We all have our sweet side and there are amazing dessert restaurants all over Barcelona. Options range from fresh ice cream to artfully crafted plates of sweetness. If you want to satisfy your craving for desserts in Barcelona, here are some of the best places in the city to indulge it.


Pastisseria Escribà

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This pastry shop has been around since 1906. Years of passing through family members who loved baking enough to travel to Paris to study it and made the name a confectionery legend. Its current owner, Antoni Escribà, is even known throughout the world as the “Mozart of chocolate”.

There are two branches of this confectionery and pastry shop in Barcelona, making cakes for celebrities and big events, but also offering treats for a delicious breakfast or snack. Some desserts are expensive due to the quality of their ingredients and their delicate touches but this one is a must when you are on a dessert tour in Barcelona.

La Rambla, 83





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Its name, which means “too much” or “over the limit”, will give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about. Its casual and somewhat extravagant character can already be seen. To the initial store, Demasié Café was added a few years ago to try its specialties on site. And in this new place, the cookies, the cakes and chocolates are also exaggeratedly good. But what stands out above all is their cinnamon rolls. The original, only with cinnamon and sugar, is the star, but do not forget to also try Nutella, Oreo, red fruits, tiramisu and a vegan one.

The cinnamon roll, very popular in the United States, has entered Barcelona thanks to them. And the truth is that it is very difficult to resist: they are rolled buns of pure butter and sugar, and they are served warm, with various toppings and ingredients that will make you repeat over and over again, to the misfortune of your sugar levels. One bite and dopamine skyrockets to unsuspected levels.

Carrer de la Princesa, 28





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Bubó chocolates stand out among their competitors: the dessert shop open since 2005 is committed to modernity and innovation. The important thing, in Bubó, is the recipe: the house seeks above all the perfect fusion between the ingredients. The chocolate, of various origins, is produced by the Belgian group Callebaut.

Bubó offers a wide variety of recipes: chocolate-covered nuts, rocks, pralines, ganaches, bars, chocolate and whiskey nougat. Another trait of theirs is the attention paid to the presentation, which is very elegant. There’s even an artistic director who creates unique molds to offer original and even customizable chocolate sculptures.

Carrer de les Caputxes, 10




Casa Vives

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Casa Vives is a classic and a favorite with foodies! Popular for their mille-feuille, which is why they serve a berry mille-feuille every day, but if you want an individual one, you have to order it in advance. The recipe is simple: layers of slightly crispy phyllo pastry with cream, and a filling of strawberries, raspberries and other fruits. The cream brings just the right amount of sugar, without being cloying, the fruit is sour and the filo pastry will take you back in time.

Casa Vives is also an old institution in Barcelona! The pastry-chocolate factory was founded in 1895. A French factory processes cocoa from different origins and buys it in the form of bars. But what makes Casa Vives interesting are its master chocolatiers who make chocolates, ganaches, giandujas, beggars, dragees and more. Here, the emphasis is on the fact that chocolates in all their forms are not made in factories but by artisans, in the city of Barcelona. The best sellers of the house: frozen truffles, catanies and birutes.

Rambla de Catalunya, 58




La Donutería

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When you hear the word donut, you may think of manufacturers but forget that here. At La Donutería you will find round and wide rolls, with a spongy dough, glazed with vanilla or pistachio. The best known are the ones with banana, coffee and cocoa and the ones with red fruits and beetroot. But popular among fans the absolute winner is the dulce de leche with almonds, cocoa and sea salt from Maldon. They are not cheap but it is worth going to Carrer del Parlament to enjoy this sweet delight.

If you still haven’t guessed from the name, La Donutería takes donuts very seriously. Its recipe has been developed with natural ingredients to offer you the best texture and flavor. The dough is triple fermented, hand rolled and cut before being fried to perfection. And that’s just the basic dough. The menu changes daily. To add to the classic Tahitian vanilla glazed donut which is always available, there are 12 varieties to choose from. So take your time and enjoy ordering several to taste them out.

Carrer del Parlament, 20





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Barcelona’s chocolate factory, Chök, will reassure you that chocolate can be so much more. The artisans are all specialists in the field. Moreover, they work every day with the aim of achieving perfection, making their desserts not only more exquisite but also healthier.

Their extensive menu of cute chocolate bars, delicious cupcakes and overflowing donuts has something for every addict. Including you, gluten-free vegetarians! Everything is homemade daily with fresh, natural ingredients, and the flavors change regularly, so you’ll be amazed no matter how many times you’re there.

Carrer del Carme, 3,



Gelaaati Di Marco

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Gelaaati Di Marco is the perfect dessert to walk around the amazing weather the city has. This artisan ice cream parlor offers 25 flavors of ice cream, plus waffles and pancakes. To guarantee its authentic Italian flavor, these ice creams are prepared daily by master Marco Di Consiglio, who has more than 20 years of experience. They promise premium ingredients without dyes or hydrogenated fats. This is a very popular ice cream place in Barcelona, so make sure not to miss out on it.

Carrer de la Llibreteria, 7




Enjoy the amazing desert locations along with our Barcelona Segway Tour and we guarantee you will have the best day of your stay!