The Best Gyms in Barcelona Offering Day Passes

Do you have a trip planned to Barcelona and you’re looking to find the perfect place to squeeze in a workout while you’re here?

You’re not alone! This is a common need (Barcelona welcomes thousands of tourists and business travelers for short breaks each year) and if you know where to look, you’ll find a range of gyms in Barcelona that offer day passes.

You’ll want to look and feel your best while you’re here (the beach is waiting!), so here’s a run-down of the best gyms in Barcelona to get a one-day workout.

Top 8 Gyms in Barcelona for tourists

1. Aiguajoc

Where is it? Carrer Comte Borrell 21-33
Facilities: Gym, pool, spa, classes, massages, sports courts, showering facilities, restaurant
Cost: 10 EUR per day

At 10 euros per workout, this gym represents good value for money. You’ll find that you have everything you could need available to you too: there’s a fully-equipped gym and pool, as well as a host of other amenities which you can make the most of to get a truly great workout.

Found in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, this gym is really central and accessible using a range of metro and bus lines. If you’re staying anywhere around the center of the city while you’re in Barcelona, you’ll want to give this option some serious consideration.

2. Duet Fit

Where is it? Carrer del Bruc 49
Facilities: Gym, classes, showering facilities, restaurant
Cost: 10 EUR per day

Duet Fit is found not too far from the Arc de Triomf, meaning that it is located not far from the center of Barcelona. The 10 euro cost also includes access to all of the classes which is a nice touch, and there are a lot on offer!

The lunch spaces make this a great gym to get in an afternoon workout – you can make the most of the huge range of weights and classes before locking in your workout with a healthy lunch.

3. CEM Can Felipa

Where is it? Carrer Pillars 277
Facilities: Gym, pool, spa, classes, massages, showering facilities
Cost: 10 EUR per day

All of the CEM gyms in Barcelona are municipal gyms, meaning that they offer great value for money and attract a wide range of people. It’s worth noting that these gyms have the potential to get quite busy outside of office hours, so watch out!

The price is attractive though, and while you won’t find restaurants or sports courts here, it has everything else that you might need to get a truly great workout and prepare for the beach!

4. BCN Fitness

Where is it? Carrer d’Aragó 322
Facilities: Gym, classes, showering facilities
Cost: 6 EUR per day

The day pass at this gym starts at just 6 euros per day, and you’ll find that there are a huge range of classes on offer here. You can enjoy body pump, stretching, yoga, salsa, and much more… as well as a range of weights and cardio machines, of course.

What makes this option so intriguing are the long opening hours. On weekdays the gym opens up at 6.30am, making it the perfect option if you’re looking to get that early-morning workout in before your big day ahead in Barcelona.

5. Accura Bruc

Where is it? Carrer Bruc 122
Facilities: Gym, pool, spa, classes, showering facilities
Cost: 17 EUR per day

Billed as the most cosmopolitan gym in the city, this is reflected in the higher day rate. At 17 euros for a day pass, this is a more premium option but if you enjoy beautiful aesthetics and state-of-the-art materials, this could be the best option for you.

The gym is found just off Diagonal in the Eixample district of the city, so you’ll want to ensure that this gym makes sense to visit from the location that you are staying in.

6. Eurofitness Perill

Where is it? Carrer del Perill 16-22
Facilities: Gym, pool, spa, classes, massages, sports courts, showering facilities, restaurant
Cost: 12 EUR per day

Located in the heart of Gracia, this gym offers great facilities at a competitive price. It is also open until 11pm, which gives it a nice edge and facilitates for those late-night workouts.

All of the materials are of a high-quality and you’ll find that whether you want to go for a swim, hit the weights, or get in some other type of cardio workout, this gym has you covered. There’s even a healthy restaurant on site, meaning that you can nourish yourself after a tough workout.

7. Esportiu Rocafort

Where is it? Carrer del Floridablanca 41
Facilities: Gym, pool, spa, classes, massages, sports courts, showering facilities, restaurant
Cost: 7 EUR per day

This large sports complex is found in Sant Antoni and it’s open until 11pm. Alongside a range of sports courts for football, squash, and other games, you’ll find a well-equipped gym and a beautifully warmed swimming pool.

At just 7 euros for a day session, this represents great value for money and if you’re staying around the center of Barcelona this could be a great option for your gym session. You may even find that you can enjoy a game of football or another sport if you have the inclination!

8. CEM Jupiter Sport

Where is it? Carrer de la Agricultura 232
Facilities: Gym, pool, classes, showering facilities, restaurant
Cost: 11 EUR per day

Another municipal gym, this one is found in Sant Martí and represents a perfect choice if you’re staying to the east of the city in Poble Nou or another neighborhood. The price is accessible once again, and you’ll find that there are a range of awesome facilities.

The gym recently installed a completely new spinning room and it’s worth checking out if you’re a fan of this intense form of cardio!

We hope that you’ve found the perfect gym in Barcelona and that you have a great workout. The Catalan capital is a wonderful place and we’re sure that after your fitness session, the city will help you to feel great both mentally and physically.

If you want to explore some alternative methods of exercise, Barcelona is a beautiful city and there is a wide variety of activities that you can enjoy outdoors. If you want to know more, keep reading our blog or visit our website. Surely you will find more than one incredible plan for your stay!