Port Olímpic: Barcelona’s best seafood restaurants for fresh fish dishes

Spain is the second biggest consumer of fish and seafood in the world, after Japan. In every region of the country, especially those that are seaside, there are fish and seafood dishes available in almost every bar and restaurant. The Spanish sea gastronomy is very rich and diverse, from expensive dishes to tasty snacks. There are fish casseroles, enormous seafood combos called “mariscadas” and all kind of preserved fish and seafood, such as anchovies, sardines and cockles.

If you love fish and seafood as much as we do, we invite you to visit some of the most notorious restaurants in the Catalan capital; Barcelona’s best seafood restaurants where you can get fresh fish every day of the week. Some of them are located near the sea, so you not only get to enjoy the taste, but also the gorgeous views of areas like the Barcelona Olympic Harbour.

A nice view gets even more attractive with the delicious taste of fried shrimps in your mouth. So, if you don’t want to miss this experience, check the list below with the best seafood restaurants in the Port Olimpic of Barcelona, and start to salivate.

Where to eat seafood in Barcelona?

1. Maná 75º

Where is it? Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 101

The senses play an important role when it comes to enjoying the Port of Barcelona, and Maná 75º is the perfect to spot to do it so. With premises full of big rooms, large windows and with a unique decoration, Maná 75º is an ideal place to enjoy a seafood dish while staring at the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurant is famous for their fish rice and paellas, without forgetting the fideuas (a dish like the paella but with noodles instead of rice).

2. La Barca del Salamanca

Where is it? Moll de Gregal, 17

You wouldn’t leave Barcelona without visiting the Sagrada Familia or Parc Güell, right? Well, you cannot leave it without eating at La Barca del Salamanca. Their menu is composed by traditional Spanish cuisine, from the well-known tapas to delicious desserts. La Barca de Salamanca is famous for its Guijuelo sausages, their Mediterranean dishes and the wood coating that makes the restaurant look like the interior of a ship. You have all the information in its complete web page, which allows you to book online and solve any doubts with its customer service section.

3. La Taberna Gallega

Where is it? Moll de Gregal, 24

Galicia is a region of Spain located in the north of the country. It’s famous in the whole world for nurturing the best fish in their coasts and the best seafood in their marshlands. Anywhere you go, if you bump into a Galician restaurant, we recommend you try it, like Barcelona’s La Taberna Gallega. With a tavern lounge with capacity for 60 guests, a terrace for 52 and a terrace lounge for more than 250 guests, we are sure that you will find the perfect spot for you. Rice, seafood, octopus and turbot stand out in their menu, plus their high-quality steaks and their galician wines such as the Albariño and the Verdejo.


Where is it? Passeig Marítim, 30

The name of this seafood restaurant in Barcelona means water, but that doesn’t mean you have to order it for drinking. AGUA is located in the Barcelona seafront, where the monkfish, hake and stew are the main protagonists. They allegedly brought back the Barceloneta spirit, meaning that they offer the type of menu and the atmosphere from what the neighborhood used to be in the 80-90´s, before the arrival of the tourism wave. They offer a diverse menu, a young spirit decoration and a fast service with very friendly staff. If you are a beach-person more than a port-person, go get some AGUA!

5. La Fonda del Port Olímpic

Where is it? Moll de Gregal, 7-10

La Fonda del Port Olimpic is very well-known seafood restaurant in Barcelona because it does what is colloquially called “la compra” (the purchase). La compra means that the restaurant managers buy everyday the freshest products of the market and that’s what they offer on the menu. It doesn’t depend on prices, menus or any other reason but what´s fresh. That’s why every time you go to La Fonda is an adventure. The product offered is divided into fish and seafood of the day, premium meats made on the grill and an economic daily menu for 13 euros.

6. El Cangrejo Loco

Where is it? Moll de Gregal, 29 – 30

The Cangrejo Loco (The Crazy Crab) is the perfect place to enjoy with all your friends. The kitchen is prepared to cook individual menus, “My way” menus for up to 12 people or menus for events and special meals for more than 12 people. In addition, you can also enjoy maximum discretion in their private rooms or eating on their terraces while staring at the Mediterranean Sea. They are famous for their Suquet de rape (Monkfish Suquet), fish rices and wines. Plus, the walls are covered by cool vintage pictures of the 1992 Olympic games.

7. Arenal

Where is it? Passeig Marítim La Barceloneta, s/n

High cuisine, fresh product, great service and sea views. That’s what Arenal restaurant has to offer to all the seafood lovers out there. Their dishes of rice and fish are very popular, and they get a lot of business thanks to their capacity to organize social events and weddings. They have several choices for their menus, one daily and one executive, so you can make the best choice for the time of the day. Our recommendation is to enjoy its terrace and order some of their fish grills, the cod or the rice.

8. Touché

Where is it? Carrer de la Marina, 19 Local 1 D

Touché is one of the quirkiest options of this list, that’s why it’s coming in the last place. Located in the Carrer de la Marina, it´s menu combines seafood, fish and other product in an original and avant-garde cuisine, a little far from the classic fish restaurants. Honorary mention for their cocktails, prepared by the mixologist Marc López, and with an acid touch of fruits and citrus. A terrific ending for a fresh fish or seafood meal!

Enjoy your seafood!
We hope you like our selection with Barcelona’s best seafood restaurants around the Port Olímpic.
If you are visiting Barcelona, you will enjoy these places. They usually have a daily menu, but you can also choose other dishes from the carte. Don’t think it so much and try one of them. You won’t regret it!

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