12 exciting activities to do as a group in Barcelona

Barcelona is the perfect place for group trips all year around! Why? Because it has plenty to offer. Good weather, excellent connections to all major cities in Europe, for relatively low prices.

Barcelona has an excellent infrastructure for events, that’s why many groups are arriving for conferences and shows that happen throughout the year. During the weekends you can see small groups of women or men celebrating their bachelor night in Barcelona before finally walk into the front of the altar.

Why are all these people coming to Barcelona? What makes Barcelona the perfect location for your next corporate event, group trip, the team building event or outdoor incentive travel experience?

No matter if you are planning a weekend with the family or you look for a fun thing to do with your favorite co-workers, let’s have a look into the things you could do as a group during the days you are in the city, group activities of all kind!

Best group activities in Barcelona

Group activity #1: An electric bike (team) tour

One great way to see the city and enjoy some activity is bicycles. Barcelona has many bike lanes and offers the perfect infrastructure to discover the city by bike. The new trend is the electric bike, though. You can cover greater distances, you can move faster and the best of it all you don’t need to rely on your muscle strength alone, there’s a small electric motor in the bike that you can use whenever you want. Don’t want to enter into the restaurant sweaty and without energy? Have a look at what different electric bike tours are out there; we are pretty sure you will find one that makes your group of explorers happy.

Things to do as a group in Barcelona: An electric bike (team) tour

“Barcelona offers plenty of exciting activities for Groups”

Group activity #2: Laser Tag

Had to leave the Nerf Guns in the office? A small laser battle between teammates can build bridges for life. There are several different places in Barcelona where you can do this fun activity, but you should plan a little bit to be able to reserve the spot for your group on time.

Group activity #3: Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are a great way to engage with each other and build up trust and connections. There are plenty of Escape Rooms in Barcelona with different themes, stories, and objectives. If you’ve never tried one of these you should, as the experience in storytelling, puzzle solving and interactive gaming emerges you into a different world for a couple of hours.

Things to do as a group in Barcelona, Escape Rooms

Group activity #4: Park Güell

The Park Güell has space, and it’s a landmark you shouldn’t miss in Barcelona. The big park gives everyone the opportunity to relax, discover the park on itself and enjoy the great views from the terrace in the center of the park. If you are the sportier part of the group, you can walk up to the very top of the park and enjoy an even more breathtaking view of the city.

Group activity #5: Segway Tour

Segways are a great way to move around in Barcelona quickly. There’s plenty of things to see and rather than walking through the city all the time, and it might be the chance to try the hoverboard, for now, the Segway! Kids especially love this new way of transportation which requires transferring the weight of your body back and forth slightly. Segways are safe, eco-friendly, silent, fast and enormous fun. Check out the Gaudi or Montjuic Tour for views.

Things to do as a group in Barcelona: Segway Tour

Group activity #6: Wine Tasting

AS you might already know, Spain is one of the countries with a vast wine culture. Even though the best wines tend to come from other regions in Spain, there’s plenty of opportunities to do wine tasting around Barcelona with professional “Bodegas.”

Group activity #7: Wine Making

If wine tasting is not enough for you, you should try winemaking? Maybe you’re the creator of the new wine of the century, and you don’t even know it yet? Winemaking goes back to the Romans, so, and if you are interested in how this thousand-year-old tradition works, get ready to make some wine.

Things to do as a group in Barcelona - Wine Tasting

Group activity #8: GoCart, Quads

Have you ever tried a Go-Cart? And a Quad? Why not take the whole team and go for a wild run in the mountains. Barcelona stretches out next to the sea, but within an hour or two you are in the mountains (Pyrenees), this means you can do many different adventurous things like rafting and Quads.

Group activity #9: FC Barcelona Stadium – Camp Nou

For football fans from around the world, this stadium (the one with the most capacity) is the real cathedral in Barcelona. Tradition, history and the incredible power of this club will make you understand why football is so important to the people in Spain and Barcelona.

There’s plenty of ways to enjoy the stadium as a group, and you can only visit the stadium area, visit the immense fan shop or go for the tour to see the museum, the stadium, and the cabins.

Fc Barcelona Group Tour
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Group activity #10: Interactive Gymkhana

An Interactive Gymkhana can be the perfect way to build relationships and create experiences for your team or organization. How does it work? You organize the event with companies dedicated to creating these gymkhanas. The activity lasts between 1-3 hours and is an entertaining way to discover the city.

Group activity #11: Wellness and Relax

Is this your best friends bachelor night? Why not enjoy a weekend in a top Spa, Wellness Hotel and relax for a little while? Barcelona offers plenty of Spas, Baths and Relaxing Treatments like Massages for groups, so don’t hesitate to check out the opportunities maybe even your Hotel offers.

Thing to do as a group in Barcelona Wellness and Relax

Group activity #12: Paella Cooking Class

One of the specialties in Spain is the Paella. A big pan full of delicious Seafood (“Marisco” in Spanish) and rice. Who doesn’t love a well made Paella?
If you are intrigued by how this delicious meal gets prepared the traditional way, you should check out the different activities around cooking in Barcelona, and you’ll find special ones dedicated to Paella or traditional catalán cuisine.

Now, I’d say that’s a fantastic collection of great activities in Barcelona for groups, team events, incentive trips and corporate events. If you have other great suggestions, let us know!

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