Barcelona offers an array of ceramic workshops that cater to every level of expertise. Whether you’re an amateur yearning to get your hands dirty or an experienced ceramicist looking to hone your craft. Come immerse yourself in the tactile art of pottery in this artistic city.

Bonitos Pottery

The creative coworking space Bonitos Pottery, which is situated in the energetic PobleNou neighborhood, fosters a connection between work and interpersonal connections. Cata Echegaray is the artist who started developing this studio back in 2017. Additionally, she develops her own collections and designs here. She prefers to have a personal connection and give art the freedom to speak for itself. 

Hoping there is a harmony between simplicity, functionality and elegance in every project, Cata and her team have researched products on their own terms and concentrated on what interested them and how they perceived beauty in art. They believe that pottery is a place where we may stop, take a deep breath and discover tranquility.

Carrer de Pallars, 84



Atuell Cerámica

The workshops in Atuell are instructed by Olga, Ana Luiza and Brenda. Olga comes from the field of graphic design applied to museum studies. She worked in this sector until she decided to entirely change her career path and focus on ceramics. She went to Germany to work in a craft factory where all kinds of functional items were made on the wheel, painted by hand and then baked with salt, a traditional West German method. 

The team found a small workshop whose proprietor was retiring, and realized that this was an excellent opportunity to purchase it. At the beginning they produced their own work, but more and more people started asking if classes could be taught. Atuell is housed in a modernist building and it is a spacious area with high ceilings and wrought-iron columns. Plants abound and there are other artesan touches all over the place. 

Carrer de Montseny, 45




Blanca de Gomar, a former graphic designer, had explored ceramics and had fallen in love with it. Consequently, she launched her first shop. Acknowledging that she had been considerably calmer and anxiety-free since then. When she wanted to, she would create pieces and switch to zen mode. So this gave her the push she needed to open up shop.

Customers at Recrea can embrace their pieces while disengaging from the outside world. There is an overall effort made to project calm and peace in the shop. The selection of instructors reassure students, have empathy for them and get to know them, being familiar with their personal stories. There is availability for private sessions for groups on the weekends, during which they offer a free cocktail to the attendees. A good example of these events is that of the case of fashion influencer, Valentina Garí, who held her bachelorette party at the venue.

Carrer de Sant Marius, 20



Studio Kanay

Studio Kanay is a home for ceramic enthusiasts. Founded by the talented ceramic artist Clara Nubiola, this studio offers a dynamic range of workshops suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced artists. Studio Kanay is not just a place to learn; it’s a community of ceramic artists passionate about their craft.

The workshops they offer include: Introduction to Pottery which is perfect for newbies, providing a comprehensive introduction to the basics of ceramics. As well as Advanced Sculpture Techniques, Wheel Throwing workshops and Raku Firing workshops which is a unique technique that yields stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Carrer del Bruc, 5



Escuela de Cerámica Barcelona

Escuela de Cerámica Barcelona is a place where tradition meets innovation. This well known institution embraces both traditional and contemporary approaches to ceramics. The school in the Poblenou district boasts a team of experienced instructors dedicated to nurturing students’ ceramic skills.

At the school you can explore the fundamental techniques of creating ceramic pieces using your hands, molds and various hand-building methods. They also have masterclasses conducted by visiting artists, gaining insights into unique ceramic techniques and styles. They have a comprehensive curriculum and commitment to fostering artistic growth, making it an excellent place of reference if you’re seeking to learn from the world of ceramics.

Carrer dels Enamorats, 78



The world of ceramics in Barcelona is an exciting but at the same time a calming experience. So, roll up your sleeves, get your hands in the clay, and let your imagination soar while making beautiful creations. Enjoy this along with our Gaudí Segway Tour for a truly artistic time!