Everyone loves pizza, although we usually settle for fast-food pizza types or the frozen ones. But every now and then we like to indulge ourselves by eating delicious and authentic Italian pizza.

There are many pizzerias in Barcelona but not all offer a quality product. Fortunately, there are also places that make them authentically, lightly and with quality ingredients. Some are the usual myths or the great successes where you can never fail and the there are other new places that have quickly risen to become known in the local scene as the best pizzerias in Barcelona.

So here are some of our top pizza joints in the city.


La Bella Napoli

With two locations in Barcelona, this is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in town.  It doesn’t only serve pizzas, it has an extensive menu of dishes and the truth is that everything is delicious. As for the pizzas, it has a brick-wood oven and they make Neapolitan style pizza. The decoration is rustic and quite classic and the atmosphere is very homely.

Their recipes, made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients since 1990, are its hallmark. In this restaurant seasonal products are introduced in each season. They have various pizzas on the menu and some of the culinary wonders are Burrata, al Tartuffo, Cosaccia del Cavalieri and Sofia Loren (in tribute to the well-known Italian actress). All of this makes La Bella Napoli an excellent option if you want to experience a taste of Italy in Barcelona.

Calle Margarit 14, Poble Sec Barcelona


Parking Pizza

They opened their first store in 2015 in the heart of Eixample Esquerra and in a matter of days they had it full. In this open-plan restaurant with a modern industrial decoration and a hipster style, you go to enjoy its atmosphere and try something different and quite innovative. They have a storage system for jackets, coats, and helmets in the seat itself that has a drawer – where you can put all your things and enjoy dinner without worries or obstacles.

It is the perfect interpretation of Italian pizza with a brick-wood oven in the background where very creative gourmet pizzas come out. This is why Parking Pizza has managed to get the attention of local foodies so quickly. Here, they are also committed to quality doughs prepared daily with high-quality flours and ingredients. The black truffle, fontina, egg and parmesan pizza – and the mozzarella, tomato and basil pizza – are all the rage in this place.

Carrer de Londres, 98 Barcelona


Frankie Gallo Cha Cha Cha

Frankie Gallo Cha Cha Cha’s pizzas are considered some of the best in town. They take great care to keep the pizzas true to the ideals of their owners: they are easy to digest, they have good quality ingredients and a crisp texture. Divided into classics, tomato-based, white and special, and the menu includes plenty of classics like the Margherita, Cuatro queso and Napoletana. They also have creative pizzas with very different mixes that surprise anyone, like the Garibaldi that you can’t leave without trying.

Apart from the pizzas on the menu, you will find a very good selection of wines. And if you want to try some other dish apart from pizzas, they have a variety of Italian specialties which will leave you more than satisfied.

Carrer del Marquès de Barberà, 15



Sports Bar Italian Food

Appearances can be deceiving and without a doubt these restaurants are not what they seem, inside a sports bar you will find some of the best pizzas in Barcelona. Apart from some incredible pizzas you will find a great variety of antipasti on the menu. With the intense spirit of the Italian soccer lover, this is the perfect place for those who want to eat well but not miss El Clásico.

It’s a name that is confusing since it screams more chicken wings and onion rings than artisanal pizza but you couldn’t be more wrong. With Neapolitan roots, the Sports Bar prepares pizza in a brick-wood oven. The decoration has a simple, informal atmosphere and decent prices. You must try the house pizza, Pizza Sport Bar, with a crust filled with ricotta cheese, fresh vine tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and parmesan.

Carrer Ample, 51 (various locations)



La Balmesina

Open since 2016 in Carrer Balmes (thus its name), La Balmesina’s gourmet pizzas are made with sourdough, no added yeast and organic ingredients, with unexpected combinations such as porchetta or pumpkin predominate in their recipes. The owners of La Balmesina embrace the slow food philosophy while making their products. They also have other dishes like fresh pasta, cod with polenta and mushrooms and a very different parmigiana. 

Here, the sourdough is fermented for over 72 hours and there’s an excellent selection of organic wines and craft beers on offer.

Their great knowledge of the production processes allows them to offer a diversity of doughs, all very light and made with organic flours, and accompanied, of course, by the best seasonal products originating in Italy.

Carrer de Balmes, 193



Pizza Circus

Now to one of the most informal places to get pizza on this list. Pizza Circus is just a tiny pizza joint in Raval. There are no tables, no chairs, and if you don’t want to take away you can enjoy your pizza on the sideboard inside. Don’t let the size of the place deceive you into thinking the pizza lacks the punch or flavour of a bigger restaurant, though. That’s not the case at all, as the thin, crispy and delicious pizzas are some of the finest and most authentic to be found in Barcelona. This popular pizza shop is considered one of the best in Barcelona by locals and tourist alike. If you ask any Italian who lives in Barcelona where to try the best pizza in town, there’s a fair chance they will tell you at Pizza Circus.

The pizzas on offer change often but the spicy salami is a regular and our recommendation. It’s even better with some of the chilli oil provided to accentuate those hot flavours. Vegans should note there are quite a few vegan and vegetarian options on offer too.

Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 40



L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

This pizzeria was founded in 1870 in Naples, Italy. They’ve opened their doors in Barcelona to show us what the true taste of pizza is. Generation after generation, they have been improving the techniques and combinations to achieve one of the best pizzas in Barcelona. This place is easy to find thanks to its great location. The service is a standout too.

The pizzas here are delicious and they are very big in size so you can order one to share if you want. There aren’t a huge number of options to choose from because they keep their menu refined and traditional but you can order classics like homemade mozzarella, Neapolitan and margarita. They also have some lovely cakes on offer, like their delicious rice cake, delicate orange cake or unqiue olive cake. To finish, don’t miss out on the magnificent double cappuccino or the sensational press coffee served here.

Carrer del Consell de Cent, 336



Miseria e Nobiltá

A well-known Italian restaurant with very good reviews. They are known for their Bolognese and Suocera pizza with mushrooms, onions and anchovies, which makes for a great combination of flavors. The pizza dough is homemade and excellent, both in flavor and texture. The tiramisu for dessert is also good option, as well as a tasty panna cotta and a surprising parfait here. Here, besides the pizzas, the calzones and their exquisite pasta are also stars on the menu.

The cozy atmosphere of this place makes you feel relaxed and enjoy a pleasant time. And at Miseria e Nobiltá you can see that they do things with love and care.

Carrer de Besalú, 46



So if you prefer your pizza with or without pineapple, thick or thin crust, NY or Napoletana, you should find something here to satisfy you. So, get together and share the tastiest pizzas in Barcelona and don’t forget to check out our Gaudi Segway Tour to make the best of your stay.