Barcelona is one of the cities with the most escape rooms in Europe and, therefore, it is one of the obligatory stops for anyone in the country who enjoys this activity. Barcelona’s history and architecture have brought hundreds of mysterious and ancient stories to its escape rooms, that’s why you can find many escape rooms based on true stories of Barcelona – especially in the Raval and Born districts. 

Here we’ve got a list for you with some of the best escape rooms to enjoy in the Catalan city..


Mystery Escape

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This is an escape room in Barcelona for large groups and companies. It has 4 game rooms that offer two adventures: El Misterio de la Mansión, in 3 rooms that can accommodate up to 21 people simultaneously, and La Cámara Acorazada, which can accommodate up to 7 players. Both are surprising 60-minute experiences where logic, communication and teamwork will be the keys to success.

La Cámara Acorazada is a game in which you and your team will have 60 minutes to infiltrate the branch of a secret bank dedicated to protecting fortunes of dubious origin. To reach the objective and escape in time, you will have to overcome the sophisticated security systems that protect the facilities. It’s an exciting experience in which all your skills will be essential to complete the mission.

Av. Diagonal, 111




Picadero Motel

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Picadero Motel is located in the Gràcia district of Barcelona. It is a scary escape room in which all players will have to give everything they’ve got to try to get out of this room with maximum control of fear and nerves of steel.

In Picadero Motel you will hear screams, knocks and very strange sounds that you will have to try to ignore in order to concentrate and solve the tests that are in the room. The objective is to leave before the 60 minutes and, thus, save you and your group. 

Passatge de Nogués, 8



Aventurico Barcelona

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Aventurico is an adventurous and fun escape room located in the heart of Barcelona. You can choose between a multitude of scenarios: challenge Jumanji, become elite spies, sneak into Wonderland on a curious quest or save the magical world from dark forces. They also offer virtual reality experiences. Its new version, the VR version of the famous video game Among Us, is a real success to enjoy in groups. 

At Aventurico, you can celebrate the birthdays of the little ones in the house. You can choose the theme of the escape room that you like the most, invite up to 46 people and after the game the children can go to the cozy dining room to blow out the candles, eat and play together on the trampoline.

Carrer de Roger de Flor, 89



The Hive Escape Room

At The Hive Barcelona you will experience an exciting but unsettling experience, in very well decorated rooms and with a well plotted scenario. To help a little, the staff will assist you in subtle ways so that the escape room doesn’t get too intense!

Its three games are emotionally charged, whether it’s The Paranormal House, Chernobyl 2.0 or The Z Lab, you’ll suffer scares in an alternate reality and you’ll have to use logic and teamwork to solve the mystery and come out on top of the adventure. If you like testing your logic and that of your friends, with a few chills along the way, you have to try this escape room.

Carrer de los Castillejos 287



Maximum Escape

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With 9 different themes, Maximum Escape is definitely one of Barcelona’s escape rooms you can’t miss. Its strong point lies in the originality and immersion capacity of its rooms, where you will find experiences based on universes such as Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, The Shining or the video game Fallout, among others. In addition, its location, in the heart of Barcelona, ​​is ideal for reaching by any means of transport.

They have 50 and 90 minute games, some monitored by an AI. and others guided by professional actors. There are also customizable ones for your party and even one in the dark. Of course, with so much variety, you’ll find challenges for all skill levels, including fun family-friendly escape rooms. Without a doubt one of the best and most original escape rooms in Barcelona.

Carrer de Trafalgar, 17 (Various Locations)




Unreal Escape Room

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Unreal Escape Room is one of the most awarded companies in Spain and is among the top 20 escape game companies in the world! Since their inception, they have always been a reference offering a large number of games, rooms, effects and film sets in all their rooms. 

The Unreal Hospitalet room contains its two most famous games: “La Mina” taking place in a real mine and in which you will have to deepen and discover what happened inside and “Los Narcos” a cartel drug experience where you’ll have to pick up a new package before the worst happens.

Carrer de Bacardí, 32




We hope you this list of the best escape rooms in Barcelona with the aim of helping you easily choose your next escape challenge. And on the more traditional side, don’t forget to book a Barcelona Segway Tour to see the city’s main sites and history.