Why you should visit Barcelona: 12 compelling reasons

We love Barcelona, that’s for sure. It’s a feeling that can’t be explained; we could give you reasons, even from the top of our heads to come visit Barcelona (we’re about to do it, actually) but they are cold facts. To fall in love with Barcelona you need to come and feel it, meet its people, live its streets and get the local vibe. To live like a Barcelonese, you only need to relax and enjoy little things, from trendy exhibitions, cold beers and folkloric festivals.

Here is a list of 12 reasons why you should choose Barcelona as your next holiday destination.

12 compelling reasons to visit Barcelona

1. Because Barcelona is different

One of the best things about Spain is that it has a very rich and diverse culture. Each region has their own traditions which make them unique in the country and in the world. Catalan habits are very rooted, and locals feel very proud about them. Catalans have their own language, the Catalan idiom, which has led to the development of a literature, art and traditions, movies, theatre plays, music bands, clowns, poetry slams and so many more. The best way to know and feel them all is coming to Barcelona.

2. Because of the colorful Ramblas

Las Ramblas Barcelona

Vibrant and full of life, Las Ramblas is one of the longest and most famous main streets in Europe. This boulevard is bordered by trees, shops and cool coffee-shops. Among the restaurants there are flower stalls, kiosks with souvenirs and ice cream. Also, in the Ramblas we find La Boquería, the most famous traditional market in the city, where you can taste 100% authentic local food. Don’t miss it when you visit Barcelona!

3. Because you can find tapas everywhere

The Mediterranean Diet is the Spanish most beloved and healthy cultural heritage, and most doctors will tell you that it is one of the most nutritious, rich and healthy diets in the world. Within the Mediterranean diet, we find products, fruits, vegetables or ways to cook the meal. One of the most famous is the tapa, the idea of serving food in small portions, so a meal can be composed by several types of food, a festival for you taste buds.

4. Because of The Castellers

According to the UNESCO, the Castellers are part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Why? Because it’s typical, ancient and a real triumph of the will. This activity consists is making impressive human towers, where each person climbs on the back of another and so on, forming human towers of up to 10 floors. The goal is winning the competition by making the highest tower – another big reason to see them live while visiting Barcelona.

5. Because Barcelona is beach and mountain at the same time!

There are few destinations in the world that combine beach and mountains in such a harmonious way. In Barcelona you do not have to give up any of the two: you could do a mountain hiking route that could end up in the sea (or vice versa). When a person thinks of holidays, they must choose between beach or mountain. Yet, in Barcelona, when choosing a fun day on the outdoors you can pick your bikini and go to the beach or wear your hiking boots and go to the mountains. The person who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too has never been to Barcelona!

6. Because of Gaudí, Domènech i Montaner and Puig i Cadafalch

Casa Batlló Barcelona

If you visit Barcelona you realize that this incredible city is the cradle of the Catalan modernist movement, which is palpable in almost every corner. Gaudí, Domènech i Montaner, Puig i Cadafalch and Jujol are some of the artists that left their print in the streets of the Catalonian capital. Palau de la Música, Hospital de Sant Pau or the Palau de Les Punxes are some of the Barcelona benchmarks that carry the Catalan modernism quality label. Plus, don’t forget the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló or La Pedrera, another architecture pieces that you cannot miss when you come to the city.

7. Because of the sports

In Barcelona we love sports. The are many professional sport schools where children combine sports and education, and as a tourist, you have the opportunity to enjoy many sports competitions live: handball, hockey, basketball, golf, tennis, gymnastics, …
Football is one of the most important ones. After all, according to the FIFA, two of the 5 best teams of all time are from Spain: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. If you come to Barcelona, you should go watch a live match, and discover the local feeling towards our football teams. You will feel the adrenaline with the goal scoring and you will shout with the rest of the fans the FC Barcelona anthem. Let us assure you that you won’t forget it.

8. Because you find free Wi-Fi everywhere

Yes, you’ve heard us: free WIFI. And we are not talking about free Wi-Fi in a determined area of the city. We are talking about free internet in the WHOLE city. Yes, Barcelona City Council offers a totally free Wi-Fi network that allows you to connect to the Internet through WiFi access points located in various municipal facilities. Candy crush all over!!

9. Because of th Barcelona’s Olympic Port

This neighborhood was built to hosts all the athletes that were going to participate in the 1992 Olympic Games. The buildings of this district are big, sun-oriented and with big gardens. There are several shopping malls around the district and it’s very close to the sea. The Olympic Port it’s a nice visit, especially for all the Olympic games fans who want to see the area that, for a brief period, was the epicenter of the world of sports.

10. Because of its beautiful sunsets

Barcelona has a very distinguishable skyline, formed by emblematic buildings such as la Pedrera, la Sagrada Familia or de Agbar tower. Enjoying them from a high spot is one of the best activities you can do when visiting the city. Going to the top of the Montjuic mountain, the Carmel bunkers or the top of the MNAC museum will give you an incredible view of the whole city. Do it at the beginning or the end of the day, and you will fall in love with Barcelona and its astonishing sunsets.

11. Because of traditional dancing: Sardanas

The Sardana is the traditional dancing of the region. It is danced collectively by holding hands and forming a circle, while dancing with the shoes to the rhythm of the traditional Catalonian flute. Every Sunday at 1 PM there are Sardana dancing contests, so if you want to learn how to dance it, don’t miss it.

12. Because of El Raval

El Raval is a centric and diverse Barcelona neighborhood where more than 20 languages are spoken. It’s an area that combines the exoticism of the different cultures that live in the neighborhood, plus the young trendy vibe of the artists. The best areas to go out are on Joaquin Costa Street and Rambla del Raval.

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