The Perfect Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

Barcelona enjoys a glowing reputation as a destination for business and leisure. But what about romance?

Couples visiting the Catalan capital will also undoubtedly discover a city teeming with romance. The city has a long and unique history that provides an air of refinement and delicacy – the perfect setting for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

The weather is crisp yet sunny, and each Valentine’s Day couples from around the world enjoy an intimate and cozy time together. Marvelous cuisine, unforgettable views and more await. Here’s a closer look at how to enjoy a perfect Valentine’s Day in Barcelona.

Restaurants for a romantic Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

Of course, there’s no better way to celebrate with your loved one than with an intimate meal. This gives you the chance to not only enjoy indulgent cuisine, but also to chat and enjoy some wine in a romantic atmosphere.

Barcelona has a staggering number of restaurants to pick from. There are thousands which offer everything from traditional Italian cuisine and seafood, to sushi and steakhouse options. There’ll be something that helps you and your partner to celebrate in a way that you love. To get the inspiration flowing, here’s a look at some of the key options for Valentine’s Day in Barcelona.

  • Lab Restaurant

    Lab Restaurant is one of the highest rated restaurants in Barcelona and given the quality of its Mediterranean dishes, it’s a really little wonder. The prices don’t break the bank too much, and the food here is really creative and presented well. Relationships are all about sharing new experiences, so the imaginative plates here will give you a new shared experience.

    If food is important to you and your partner, then this remarkable restaurant offers a true fine dining experience that you won’t forget any time soon.

  • Santa Rita Experience

    If you’re looking for a comfortable and unique experience that celebrates the very essence of cooking, Santa Rita is an exciting option. The experience is built around the idea of removing the barriers that divide the kitchen and a comfortable dining area.

    You and your partner will enjoy a gastronomic experience that demonstrates keen respect for quality and seasonal products. The atmosphere is comfortable and calm, resembling that of a home. Vegetarian and flexitarian options are also available.

  • La Caleta Burger

    Of course, different couples enjoy different things. While some people adore fine dining and the opportunity to relish a fresh culinary experience, others are happy with an incredibly burger, a beer, and great company.

    If this sounds more up your street, then La Caleta Burger is a great option. Located in the center of the city you can enjoy an exquisite burger without having to worry too much about making a booking or navigating a bizarre menu!

    This is a nice option if you’re looking to keep things real and experience a truly incredible burger.

  • Jai-Ca

    If you’re in Barcelona, you’ll naturally want to make the most of the local cuisine here and sample some great tapas. Jai-Ca is found in Barceloneta and offers a perfect introduction to tapas via its large and delicious menu.

    Perfect for couples, you and your partner can sample the best that tapas has to offer in a lively and fun atmosphere. You’ll also be located close to the beach and clubs on the one side, and the center of Barcelona on the other – the perfect location to launch an amazing evening!

Activities for a special Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

Valentine’s Day in Barcelona doesn’t just have to be about the food: there are a huge range of amazing activities that you can enjoy to have an unforgettable day. Here is a look at some of those.

  • Walk through the City
  • This might not sound like the most imaginative idea, but Barcelona is truly beautiful to walk through and enjoy from the street level. The streets are long and wide, meaning that they are bright throughout the day. You and your partner can enjoy getting lost together and stopping for a drink or snack whenever you need.

    There are a huge range of attractions to see, and you can lose yourself in the rich history of the city. We recommend passing through the center of the city and visiting the Parc de la Ciutadella. You can also extend your walk to the north of the city to explore Eixample and Gràcia. These wonderful neighborhoods are filled with hidden gems.

  • Enjoy a Segway Tour
  • If a wander doesn’t sound like your thing and you want a more detailed look at the most incredible areas in the city, you could consider a Barcelona Segway tour. This is the perfect way to get around the city quickly while still enjoying it at your own pace from the street level.

    You and your partner will have a lot of fun using the devices and experiencing something new together. Best of all, you will be guided around to get a clear explanation of the key areas of the city and the history that happened there.

  • Share a Spa Day
  • Barcelona has a huge range of spas. Some are huge and well-known, while others offer a more intimate and customized experience. If you and your partner love a bit of pampering, then there’s nothing quite like a visit to the spa.

    You will be able to enjoy massages and circuits through a range of pools and thermal baths. There is a range of prices and packages available, so be sure to do some research to find the option that is best for you! Don’t forget that Groupon is popular in Barcelona – you can find some great deals there.

Have an Incredible Valentine’s Day in Barcelona!

We love this city and we have absolutely no doubt you will too. Our entire team hopes that you and your loved one have an unforgettable day and a wonderful stay!

If you want to dig deeper and find some more inspiration, then be sure to check out our exploration of the best activities in Barcelona.

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