What about Hot Pots in Barcelona? After having toured the tapas bars, you will surely want to try something a bit different. So, are you into to Asian cuisine? Rest assured that it is possible to find quality Chinese food in Barcelona. The Hot Pots also known as Chinese Fondue, is one of the most popular meals in China. And they’re also big in Barcelona. Here are a few spots to enjoy this delicious dish for all budgets!


Liu’s Hot Pot

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The hot pot: a pot of seasoned broth and/or oil that cooks meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, meatballs, or seafood, was new to Barcelona folk not too long ago. Liu’s is located in Barcelona and Madrid. This restaurant offers one of the most traditional and popular cuisines in certain regions of China. The boon of this Chinese restaurant is to be able to cook at the table with a pot and the chosen ingredients with more than 3 different flavors of broth.

This Liu’s branch is part of a beloved global chain, it is very large and you can reserve a private room for you and your friends. Really tasty food and very reasonably priced.

Carrer del Consell de Cent, 303



La Olla de Si Chuan

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The saying “the eyes make the first bite” is especially true when it comes to Chinese cuisine. The chefs at La Olla de Si Chuan know that the diverse use of fresh and bright herbs and botanicals, wheat or rice and meat noodles will create appetizing flavors. 

For more than 10 years, they have been offering traditional cuisine from the Sichuan region to thousands of guests. They were pioneers in introducing the famous hot pot to Barcelona. Cook the ingredients you like best yourself in their pots in the middle of the table, or if you prefer, enjoy one of the delicious à la carte dishes. This is one of the restaurants which has become one of the most popular places in the city’s daily life.

​​​​Carrer d’Aragó, 224



Yuanlaosi Hot Pot

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The interior of the restaurant is a work of art, it has been decorated according to the traditional Chinese style, with the intention of enjoying a pleasant dining experience immersed in an authentic Chinese restaurant typical of Chengdu or Chongqing. There are private rooms, there are reserved areas, tables for groups, the attention to detail they have put into this Hot Pot in Barcelona is amazing.

They insist on importing the Hot Pot base and necessary ingredients from China to deliver the authentic original taste. You can order a pot with one, two or  three flavors: bone broth, tomato soup and mushroom broth. To season the ingredients cooked in the Hot Pot, there’s a buffet of sauces and condiments to choose between the various options. These are some of the options at the Hot Pot sauce and dressing buffet: chopped garlic, millet chili, spring onions, peanut sauce, dried chili, chopped peanut, marinated tofu, seafood sauce, oyster sauce and more. 



Yi Guo Hotpot Sichuan

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Hot Pot is one of the most fun social ways to dine, with your friends and family, because you will have to cook while you eat. So much interaction is involved in the moment when you are at the table! There are several options in Barcelona if you want to try hot pot, and among them is Yi Guo Hotpot from Sichuan. 

It was inaugurated last year and quickly became one of the best in Barcelona. They are renowned for bringing a bit of Chinese culture to Spain and being able to delight you with their wonderful dishes made with natural ingredients. You can choose a spiced soup base or a fresh flavor like tomato or bone broth. A pot sits in the center with boiling soup, within which you can cook foods such as raw or fried protein, tofu, mushrooms, noodles and vegetables and bowls with dipping sauce, then put whatever you want to eat right now in the soup to cook. Delicious.

Plaça de Tetuan, 9

Web: hotpot.es


SLX Sichuan Hot Pot

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SLX Sichuan Hot Pot is a Huo Guo restaurant in central Barcelona. A combination of Chinese cuisine and an excellent Huo Guo menu in Eixample. A very cozy place to prepare the Hot Pot ingredients to your liking, with a little beer in between and good company. This restaurant is well known to the local Chinese public and tourists. It is a place with a neat and elegant decoration. If you’ve been to China it will remind you of the sparkling hot pot joints that do well in cities like Shanghai.

The treatment of the staff at the SLX Sichuan Hot Pot restaurant is very attentive and they are able to advise you at all times on the broths and the ingredients if it’s your first time. They give you several recommendations and you’ll be more than happy. You’ll find the restaurant beautiful and modern inside. A perfect place for dinners with friends or family as well as business meetings.

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 692


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