Jumping or diving into a refreshing swimming pool, to cool off in the hot weather, is one of Summer’s finest treats. And swimming a few laps is a great all-round summer exercise that you can still do in the heat.

Now that the temperatures are rising – here are the best outdoor public swimming pools in Barcelona where you can swim a few laps, as well as bathe.

1. Piscines Picornell

• Size: 50m
• Address: 38, Avinguda de l’Estadi, 30
• Nearest Metro: Espanya (Metro) or Parc de Montjuïc (Funicular, via Parallel)

Best Outdoor Swimming Pools in Barcelona for 2020 - 1. Piscines PicornellLocated in Montjuic, the hill that overlooks the city, the ‘Piscines Picornell’ is home to probably the best selection of public swimming pools in Barcelona. This isn’t surprising if you consider this is one of the complexes used for the 1992 Olympics. It’s still regularly used to host swimming events and championships.

Here you’ll find a 50m outdoor pool (as well as a 50m indoor pool), and you can also rest your muscles in the sauna or one of the Jacuzzis afterwards. The only issue is getting to Montjuic can be a bit time-consuming but the scenery and the views, as well as the swim, make it worth it.

Note: if you’d like to see Montjuic area you can also take a look at our Montjuic Segway Tour, or even rent an eBike with our sister company BeBike and get there more efficiently.

2. CEM Parc de La Ciutadella

• Size: 25m
• Address: Passeig de Circumvaŀlació, 1
• Nearest Metro: Ciutadella via Olímpica

Best Outdoor Swimming Pools in Barcelona for 2020 - 2. CEM Ciutadella

Near to the famous Arc de Triomf (and close to our offices too) you’ll find the Parc de La Ciutadella, one of Barcelona’s biggest and best parks.

And right next to the park you’ll find this sports complex. There’s an indoor swimming pool in the building but in the summer you should head to the roof, where you’ll find an outdoor pool with a spacious terrace to sunbathe on too.

The pool isn’t that big but it’s big enough – and normally quieter than some of the other pools in Barcelona.

3. Piscina Municipal de Montjuic

• Size: 25m
• Address: Avinguda Miramar, 31
• Nearest Metro: Espanya (Metro) or Parc de Montjuïc (Funicular, via Parallel)

Best Outdoor Swimming Pools in Barcelona for 2020 - 3. Piscina MontjuicA second pool in Montjuic that was used for the 1992 Olympics. This one’s even more iconic because of the unrivalled views over the city from the pool. These views captured the imagination of viewers all other the world, when Olympic diving events were broadcast on TV screens here, almost thirty years ago.

The pool that was used back then was actually the diving pool (which is still in use) but there’s also a 25m outdoor pool that has just as epic views over the city.

If you’re looking to swim though it’s best to visit this one on off-peak times. The pool can get pretty popular at weekends and you’ll struggle to find enough space for more than a bathe.

4. Club Natacio

Size: 50m
Address: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 93
Nearest Metro: Barceloneta

Best Outdoor Swimming Pools in Barcelona for 2020 - 4. Club Natacio

A rival to the Piscines Picornell for the best swimming complex in Barcelona, the Club Natacio has an impressive selection of swimming pools – including 25m and 50m pools.

While the pools are impressive, the location is too: right next to the sea. This means you can enjoy a 50m swim on the seafront (great when the sea is just a touch too cold) then relax and enjoy the sea views while avoiding the crowds on the main beach.

5. Banys del Fòrum

• Size: 375m
• Address: Parc del Fòrum
• Nearest Metro: El Maresme | Forum

Best Outdoor Swimming Pools in Barcelona for 2020 - 5. Banys del ForumYou’ll find a unique bathing and swimming pool at the Banys del Fòrum, which is a reclaimed industrial area that also hosts the famous Primavera Sound festival. It’s a curious concrete landscape, and a bit of an acquired taste, but it’s definitely charismatic and lots of locals love it. Fans of Instagram will find top photo opportunities here.

The swimming pool is actually more a reclaimed section of sea – but without so many troublesome waves, and relatively clear water. The area is extensive: there’s a 375m long stretch for swimming (as well as bathing) and there is even a section for water skiing.

This one’s a bit further out but you can easily get close by stopping at one of the nearby metro or tram stops.

And of course, in Barcelona you’ve always got the sea to enjoy too – and if that’s more your thing then why not try our waterfront Segway Tour and enjoy the main sights and sounds of the seafront. You can cool off and go for a swim in a pool another day.