During these two days in June with traditional Sant Joan in Barcelona, the city turns into a spectacle of fire and lights. Sant Joan is the midsummer celebration festival when all of Spain celebrates the shortest night of the year from 23rd to 24th of June and here we have the best things for you to do.

Enjoy traditional Sant Joan in Barcelona, a unique night in the city

“Nit de Sant Joan” which means St John’s Night or St. John’s Eve is a night of Fireworks, Coca cakes, Cava and Fire therefore also just called “Nit de Foc” (Night of fire).

In many parts of the city on 23rd, you might just run into music concerts such as El mosquito del Garito in the Sant Antoni neighbourhood close to the centre or also festivals at the seafront like the Reggae Festival at the Forum with Mackie Banton.

If you also just like to ramble around without a certain schedule, at Barcelona´s beaches you might become the witness of the biggest central gathering of the night, which attracts crowds of around 75.000 people.

There you can expect fireworks and a lightful skyline.

Another option many locals do make use of are rooftops of Barcelona, where you can overlook the entire scenery of the night.

Some recommendations for good panoramic views and a nice atmosphere would be Yurbban Trafalgar  with its delicious rooftop or also the terrace of Alma and the authentic bar of Cotton House.

Also, if you want to be a little off the crowd a wonderful place are the bunkers on the hill “Carmel”.

Not to forget within Sant Joan’s program the “Tour of the Canigó Flame” – a big flame wandering through town with the crowds until it ends up at the main square

“Plaça Sant Jaume” at 7pm, where its arrival is being celebrated from 6pm with dancing performances, the traditional “giants” and music.

There is the perfect spot to get to try the Catalan “coca”, sweet bread which you will see all around in the local bakeries these days. Get more information about the flame tour with this link.

After experiencing the taste of coca at those hotspots, cheering with cava (sparkling wine) at the beach and observing come “Castellers” performances (human pyramids) you will definitely have the whole package of memories and impressions about this cultural event of Sant Joan in Barcelona.

The next day, June 24th is a public holiday and more than 300 cleaners will be up early to clean the beaches so they are ready for bathers in case you want to wash from this long night in the sea.

You might better get a rest to have all your energy for what awaits you…