Barcelona’s best lounges for a great evening

To make sure you won’t get bored during your visit to Barcelona we checked out some of the cool places with YouBarcelona and prepared the perfect itinerary for a fun evening in the city.

Barcelona is known for its abundance of activities on offer: water sports, restaurants, sunbathing and, of course, it’s unique lively scene during the evening. Keep reading and discover the Barcelona’s best lounges to enjoy it!

Hotel W – Eclipse

Hotel W - Eclipse Bar - Lounge

The Hotel W is located at the far end of the port (you can’t miss it!), past Barceloneta Beach, this slick, ritzy hotel bar at the 26th floor you will find Eclipse club. The most amazing 360º views of the city of Barcelona. Sip a cocktail, while a DJ mixes his best beats for your enjoyment. You cannot leave Barcelona without visiting Eclipse.

Restaurant Carpe Diem Lounge Club

Restaurant Carpe Diem

The CDLC is located directly in front of the beach in Barcelona, nearby the Casino. This lounge restaurant offers a great atmosphere to enjoy the perfect evening. The international menu suits everyone and they serve food until late in the evening. So if you need a little snack later on, their cuisine is excellent.
You can chill in the area in front of the beach, lounge chairs and little boxes you can hang out in, will make you feel comfortable. As this club is a bit high class it’s important that you dress accordingly, but hey, that’s what you’d expect on an evening out in Barcelona, right?

Shôko Barcelona Restaurant and Lounge Club

Shoko Barcelona Restaurant and Lounge Club

The Shoko is located next to the CDLC, also directly in front of the the beach. They offer great options for dinner and you have the atmosphere, everyone coming to Barcelona dreams of. The ambient is relaxed and friendly, the drinks are on point and you can meet people from around the world here.

If you’re up for more during the night, here are some excellent options:


Possibly the largest and most well-known name in the Barcelona club scene is Opium. This massive space combines a nightclub, restaurant, and bar and is located just off Barceloneta beach. If it’s your first time in Barcelona, or your first time at the club, Opium will give you the complete package. With parties every night and performances from major artists such as Tiësto and Kaskade, there is no way to avoid Opium’s strong appeal.

Bling Bling

The most popular club, located in Barcelona’s Tuset street. Elegant and trendy interior designs make the club look spectacular. It is the local elite’s people meeting point in the upper zone of the city. It enhances due to its exuberant and vanguardist aesthetic and it chic and select atmosphere.


Characterised by its all-white interior and double cherry logo, this international club gives party-goers a real Ibiza feel. Also located along Barceloneta, just a few steps from the sand, this club boasts a Mediterranean-style restaurant with beautiful views to match. This makes Pacha great, not only for a night out, but also as a refreshing break from the beach to refuel and re-energise. Each Pacha party has a unique theme and musical setting, so it’s easy to find a night that everyone will enjoy.

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