Where to See Dalí Art in Barcelona

Almost everybody in the world has heard the famous name Salvador Dalí.

One of the world’s most celebrated artists and personalities, his work and eccentricities played an essential role in defining the cultural movement known as surrealism. Bringing together discordant images, abstract visions, and an exploration of the unconscious mind, his work is still adored today.

Catalonia was the birthplace and home of Dalí, and as such thousands of pilgrims and lovers of art arrive each year to see his works for themselves.

Are you considering visiting Barcelona to learn more about Dalí and explore his mind-bending work for yourself? Here’s a closer look at the key places you can see Dalí art in Barcelona.

Where to enjoy Dalí art during your trip to Barcelona?

While Dalí did not live in Barcelona, the key locations in his life are found just outside the Mediterranean hub. Short journeys using public transport can quickly whisk visitors to Barcelona away to those places.

If you are a Dalí enthusiast, you will adore your trip to Barcelona. On short excursions into Catalonia you will walk in the very steps of Dalí and feel his presence around you. Seeing the key Dalí sights is also incredibly simple.

“The Dalinian Triangle” is used to refer to the three important Dalí locations that are linked together by lines that make a triangle.

The Dalinian Triangle
Image source: The Dalinian Triangle

Here is a closer look at these places and what you can find there.

1. Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres

Dalí Museum in Figueres

Found in the home town of Dalí, this museum receives millions of visitors each year. It is certainly a unique and stunning building, fitting with Dalí’s own wishes:

“I want my museum to be a single block, a labyrinth, a great surrealist object. It will be [a] totally theatrical museum. The people who come to see it will leave with the sensation of having had a theatrical dream.”

The museum hosts the largest and most diverse collection of Dalí’s work. The paintings on display there are complemented by a range of other curiosities and pieces of art, in addition to Dalí’s own collection from other artists.

The building has to be seen to be believed, with odd figures adorning the façade and a geodesic dome providing interesting sights. Of course, Dalí is also buried beneath the stage and this is an important place for lovers of his work.

How to get there?

This museum is located in Figueres, which is around 143 km from Barcelona. Given that this is the second most visited museum in Spain, though, the transport links are great.

You can choose to take a regional train from a variety of stations for around 15€. This will take under two hours and passes through some beautiful scenery.
You can choose to take a high-speed train from Sants station for around 35€. This takes around 50 minutes but you will have to take a taxi or bus from the station to the museum once you arrive in Figueres.

Getting inside

As with all of the items in this list, it’s important that you book ahead online and you will be allotted a specific entry time. The prices vary according to whether you are an individual or in a group, so be sure to check online.

2. Dalí’s House in Port Lligat

Salvador Dalí House Portlligat

If you decide to visit Figueres, then you might want to consider extending your exploration of Dalí by taking a one-hour bus to see Dalí’s home in Port Lligat.

This home was originally a series of small fisherman’s huts that Dalí purchased in sequence and incorporated into the house. For over 50 years (from 1930 to 1982), Dalí lived and worked here and cultivated the labyrinthine structure of the building.

He left upon the death of his wife Gala, and he never returned. With just a short bus journey, you are able to visit his refuge and see a range of countless interesting items that kept him company.

How to get there?

Port Lligat is located just outside Cadaques. You can arrive there by taking a train to Figueres and then a one-hour bus journey from there.

Getting inside

As with all of the items in this list, it’s important that you book ahead online and you will be allotted a specific entry time. The prices will vary according to your group, so be sure to get the latest prices by checking online.

3. The Gala Dalí Castle

Casa Museu Pubol, Gala Dalí Castle

This incredible castle was built and restored by Dalí, who purchased it for his wife Gala. The medieval building was restored to fine health by Dalí and it served as a sanctuary and resting place for his beloved wife who is now buried there.

Dalí bought the castle in 1968 and respected his wife’s privacy, never visiting her there without advance express permission in writing. Gala passed away in 1982 and this was the first time that Dalí began living in the castle. As his health deteriorated, however, his family and friends decided that he should move back to his birth place of Figueres.

There are a range of works at the castle and a Dalí enthusiast will relish the opportunity to explore these works in such a significant setting.

How to get there?

The “Portbou” line from Barcelona can take you to the Flaçà station, which is found around 4km from the castle. This can be a pleasant walk that should take just under an hour, or you can opt to take a taxi from the station.

Getting inside

As with all of the items in this list, it’s important that you book ahead online and you will be allotted a specific entry time. You will see that there are guided visits or regular visits, so you should be sure to choose the one that you prefer.

Enjoy Exploring Dalí!

Salvador Dalí is widely loved around the world, and we hope that you enjoy the opportunity to get up close and personal with not only his work but also the places that meant so much to him. These places are truly special and we’re sure that you will have an amazing time!

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