What you need to know about surrealism and the artist

Joan Miró i Ferrá was born in the city of Barcelona in 1893. He studied trade and worked in his parents’ shop until he decided he wanted to be a painter, thanks to the influence of artists such as Modest Urgell and Josep Pascó. He entered the Círculo Artístico de Sant Lluc, where he met the great European avant-garde trends of the time. But it was in Paris that he encountered the Dada movement, the origin of surrealism. His work was very influenced by this artistic movement, becoming one of its great representatives.

Always with his own language, loaded with sexuality, the artist developed his work on topics related to women and nature. Experimentation with materials and techniques, in addition to the overexposure of color and abstract forms, are part of his unique style.

In 1975 the artist opened La Fundació Joan Miró with the purpose of “giving artists a place to express themselves”. Today, there’s a great presence of Joan Miró in Barcelona, thanks to this foundation and 3 artworks he gave to the city: The El Prat airport Mural, the Pavimento Miró and La Dona i l’Ocell.

With this article we want to introduce you to the essence of Joan Miró in Barcelona that is still alive. Keep reading to know more about his artworks and the Fundació Joan Miró. And don’t miss them during your visit!