Best 11 Green Eco Hotels in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular European cities to travel to and offers accommodation to meet all needs and budgets. In recent years, a new type of environmentally-conscious Barcelona hotel has been rising up: the green hotels.

A green hotel is basically a regular hotel that has a sustainable environmental impact policy. That means that they do everything green: recycling, reducing the carbon footprint and offering food choices that follow these requirements. After all, more and more people are becoming aware of the need to look after the planet. 

If this is the kind of hotel you’re looking for, we have prepared the following summary of the best sustainable hotels in Barcelona.

1. EcoZentric Urban Hostel

EcoZentric Urban Hostel

Where is it? Calle Balmes, 23, 08002 Barcelona

The Ecozentric is in the center of Barcelona, just a 5 minute walk from Gaudi’s Casa Batlló. This was the first ecological hostel in Barcelona and the entire design was created with the idea of respecting the environment. It has efficient heating, lighting and water systems that save energy and home automation systems to ensure no resources are wasted. In addition, the hotel allocates a considerable part of their profits to finance reforestation. Nevertheless, the hostel has very affordable prices.

2. Grand Hotel Central

Grand Hotel Central Barcelona

Where is it? Via Laietana, 30, 08003 Barcelona

The Grand Hotel Central, right in the center of Barcelona, follows a very green philosophy. Of course, they have the efficiency systems (LED lights, occupancy sensors and water saving devices), like other green hotels in Barcelona that try to reduce wasted resources. And to add to that, the thermal insulation prevents the loss of heating and the solar panels produce energy for the building. Also, the illumination of the facade at night is regulated by a system of magnetic efficiency. Even in the hotel restaurant, Avalon by Ramon Freixa, they are committed to cook only with local products and buy only from sustainable suppliers. This is an authentic green option.

3. Le Meridien Barcelona

Le Meridien Barcelona

Where is it? La Rambla, 111, 08002 Barcelona

Le Méridien Barcelona is a 5 star hotel located on Barcelona’s most iconic boulevard La Rambla, just a 5 minute walking distance from Plaza Cataluña. The hotel is committed to integrating leading sustainability practices into its core business strategy. The conservation of water, energy and other resources can be as rewarding to the environment as it is to its guests. With an innovative solution to being ecologically responsible, all guests participating in the “Make A Green Choice” program will receive a discount voucher at the restaurant and lounges, or Starwood Preferred Guest starpoints® awarded at checkout. What a great idea!

4. W Hotel Barcelona

W Hotel Barcelona

Where is it? Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents, 1, Final Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 08039 Barcelona

Inspiring, exclusive, innovative and unique. To add to the spectacular seafront views and its original structure that evokes the sail of a boat, the W Hotel is actively involved in sustainability. In fact, it has an internal Environmental Committee that manages the different green policies of the hotel. Among other things, they save energy by incorporating motion sensors and LED lights and save water with the use of efficient showers and taps.

5. Casa Camper

Casa Camper Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer d’Elisabets, 11, 08001 Barcelona

Located in the heart of the Raval neighborhood, Casa Camper is a minimalist hotel very aware of the need to respect the environment. This hostel has a water recycling system that filters the used shower water through a biomechanical system, producing water that is reused in the toilet. With this technique, water consumption is reduced by up to 50%, which contributes to the conservation of one of the most important natural resources – and the basis of all life!

6. Casa Bella Gracia

Casa Bella Gracia Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer de Sant Agustí, 4, 08012 Barcelona

Casa Bella Gracia is an ecological boutique hotel located in the Gràcia neighborhood that only has 12 rooms. At Casa Bella Gracia the guest feels at home for different reasons: they don’t have to check-in, since the hotel contacts them a week beforehand to get all the data. Every guest has their own keys, so they can get in and out whenever they feel like it. There are no front-desk staff, everything is prepared for you to do on your own. This keeps the resources the hotel uses to a minimum and is convenient for guests too!

7. Hotel Andante

Hotel Andante Barcelona

Where is it? Av. de les Drassanes, 23, 08001 Barcelona

Hotel Andante is the living-proof that a low-cost hotel can be eco-friendly. Located in Drassanes, the hostel enjoys a high level of energy efficiency with high quality insulation, gray water recycling, use of renewable energy, and materials that are natural, recycled, ecological or by proximity. This includes the use of solar panels for energy and the placement of plants that require little water.

8. Hotel Neri

Hotel Neri Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer de Sant Sever, 5, 08002 Barcelona

Located in the magical streets of the Gothic Quarter, this boutique hotel is not a conventional “green hotel”. Its beautiful architecture is designed to co-exist with exceptional sustainability: from the use of natural materials in its rooms to the management of energy consumption and water. There is no doubt that they really care about the environment.

9. Twentytú Hostel

Hostal Twentytu

Where is it? Carrer de Pamplona, 114, 08018 Barcelona

Hostal Twentytú is a frontrunner hostel in the use of sustainable technology in the hospitality industry. In fact, they have received numerous awards for their green policies that include the recovery of gray water, the pneumatic collection of waste and the use of Smartwatt devices to reduce energy consumption. Smart technology applied to protect the environment!

10. Mas Salagros Eco-Resort

Mas Salagros Eco-Resort Barcelona

Where is it? Riera de Vallromanes, S/N, 08188 Vallromanes, Barcelona

Although this eco-resort is in Vallromanes, 20 minutes away from Barcelona, it’s necessary to include it in this list, as it is an exclusive hotel that stands out for its commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. It’s a spectacular site that’s located in the tranquility of the countryside. In addition to tasting the 100% organic cuisine, we recommend you go relaxing in the Arab baths “Aire Vallromanes” and enjoy their wide range of sustainable activities.

11. Hostal Grau

Hostal Grau Barcelona

Where is it? Carrer de les Ramelleres, 27, 08001 Barcelona

If you are looking for a hotel full of charm and at the same time are concerned about the environment, then this could be your place. Guests stay in carefully designed rooms, that are furnished with natural materials from coconut mattresses to banana tree bedside tables. And to help guests ‘disconnect’, they have a suite with an electromagnetic deactivator that can disallow access to the Internet, mobile phones or any other device!


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