Barcelona on a weekend break: what to do

Barcelona is one of the coolest cities when it comes to activities, but on that 2-3 day weekend break with our loved one, we are often looking for just the right things to do. Some great experiences, not too much, just enough to have a great time, take some nice pictures and relax. To make your life easier, today we want to present you 5 things you should definitely do when coming to Barcelona on a weekend break.

Go to the beach, no matter what time of the year

Barcelona has 295 days of sunshine during the year, so yes, if you’re lucky you probably can visit the beach during your weekend break and enjoy a couple of hours of sun on the Paseo Marítimo around Barceloneta and Villa Olimpica.  Both locations are easily accessible via METRO (Yellow Line) or using a taxi. You can also simply walk down La Rambla towards the sea and left towards the big 2 towers you should be able to see if you’re walking near to the water. Be aware, people in general underestimate distances in Barcelona and end up walking way too much. A walk from the end of La Rambla to the sandy beach of Barceloneta will take you approximately 20-30 minutes depending on how fast you walk.

Barcelona is one of the few big cities in the world which has a moderate climate and a beach. The atmosphere is special here and I promise you’ll be hooked to the vibe after spending an afternoon in the sun with a Mojito in your hand watching people passing by.

El Born, Old Quarter, Barcelona by Stefan Bothermann
El Born, Old Quarter, Barcelona by Stefan Bothermann

Have some tapas or montaditos in “El Gótico”, “El Born” or “El Raval”

Within the city center you can find many interesting opportunities to have lunch or dinner during your romantic weekend city break in Barcelona, but one of these days you should try some tapas and/or montaditos (small mounted bread slices with delicious things on them) with a “zurito” (small glass of wine or beer) and try maybe a couple of different small bars and restaurants, have a bite and a glass and move on to the next one.

La Plaça Reial, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona
La Plaça Reial, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona by Stefan Bothermann

You are vegetarian? Ok, it might be a bit difficult to find out what exactly is in each of the tapas but I am sure if you ask friendly the staff might be able to explain you. Remember though that the good places for food tend to be busy at certain hours, so don’t be surprised if there’s a certain “energy” in the place.

Want to know which places you definitely should try out for food when you become hungry in Barcelona? Want to know which restaurants the locals go to?

Enjoy a stroll through Gracia have a Butifarra in a Bar

Gracia is a beautiful barrio in the center of Barcelona, easily accessible via Metro L5 (Blue Line) – (Station Diagonal). Gracia was an independent village until the 19th century and it’s inhabitants are very proud of their ancestors and keep mentioning that they’re from “Gracia” not “Barcelona”. Once you’re in this beautiful quarter you’ll see the difference to the nearby Passeig de Gracia which is loud, posh and big. The small streets, businesses and bars have charme and invite to enjoy an afternoon with some friends or family.

For more information on what to do in this amazing quarter in Barcelona check out the TimeOut Guide for Gracia

Want to see more on your weekend break in Barcelona?

Check out our guided tours through the city and book yours now!


Visit the Sagrada Familia and have a coffee nearby

The Sagrada Familia is one of the Top Sights in Barcelona, you definitely can go inside. Make Sure to go early to skip the long lines and avoid waiting. Once you have seen the Sagrada Familia from inside you definitely should take a round.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona by Patrice Audet
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona by Patrice Audet

There are many little bars around the Sagrada Familia. Why not grab a coffee on one of the terraces and enjoy some time under the sun with stunning views on one of the most remarkable architectonic achievements created by humanity? Yeah, why not? Watch out for tourist traps and maybe walk a couple of hundred meters. 

Visit the Park Güell if the 7€ per person are within your budget

Park Güell is surely worth a visit as you might already know. If you can afford the entrance you should take a round and maybe spend a couple of hours discovering the park.

Here a quick tip for the more romantic weekend break: Of course there are the main spots like the terrace and basically the complete “lower” area of the park. Most of the recommended routes lead you here. But, if you are more the romantic type of person you might want to stay away from the main routes and have a look up the hill. There’s a great viewpoint at the top of the park, which is only a 10-15 minute walk from the central terrace.

Here are the maps you can download directly from the official Park Güell Website:

Plaza de la natura
MAP: Plaza de la natura Download pdf
MAP: Carrer de Olot
MAP: Carrer de Olot Download pdf

Stay tuned! This article is constantly changing and we will keep adding new cool activities for your city weekend break with your loved onces.

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