6 cool things to do in Barcelona when it is raining

Have you been wondering what cool things you could do in Barcelona when it is raining? You aren’t really sure if you can enjoy a day with the wet weather in Barcelona? Yes, you can! The rain in Barcelona normally lasts half an hour and then the sun comes back out, especially in the summer. With around 290 sunny days, Barcelona is not a “rainy” city but in case it rains you can still take a ride on a Segway. Why? Because first of all, it’s safe.

The original Segways we use are made to be used outside, so some rain or water can not stop us. We also have raincoats and ponchos ready for you, so you won’t get wet.

Some raindrops shouldn’t be the reason to not have fun during this half day activity in Barcelona.

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What to do in Barcelona on a rainy day?


Who comes to Barcelona without seeing one of the majestic, otherworldly Gaudí buildings? And given that they’re just as spectacular inside as outside, they’re perfect for a rainy day.

Take Casa Batlló, a renowned architectural masterpiece on Barcelona’s Passeig de Gracia. Characterized by its unique, organic shapes and vibrant colors, it reflects Gaudí’s flamboyant Modernist style. The building’s facade, resembling bones and skulls, and its whimsical interior, make it a must-see example of imaginative design and cultural heritage. The was recently awarded the “Best Visit of 2022” and was nominated for the “Best Visit in Europe” in 2023 by ICOM.

Inside Casa Battlo-min

Given that Casa Batlló provides an indoor experience, it’s a perfect addition to your list of activities to do in Barcelona when it’s raining. Visitors can delve into a rich part of Barcelona’s history and culture, all while staying dry! And an added benefit for conscious travellers, is that Casa Batlló is a destination with a Biosphere sustainability certification – just like Barcelona Segway Tour.

Remember to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Escape Rooms

An Escape room visit is among the cool things to do in Barcelona! Do you know what it is?
There are several escape room venues in Barcelona. You go there with a small group of people and there’s a certain mission objective. You need to escape a certain place in a certain time, solve puzzles and follow the story. It’s awesome and a great activity for a couple of hours. Check out the different escape rooms in the area you are located and don’t hesitate to call and request times or booking requirements.

Escape rooms have gained popularity in the recent years due to the great success overseas. The first ones were installed in Barcelona and quickly gained popularity. There are now several different locations and stories to choose from, so inform yourself and you’ll definitely have fun “escaping that room” using nothing but collaboration and your brain.


Laser Drome or Laser Tag

Laser Dromes or Laser Tags is probably one of the coolest things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day. There’s nothing like 2 teams jumping in to a dark room with music fighting each other with toy laser weapons. We’ll never grow up, and yes, boys love laser tags. So in case it’s raining in Barcelona this might be actually an activity you want to check out.

There’s a “laser tag” and game center called Play Point at Carrer del Comte Borell, 88 where you can play 2 different laser tags and Paint Ball (which is located at a different location: Calle Cartagena, 329-331.

The second one is called GamesiMes and is located at Calle Joan Guell, 226, 08028 Barcelona, just 50 meters from the Corte Ingles shopping mall which is located at the Metro Station Maria Christina (Green Line). You can reach them by phone: 0034 934102312.

Shopping Malls

Want to update your wardrobe, or still need a nice jersey for the colder days in autumn? This is your moment because Catalan “Rebaixes”, the main summer sales here in Barcelona, are coming to an end in August, which is ideal for a last late summer haul and to find some nice discounts. Many of the fashion brands popular with women are actually from Spain so it’s pretty usual to find some clothes, accessories and pieces you might not find in your hometown. The shopping centers in Barcelona, like “Las Arenas”, normally have all the different stores, but there might be a difference in size and selection. In the center of Barcelona, especially around the “Portal de l’Àngel”, a parallel shopping street to “La Rambla” you’ll find all the flagship stores to shop. But it’s raining in Barcelona city so shopping malls can be another option to escape the rain and still make some great deals in the Catalan capital.

Be aware as some shopping malls are partly open air like “Glòries” or “La Maquinista”. The mall nearest to the center would be “Maremagnum” located near the Metro station “Drassanes” and open from 10 am – 10 pm every day.

If you want to see a slightly different part of Barcelona, maybe not as centric you can take the Metro and visit the Corte Inglés at the Diagonal, or the shopping mall “L’Illa Diagonal” on one side of Barcelona. On the other side of the city, next to the beach, there’s one of the biggest shopping malls called “Diagonal Mar” which also offers a bunch of entertainment facilities to enjoy some great hours with the family.

Visit the museums

Cool?  A museum visit?  Well yes, in Barcelona the art movement is pretty big and there are constantly openings of new expositions and showrooms around the city.

Here’s a list of the coolest museums in Barcelona:

Especially around the MACBA is an interesting area you should check out during a rainy day. There’s many young and artistic people in the area, the bars, restaurants, lounges and cafés are pretty cute, each and every place with it’s own style and story. So in case art is not really your thing, just hop in a couple of these sweet little cafés and you’ll have a great time for sure.

So if you visit Barcelona, do not worry about the weather, there are definitely many really cool things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day!

Featured Image: Barcelona Centre
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