If you ask someone, whether local or a tourist, what is the name of the most famous street in Barcelona, the answer will be the same – Las Ramblas. A little bit loud, bright, tempting, adventurous, this street has many stories behind her back. Moreover, we want to reveal some secrets of Las Ramblas and 10 places you should visit here.

About 60 years ago, in 1954 at the Villa de Madrid square what lies near Las Ramblas took place some reparation works after the Civil War. Once the noisy sound stopped for a while, the workers found no more no less the necropolis dated I-II s. AD. Is the known fact that the Romans, who were living in the present Tarragona, chose “Barcino” for the new strategic sea gate. For their new colony they chose the territory between two rivers, one was running by the present Via Laietana street, another one –by the street that later will be known as Rambla. After some researches, the scientists find out the etymology of this word. Originally, the flush of water that was running down from the Collserola, the locals called it “Arenales” what means “sandy”. When the Arabs called them “Rambla”, what has converted at the Las Ramblas we all know and beloved.

Las Ramblas, almost every piece of land or stone hide a story. For example La Boquería market was built were long ago before it was a monastery San Jose, and at the place where during the years was staying the convent of Trinitarians we can contemplate the famous theatre “Liceu”. Walking down Las Ramblas don’t pass by the façade of the Poliorama theatre, people say the watch shows the official time in Barcelona. Try something sweet or the best croissant in the city at the old confectioners shop “Escribà”. Look into the Virreina palace that houses very interesting photo-exhibitions. Finally, visit “Boadas cocktails” the first bar in the city, founded in 1933 where for the first time the locals, who used to drink cava and wine, tried cocktails.

As we have promised you, 10 places we strongly recommend you:

  • Sleep in… Hotel Oriente (don’t forget to ask a receptionist where Frederick Chopin or George Sand where staying during the visit)
  • To have a breakfast at… Prado de Flores situated on the str. Santa Anna,11
  • A bit of history at… Necropolis, Plaza Villa de Madrid
  • Take a picture with… Live figures that are very picturesque.
  • To have a lunch at … La Boquería market, try The Pinocchio bar.
  • Buy souvenirs at … Art Escudella, str. Escudellers 23-25
  • Cultural minute at… The Virreina Palace, La Rambla, 99
  • Try some tapas at … One of the typical bars at Plaza Real
  • Get to know more about Gaudi at…. Palau Güell, Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 3-5
  • Listen to the best opera at… The Theatre Liceu, La Rambla,51-59