There are restaurants for celiacs in Barcelona where the food is of such high quality that there are sometimes more people with gluten tolerance than without. These restaurants can be 100% gluten-free establishments and others that combine celiac and conventional dishes. Here are a few of the best locations in Barcelona to eat gluten-free…


Fish & Chips Shop Gluten Free

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The best fish and chip chain in Barcelona has opened a gluten-free fish and chip shop on Carrer de Casanova. The fish and chips are perfect. They’re not greasy, they’re crispy, and they always hit the spot. If you are looking for traditional fish and chips this is not the place. The dough is far from traditional and the fries are seasoned with garam masala and a spicy mango chutney.

If the onions, garlic and curry are a problem for you the staff are happy to do without them, just ask them, they are very friendly and understanding. Apart from fish, they also sell other fried foods such as squid and shrimp. When traveling gluten-free in Barcelona, this little shop should be on your must-try list.

Carrer de Casanova, 91



L’Arrosseria Xativa

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If you are looking for gluten-free paella in Barcelona, then look no further than L’Arrossería Xàtiva. With over 25 paellas to choose from and 4 gluten-free, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Some of these options are the traditional Valencian chicken, rabbit and carob paella, the black ink paella and the Catalan paella.

L’Arrossería Xàtiva also has the advantage of offering an individual paella (except on weekends), when most restaurants require a minimum of 2 people per portion. In addition to paella, this restaurant also offers gluten-free options for fried foods, starters and desserts. No trip to gluten-free Barcelona is complete without a visit to here to devour a paella.

Carrer del Torrent d’En Vidalet, 26



En Ville Restaurant

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The elegant En Ville is a great gluten-free restaurant in Barcelona, ​​not far from Las Ramblas. All its kitchen menu is gluten-free. However, in addition to serving gluten-free bread, they also offer regular bread, making it a 99% gluten-free restaurant (although not 100% as other websites would have you believe). En Ville proudly advertises its accredited gluten-free stickers that let all celiacs know what they are doing and provide safe meals.

Here you can enjoy traditional Spanish tapas such as Iberian ham, croquetas and patatas bravas, as well as traditional dishes such as seafood paella, suckling lamb and Catalan crème brûlée. The wine list is excellent too, don’t miss out!

Carrer del Dr. Dou, 14



Piccolo Focone

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Just one block from the famous Sagrada Familia, you will find some of the best gluten-free pizza in Barcelona. All of their pasta and risotto dishes are celiac-friendly, meaning they have a safe gluten-free option for almost everything on their menu, making this Italian restaurant a true haven for celiacs!

Let’s not forget to mention that there are 30 pizzas that can be gluten free and all you have to do is pay an extra euro, this is definitely a win-win situation! The dining room staff are also aware of cross contamination as the owner has celiac daughters. Il Piccolo Focone is a very lively little place that is quite popular, so we recommend reserving a table in advance.

Carrer del Dos de Maig, 268



Conesa Entrepans

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A first thought when walking into this sandwich shop is “there is no way this place has safe gluten free options for people with celiac disease”. But after a look at the menu options and a chat with a staff member, your mind will be put at ease. Conesa Entrepans is a licensed establishment that offers a safe place in Barcelona to devour gluten-free snacks. Almost 95% of the sandwiches can be made without gluten, which is prepared in a separate area in a special panini press.

To further avoid any chance of cross-contamination, no one handles your gluten-free sandwich except the staff in the dedicated gluten-free area. All of the condiments are also gluten-free, so no need to worry. Gluten-free vegetarian sandwiches are also available. Conesa is, without a doubt, a fantastic option for gluten-free dining in Barcelona – especially for those exploring the Gothic Quarter.

Carrer de la Llibreteria, 1



Messié Sin Gluten Gràcia

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In this restaurant there is no possibility of cross-contamination because it is a 100% gluten-free restaurant. Messié Sin Gluten has a great selection of pizzas, with a house favorite being Helena, which comes with caramelized onions and sweet potatoes. You will also love that you will be able to get the dairy free version as most of their pizzas offer dairy or vegan cheese options. As well as pizzas, they offer pasta dishes, fantastic salads and homemade squeezed juices.

If juices aren’t good for you, you can follow your pizza with one of the 20 gluten-free beers they offer. They also offer a naturally gluten-free beer, Schnitzer Bräu, which is made from millet. In Messié, ​​not only is the food delicious and safe, but it is also one of the only gluten-free restaurants that is open all day, making it one of the best options in Barcelona and the plan of perfect backup. Messié has another location at Calle de Muntaner 109, Messié Sin Gluten Muntaner.

Carrer de Siracusa, 15



Gula Sana

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Another excellent gluten-free restaurant near the Sagrada Familia is Gula Sana. At this 100% gluten-free restaurant, you can have it all any time of the week as they serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch daily until 9:00 p.m. Enjoy delicious foods like pancakes or eggs Benedict for breakfast, while for brunch and lunch you can enjoy traditional Spanish dishes like empanadas, gazpacho, salmorejo, and croquetas, to name a few.

Their huge counter stocked with gluten-free cakes, pies, cookies and a selection of ice creams and cones is also enough to satisfy every sweet tooth craving. In addition to the amazing food, Gula Sana’s ability to cater to all diets and different allergies is why it is one of the best gluten-free restaurants in Barcelona. In this gastronomic grotto, the motto is not to exclude anyone. Therefore, there are lactose-free options, but also vegan, fructose-free and even sugar-free options for diabetics. In short, everyone can find their own.

Carrer de la Diputació, 361




We hope you enjoy our list of gluten-free restaurants in Barcelona, because there are plenty of places where you can eat tasty and gluten-free food. Book our Monjuïc Segway Tour and enjoy some of the best sights in the city, too.