The Best Conference Spaces in Barcelona for Your Event

If you’re looking for a location for your next European conference, Barcelona is probably high on your list. Not only is the Mediterranean hub a fun and cosmopolitan city that will energize your attendees, but there is also a huge range of conference spaces in Barcelona.

When you also consider the people, spirit, economy, and location of Barcelona, it becomes an even more attractive choice. And many other companies agree: over 200 large-scale conferences are held each year in Barcelona.

From tech to pharma and beyond, the needs of these companies are well served. Over 10,000,000 m2 of space makes this a perfect destination. But which of that space is right for you?

To help you plan your conference, here’s a closer look at the best conference spaces in Barcelona for your event.

1. The Barcelona International Convention Center

Barcelona International Convention Center

With 100,000 m2 on offer, Barcelona International Convention Center is the foremost conference space in Barcelona. It was designed by one of the most celebrated Catalan architects, Josep Lluís Mateo. He focused upon ensuring that the multifunctional space is provided with lots of light.

You’ll find a huge amount of space available – 39 well-lit rooms are found across three main floors and two mezzanine floors. There is also a dynamic area which can be adjusted to your needs, and a fully-fledged banqueting hall that offers stunning views onto the sea.

If you’re planning a seriously big conference, this is a great option to consider. The center itself has a great location, found just 20km from the airport and very close indeed to the Estació de França train station. Your attendees will love being just 500m from the stunning beach, allowing them to enjoy all that Barcelona has to offer.

There are also a huge number of hotel rooms around the space, meaning that your attendees can enjoy close proximity to the conference itself while also being just 6km from the city center. All in all, this is a highly flexible space that hosts the largest conferences.

2. World Trade Center Barcelona

World Trade Center Barcelona Conference Room

The World Trade Center in Barcelona is beautiful to look at. It was designed by Henry N. Cobb and he fashioned the structure to resemble a ship – perfect for its location on the port beside the Mediterranean Sea.

If you’re looking to host your congress or convention in Barcelona, this is a great option. You’ll have an incredible 4,000 m2 at your feet and this is spread across 20 adaptable rooms. This means that you can really put your identity into the event whether you decide to use the auditorium, Port Vell rooms, or more.

The World Trade Center is located just by the Columbus statue at the bottom of Las Ramblas, empowering your attendees to enjoy the city while also staying in very close proximity to the venue.

3. Hotel Arts Barcelona

Hotel Arts Barcelona Events

Looking for a conference space in Barcelona that has on-site accommodation? Hotel Arts Barcelona is a great way to keep your attendees all in one place and ensure that they can conveniently and effectively attend all of the sessions that you have planned.

This stunning seafront tower is found close to the Olympic Village and not too far at all from the city center. At seven miles away it’s not too far from the airport either, and Barcelona’s cheap taxis make getting around incredibly simple.

There are four key meeting spaces available in this hotel which is found directly on the coast. Aside from all of the on-site equipment that you might need, your attendees will also be able to enjoy walking up and down the coast to explore Barcelona’s wonderful beaches and food. It’s a great way to roll fun activities and team-building events into your conference.


MACBA Conference

The MACBA is found right at the heart of Barcelona’s city center. Washed with natural light throughout the day, it is a unique and trendy space that could be a perfect option for a company looking to break the mold and pick a unique space.

The nine rooms available within the facility are stunning, offering completely different moods and looks. The Atrium is the sleek and modern dining area, while there are also large meeting rooms and an auditorium available to guests. The auditorium is capable of holding 200 people, so you will be well catered for.

Smaller rooms also mean that breakout sessions and satellite conferences are a possibility, helping you to easily and effectively plan your various meetings and events.

5. Eurostars Grand Marina

Grand Marina Hotel Conference

This stunning facility has a beautiful minimalist design and benefits from superior views onto the ocean. The location of Eurostars Grand Marina on Barcelona’s Port Vell will give your attendees a literal and metaphorical breath of fresh air while they enjoy your conference.

There is a range of meeting rooms and dining spaces available, each of which can be configured to fit with your specific needs. The team are very accommodating and will be happy to discuss your needs and fulfil them.

The location is once again very central, found just on the port. This gives your attendees privileged access to the rest of Barcelona and an easy way to get back to base! There are rooms available in this 5* hotel, should you be hoping to secure on-site accommodation.

6. Barceló Sants

Barceló Sants Hotel Events

If you are looking for a hyper-modern location, Barceló Sants could be it. The hotel is, in fact, found just above the Sants Central Train Station, ensuring that your attendees have easy passage to and from the airport. The guests can also enjoy quick access to the city center, or enjoy the variety of bars and restaurants in the local area.

There are huge spaces available, each of the four offering a comfortable and flexible space that will be sure to fulfil your needs. The aesthetics are incredible throughout the hotel, which pays homage to the classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. In addition to rooms and gourmet dining, there is also a gym available for your health-conscious attendees!

The moment you decide to investigate Barcelona as a potential host city, you will immediately begin to discover why so many companies choose to host their conference here.

We hope that this post has helped to give you some inspiration. While you have your attendees in Barcelona, it’s a great opportunity to offer some incentives and team-building experiences. If you’re looking for inspiration in that department, be sure to check out our deep dive into activities in Barcelona.

Featured image: World Trade Center Port Vell Room