The top community festival in the Catalan capital

Something magic will happen in Barcelona, something for what most of locals are preparing 4-6 month before and the last nights even don’t sleep. And if you ask any travel guide what is that important date takes place in August will say Festa Major de Gràcia.

The biggest and relatively pretty young – Festa Major de Gràcia has a very beautiful story that has started at the small village that already doesn’t exist ‘Vila de Gràcia’ or “Villa de Gracia” in Spanish. A small rural village, in the XIX century experienced an extraordinary mutation as a town of artisans, workers and small traders. Originally celebrated on 15th of May in honor of  San Isidro it passed to 15th of August to celebrate Assumption of Mary, even chronographs have not agreed why.

Festa Major de Gràcia, Barcelona
Image Source: Colles of Gràcia, Barcelona

Enjoy the Festa de Gràcia in Barcelona, the best neighborhood festival in the city

So what Festa Major de Gràcia celebration is about?

Actually it is a kind of competition between some streets chosen by jury. Ok, so what else? The neighbors of each street choose a theme, it could be a fantasy, a movie or a fairytale and decorate their streets the way they can. And all, including the theme is a secret, only in August the night before the celebration all they go out to decorate the street putting in all their love and creativity.

The next day the big competition begins and after one week have passed the jury choose a street that wins. But meanwhile, all the Gràcia neighborhood and the decorated streets have their own celebration all day and night. Moreover, at the small and cozy squares they used to do some activities or concerts. There are big heads called “Capgrossos” in Catalan, giants, fire shows and the traditional Catalan human towers, known as “Castellers”. This celebration is one of the most popular street festivals in Barcelona among locals and just the way people from Barcelona show how much they love this tradition and their story.

Castellers Festa Major de Gràcia, Barcelona
Image Source: Castellers in Gràcia, Barcelona

The Generalitat of Catalonia has declared the Festa Major of Gràcia in Barcelona a Traditional Festival of National Interest