​​Barcelona is not only one of the most popular summer vacation destinations, it is also home to some of the best vintage clothes shops in Spain. Between eating delicious tapas and getting a tan on one of the many beaches, take the time to visit and shop local. You’ll find stores filled with carefully selected vintage clothes, bags, jewelry and shoes from every decade of the 20th century.

Second-hand shops are very common in the city, ​​especially in the Raval area. Known for its streetwear style, this area is full of record stores, skate shops and second-hand shops. As you spend some time in Barcelona and get inspired by the colorful and expressive patterns of the streets, we recommend you visit some of the most famous shops.



If you are ready to discover authentic treasures in Barcelona, we strongly recommend that you go to the Mercantic – located near Barcelona in Sant Cugat. This beautiful flea market is located in a meandering outdoor space and offers antiques as well as modern furniture and accessories.

The place is really charming because it is also made up of wooden houses of all colors. There’s even a cafe and a few restaurants and bars on site. That’s good because once you get there, you’ll be wanting to spend some time here.


Rius i Taulet, 120 (Sant Cugat del Valles)


Flamingos Vintage Kilo

The philosophy of Flamingos Vintage Kilo, being the first store in Spain specialized in selling by weight. The unique pieces have been carefully selected by experts in North America and combine clothes of a very original style, with great quality and mint condition. While you shop for vintage clothing in the basement of this cool store, you can also find exclusive clothing and accessories upstairs, all at very reasonable prices!

This second-hand store is well known in Barcelona. There are several located in different neighborhoods of the city. Also, the concept of selling items by the pound, so buying in bulk is the best option. Not only is it cheaper than the average traditional store in Barcelona, ​​but it also has a great atmosphere. And when you buy a vintage fashion item, you may be asked to photograph your street style blog on Instagram and Facebook. Prices range between 10 and 50 euros.


Carrer dels Tallers, 31; Carrer de Ferlandina, 20; Carrer dels Tallers, 68

Lullaby Vintage Boutique

If you want to find real treasures with original pieces you should visit the Lullaby Vintage Shop located in El Raval. Despite its small size, the store will surprise you with its wonderful selection of vintage clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. This cute little shop makes any vintage lover’s heart beat faster!

Organized by era, this charming vintage clothing store takes customers on an evolutionary journey from the 1950s to the 1980s. There are women’s clothes at the entrance and men’s clothes, children’s clothes and underwear at the back of the store. The store also offers an impressive selection of bags, scarves, and sunglasses from throughout the eras. You will find designer pieces, but also affordable clothing.


Carrer de la Riera Baixa, 22

Holala Vintage Clothing

The Holala Vintage franchise is known for selling finely selected clothing and for good reason. If you stop by their largest store just behind MACBA, you’ll be delighted by their wide selection of carefully curated 1950s clothing and furniture. Holala Vintage Clothing is one of the most popular vintage stores in Barcelona. For over forty years, they have been collecting unique pieces in fashion and furniture from around the world. The amount of special items available here makes it unlikely, if not impossible, that you won’t find something enriching. The prices vary depending on the brand of the product but are still good value.

It’s easy to get lost for a few hours on the boutique shelves, jumping from one era to the next. You will not only find the most beautiful vintage clothes at reasonable prices but also vintage video games, skateboards and surfboards from the 80s, original accessories and books, art and fashion magazines, and more make shopping here a great experience. In addition, Holala loves to organize big events, such as street art fairs or pop music concerts.


Carrer dels Tallers, 73


Magpie Vintage

Located on a quaint square in Le Born, this charming antique shop houses a small, eclectic selection of vintage bohemian clothing for women. Featuring a selection of white cotton t-shirts and ethnic textiles, one rack even displays a unique collection of vintage sunglasses.

The store also has a range of beautiful and original jewelry. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.


Carrer dels Tiradors, 1



There are quite a few Humana stores in Barcelona and one of our favorites is in Gracia. The people who walk around the Gracia neighborhood are usually very stylish, apparently by chance, which is not surprising given the large number of concept stores and designer boutiques that are constantly springing up in the neighborhood. As in any fashion area, vintage shops are always the best place to find designer pieces at bargain prices. Head to the back of the store to browse an exciting array of vintage and unique items.


Carrer Dustries, 41


So if you’re planning to go shopping in Barcelona, ​​avoid the usual stores like Zara and Bershka and do some unique shopping while visiting the neighborhoods of the city. Enjoy your trip along with one of our Segway Tours, such as the Montjuïc Segway Tour, and get the most of the city.


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