discover endless more throughout your stay in the city. Barcelona Segway Tour also offers a Gastronomic Segway Tour in which we take you to some of our favourite tapas restaurants in the city, but you’ll have to join us to find out which are our top picks 😉

See the city and taste the many flavours of Barcelona!

What kind of restaurants do you search for when you travel? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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