Best things to taste during Christmas in Barcelona

We really are happy to make unforgettable your Christmas in Barcelona.It is true that at the Iberian Peninsula you can meet a wide variety of gastronomy. Each of the regions has its own typical dishes. Catalonia is not an exception. Moreover, if you have a luck to know someone who can invite you home, be hungry because if something is made in Barcelona on Christmas is a meal.
If not, a lot of restaurants offer exquisite menus with these special dishes. Take note and prepare yourself for a nice gastronomy experience in the Catalan capital.

Traditional dishes for Christmas in Barcelona


This one is a hypercaloric dish, so you’re informed. It is kind of stew that has everything: made from chicken, beef, pork backbone and ham bone’s bouillon, to which later used to add meatballs and crumble meat. Also includes some veggies as carrot, potato and cabbage.

Sopa de galets

However, the star ingredients of this festive are “galets”. If you have never tried or seen them, you’ll be surprised of their size. We talk about large pieces of pasta that only one of them fills the spoon. This traditional soup usually Catalans eat on December, 25. This is a very substances bouillon. Very comforting for cold winter dish, do not doubt to try it.

Canelons (cannelloni)

Cannelloni is one of our favorite dishes traditionally eaten the day of Sant Esteve, that we celebrate on December 26. Chicken stuffed with meat and bechamel sauce. You might be confused, but Catalan cannelloni differs from the Italians for not wearing tomato sauce.


The “Entremés” are small dishes and plates that are served before or during the meal to be able to snack and dip while waiting for the main dish. This is very common during the Christmas season and especially during the Christmas dinner. Normally they are served between the dishes to entertain between the dishes but also to eliminate tastes from prior plates that have been served, to “clean up” the palate so to say. The origin of these small plates served before the actual dinner is Russia, yes Russia. They actually started the tradition to serve small plates before the main meal.

Cochinillo Asado

This traditional spanish dish can be found almost everywhere in the country during Christmas. “Roast Pig” (while the chochinillo means the young pig is a delicious dish served with potatoes and a brown sauce. If you are interested in how this dish is prepared we recommend watching this video about how to make “Cochinillo asado” from the spanish TV Channel below:

Mantecados and Polvorones

Polvorones and Mantecados can be found around all supermarkets and department stores 1-2 months before Christmas in special presentations near the register. Why? Because they are super popular. These small little baked and crumbly christmas cookies will be served with “Moscatel”. The difference between mantecados and polvorones is normally the shape. While Polvorones normally have an oval shape, Mantecados are round.

There’s a great video from “Oh, The things we’ll make” check it out:

Take the advantage and celebrate the Christmas Eve in Barcelona. Ah, do not forget about some traditional Christmas cookies and pastries that you can find at the Christmas markets around the city.