Top Places for a Business Meeting in Barcelona

Barcelona is an absolutely unbeatable meeting point for international business. It is conveniently located for international travelers to visit, offers picturesque settings, and it has everything that the modern business traveler might need.

It’s little wonder that the city hosts over 200 conferences each year!

Are you preparing an important business meeting in Barcelona? You need an appropriate venue to get the mood just right and give yourself the best chance of success. We want you to succeed, so here’s a closer look at the best places for a business meeting in Barcelona!

The Best Spots in Barcelona for a Business Meeting

Looking to tackle some important predetermined topics with a larger group? If your attendees have limited time, you want to make sure that business is taken care of as efficiently as possible and all of the objectives are met.

Here’s a closer look at some meeting locations in Barcelona that give you and your attendees all of the materials and facilities you need to focus on the business at hand.


While this is not a specific location, Sheltair offers a range of short-term offices and private meeting rooms on-demand. There are some really interesting options here whether you’re looking to host a meeting, a workshop, or an offsite get together.

Coworking space for a business meeting in Barcelona

The prices are certainly competitive and if you are willing to search through the options that are available, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your needs. Some rooms boast large meeting tables and other key features, and you will find that some fit with your aesthetic.

Another big advantage of using this platform is the diversity in terms of locations. You are free to book a meeting space that is convenient for your client or partner, delighting them and getting the meeting off to a perfect start.


Again, Spacebase is a platform that offers over 150 unique meeting spaces in Barcelona. From chic meeting rooms to more formal affairs, you will be able to find something that fits with your needs.

There are a range of tools that make browsing easy. You can see the prices of the room, as well as how many guests can be accommodated in each. A range of photos help you to find the personality of the room and give you a good idea of how the meeting will look.

There are some truly interesting spaces available. If you are looking to impress then you’ll find a range of stylish private options available from old theatres to rooftop terraces.

3. Meet BCN

Meet BCN is a coworking space found in the heart of L’Eixample. Your invitees will love meeting in this trendy and central location.

The pair of meeting rooms on offer there fit with the luxurious surroundings. The Tulip meeting room offers a modern and comfortable space that has all of the equipment and facilities necessary to keep you focused on business.

The Butterfly meeting room is a little larger, accommodating for larger groups while still offering a range of equipment and a coffee/break area. These rooms can be paid for by the hour, or vouchers can be purchased to drive value if you’ll be using the room often.

4. Regus

Regus is a world-renowned provider of premium co-working locations. The co-working powerhouse has a huge range of locations across the world, and it offers 13 stunning spaces in Barcelona. If you are looking for a meeting room, you might want to take a look at the options from Regus.

Offices in Barcelona for a business meeting

You will find that the locations are spread evenly across the city, making it a breeze to find a spot that is convenient for yourself and your invitees. The website provides a wealth of information about each location, but you will often have to call ahead about a meeting room to get an accurate quote based on your needs.

5. A Range of Hotels

Barcelona means business. You will find that many of the hotels in the city come equipped with a range of meeting rooms and conference spaces to help international travelers host meetings and events.

In fact, there are over 200 hotels that offer meeting rooms for use by guests. This is a great option if you are looking to make the most of your time in Barcelona, or even book a meeting room in the hotel where your important prospect or partner is staying. maintains a comprehensive list of hotels with meeting rooms in Barcelona. You will find all of the key technical specifications here, as well as how you can go about booking the room you need.

6. OneCoWork

OneCoWork is one of the trendiest coworking spaces in the city. It currently has just a couple of locations: one is found at the port and the other is found in Plaça Catalunya. An additional location is in the works, though!

If you are looking to book a vibrant meeting space that positions you as a person in touch with Barcelona’s exciting startup scene, OneCoWork could be a great option.

Enjoy Your Business Meeting in Barcelona!

We hope that your business meeting in Barcelona goes off according to plan! If you are putting together the final details, be sure to check out our blog posts focusing on corporate life in Barcelona. You will find a lot of tips and ideas to help your business trip to Barcelona go off perfectly.