Up until recently, Barcelona received fairly low marks in the coffee department but the city’s game has been upped for a few years now. There are some great independent places in town where you can get a really good coffee; from hipster kiosks to seafront chiringuitos.

Yes, if you’re spending some time in Barcelona then satisfying your coffee fix should mean more than just going to a chain like Costa. And with so much to see and do, you’ll be needing that caffeine boost. Here are 5 of our picks for the best independent places in town where you can get a great cup of specialty coffee.

We’ve focused on six key districts in central Barcelona and picked out an independent cafe for each.

  1. Bar Central (Raval)
  2. Nomad’s Coffee Lab (Born)
  3. News & Coffee Kiosk (Eixample)
  4. Satan’s Coffee (Gotic)
  5. Skye Coffee (Poblenou)

Bar Central / Satan’s Coffee (Raval)

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  • Address: Calle Elisabets, 8

Bar Central Barcelona-min

A little oasis in the heart of the city, Bar Central is linked to the bookshop of the same name, ‘La Central’, and includes one of the most idyllic enclosed terraces in the old town, filled with plants, fountains and birds.

The entry is a bit inconspicuous and the gardens can’t be seen from the main street so this is known to locals as one of the city’s best kept secrets. Relax here in the tranquil surroundings and enjoy some of the best coffee in town.

Note the people behind Satan’s Coffee seem to have taken over the management (see 4).

Nomad’s Coffee Lab & Shop (Born)

Nomad's Coffee Lab Barcelona-min

Nomad’s Coffee is tucked away in one of the Born neighbourhood’s cutest little streets, which links the picturesque lanes of Born to the elegant boulevards of the Eixample. It’s hard to find this one, unless you’re in the know.

This is a place for real enthusiasts: they roast their own beans and the menu is extensive, with experimental coffee varieties co-existing with the more typical types.

A top tip is to not try and visit here too late, when the Pasaje closes and all the shops on it have to close too. Arrive before 5pm. Otherwise, you might have to retreat to a Costa!

News & Coffee (Eixample)

News & Coffee Kiosk Barcelona-min

The smallest place of the bunch, and just a kiosk with great coffee to take away. Don’t be deceived by the small size though: the coffee menu is pretty diverse and sophisticated – including the now-obligatory flat white.

If you like to enjoy your coffee with a decent read, you can also find hip (and difficult to find) lifestyle magazines for sale here in English and Spanish, like Wallpaper, Monocle and The New Yorker.

Satan’s Coffee Corner (Gotic)

Satan's Coffee Corner Barcelona-min

Another mention for Satan’s coffee. This space in Gotic is perhaps the most hipster-endorsed on this list, if you like that sort of thing. And, even if you don’t, it does have an ever-changing menu of top-quality coffees and also some Asian-influenced breakfast dishes to enjoy. Why not combine your machiatto with a traditional Japanese breakfast, with miso soup?

Despite being in the most touristy part of town, this one is deceptively difficult to find. It’s situated in an obscure corner of Gotic that tends to get overlooked by the crowds.

Skye Coffee (Poblenou) 

Skye Coffee Co Barcelona-min

A bit further from the center, but still worth a look, Poblenou was recently voted one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world by TimeOut magazine. There are lots of chic industrial spaces, bars and restaurants to visit in the area – and Skye Coffee is a great place for coffee.

Actually, Skye Coffee is less a place and more of a truck (a 1972 Citroën HY), which is located inside a warehouse for coworking and collaboration (Espacio 88). Expect a unique ambience, high ceilings, and one of the best flat whites in town.

Those are our picks but remember, because the scene in Barcelona is so lively at the moment, new places are opening all the time. And we’ve only covered some key barrios so check the latest information for your area too if it’s not covered.

And if you’re looking for a special way of getting about Barcelona, as well as some specialty coffee, then you can take a look at our Barcelona Segway Tours!