For Barcelona, like most coastal cities, tourism is one of the most important economic activities that takes place. It makes a massive contribution to the economy and also impacts society in both positive and negative ways.

Barcelona has seen significant tourism growth for almost three decades now, with tourism taking a key role in the growth of the city. However, in recent times the significant expansion of tourist activity in the city has ignited the debate about the importance of sustainable tourism practices for the benefit of the city.

This is why we are so excited to announce that we have officially been certified under the Biosphere Certification for our commitment to sustainability in the tourism field. We want the tourism that we’re involved in to be as sustainable and beneficial as possible for everyone.

Being recognized for our work towards sustainable practices is something we are very proud of at Barcelona Segway Tour. The Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification is granted by the Responsible Tourism Institute – an independent organisation. This is a prestigious certification that recognizes those within the international tourism industry who have made sustainable tourism management the focus of their activity.

To achieve the certification, companies should provide non-invasive goods and services that meet the goals of sustainable tourism – satisfying the needs of current customers while not compromising future generations. Being certified under Biosphere guarantees that there is a suitable balance regarding economic, environmental and the social-cultural aspects of a tourist destination. This balance means that the organisation, customers, society and the environment will all gain significant benefits.

In our case this means we’ll satisfy our Segway Tour customers while also bringing benefits to the people who live Barcelona, and not harming the environment or ocean around the city.

It’s also worth noting that the first urban destination to obtain the Biosphere certification was also Barcelona, for its commitment to sustainability. Biosphere certifications for destinations are rated in three categories: the Certified Destination, the Biosphere Gold Destination and the Biosphere Platinum Destination. Barcelona has received the status of the Biosphere Gold Destination, which recognizes the city’s continuing commitment to sustainable tourism.

So, tell us, what do you know about sustainability? What actions do you take or are planning to take to be a part of the sustainable movement? In this ever-changing world it is more important each day that we all take part of these actions to make sure our future will be in good shape.