The abundance of fish and shellfish in Barcelona makes this place the perfect place for lovers of seafood. With its location close to the coast, huge pans of saffron paella, buckets of fresh mussels, juicy grilled calamari and prawns, Barcelona is definitely the place to visit if you are a lover of fresh things from the sea.

Fish and shellfish have their place on almost every menu in the Catalan capital, but let us give you our tips on the best places to go seafood dining. Whether you are looking for razor clams, fresh fish or grilled octopus, here are a few of the essential spots in Barcelona.

Carballeria Restaurant

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Since 1944, Carballeira has been a reference in Barcelona for the city’s seafood and fresh fish. Located in the Barceloneta district, where the Vía Layetana ends, Carballeira is a place of tradition for ages. Marine decoration that is classic and quite elegant make the interior decor sublime. 

The Carballeira cuisine consists of products of the highest quality, wild fish and spectacular shellfish. All seafood and fish dishes are fresh with a 10 for quality. The average price point depends on what you order, of course! The price is not on the lower side but the quality of the product will not disappoint you. It is also ideal for parties, business lunches and special occasions.

Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 3




Pez Vela

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For the fans of fish and shellfish, you will be tempted by the many specialties on the menu. Taste the Chef’s specialties at Pez Vela where he and his team offer you a menu with products from the sea and the garden. Cooked according to the Mediterranean tradition, these dishes will delight your palate, while giving you a pleasant feeling of change of scenery on the seafront.

Located at the foot of the W Hotel, this establishment enjoys an ideal location. Next, you will enjoy an exceptional view of the sea, as well as the magnificent Barceloneta beach. The cosmopolitan atmosphere perfectly reflects the multicultural spirit of this stretch of beach, where people from all over the world meet! Pleasantly installed, you will appreciate the magic of the environment and the family atmosphere that reigns in it. For lunch or dinner.

Passeig del Mare Nostrum, 19, 21




Botafumeiro Restarant

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This authentic establishment is one of the most revered in Barcelona. It serves delicious seafood from Catalonia and Galicia. Prices tend to be high but dishes like the impressive seafood platter Safata Especial de Mar Cantabric make it worth the trip! You can order a half portion, which is slightly larger than a single portion of tapas.

One of their specialties is percebes, a strange-looking barnacle found in the North Atlantic off the coast of Galicia. It is a real pleasure for the inhabitants of this region. Expect very good quality food!

Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 81




La Paradeta

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In Paradeta, you can eat fresh fish without spending too much money. Located in the Born neighborhood as an original idea for a self-service restaurant, given its success it has been expanded to 5 locations, spread throughout Barcelona, ​​in addition to one in Sitges. As basic as it is good, the idea behind it is very simple: you choose fresh fish or shellfish at the bar, pay, take your number and sit down at the table. When your number is called, go to the counter and take what you ordered.

There is no table service and forget about a menu, apart from bread and salad nothing is served but seafood. On the other hand venue spaces are extremely scarce and quite noisy, and due to its popularity expect long lines if you don’t get there before the venues open, especially at the Sagrada Familia.

Passatge de Simó, 18




Can Ros

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Opened in 1911, Can Ros has been a favorite place of the Catalans for 5 generations. In addition to its fresh and juicy fish, Can Ros also offers delicious seafood, a pasta dish called fideuá served with pieces of octopus and mussels, as well as a magnificent grilled fish and trays of seafood.

An old winery opened more than a century ago, Can Ros is today a very good fish restaurant, very famous for its many paellas, of course, but also of course for all the fish and shellfish, excellently cooked in its kitchen and in during specific seasons. A truly authentic place to taste the best of the sea, prepared in a simple and careful way. The atmosphere is also very delightful. You will leave satisfied.

C/ D’Emília Llorca Martín, 7




Salamanca Restaurant

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In Salamanca, you just have to enjoy yourself at the table, sharing a table and tablecloth during a romantic dinner, a business lunch or a group outing with family or friends, accompanied by excellent fresh seafood! And always with the excellent day and night atmosphere of Salamanca, and the seafront, ideal for spending a pleasant day.

Thanks to their careful and efficient purchasing team, they receive some of the best samples of fresh fish and seafood from Barcelona every day to feed their famous grills. You can choose between the popular Fish and Seafood from ‘Salamanca’, which includes monkfish, hake, cuttlefish, king prawns, clams, mussels and the sumptuous Imperial Seafood, as well as precious pieces of lobster, prawns, norway lobsters, mussels and more.

Carrer de Pepe Rubianes, 34




During your stay in Barcelona, ​​make sure you are planning to indulge in an amazing day of seafood! Add our Gastronomic Segway Tour to your stay and you could make a culinary adventure in Barcelona even more interesting.