Barcelona’s best viewpoints for amazing Instagram shots

At the end of 2017, Instagram, the most notorious photography-based social network, announced that it had already exceeded 800 million active users per month and 500 million users per day, confirming it as one of the most visited platforms in the world and the fastest growing social network in recent years.

Their biggest contribution was focusing in something that was already part of most people’s lives: the photography. Besides, the use of hashtags is also one of their main strengths. Thanks to these, people can post anything at any time and become popular without the need of having a big audience like in other social networks, without much effort.

The latest study by IAB Spain reveals that the hashtag #Barcelona is the most used by users of this social network with more than 31 million shared photos. And it’s one of the 5 most shared destinations in the world! If you want to have a boost on your Instagram account, check this selection with Barcelona’s best viewpoints for spectacular Instagram shots. You will get surprised of how many likes you get!