How to enjoy Barcelona in Spring

In Barcelona during the summer you can enjoy the sun and the beach, while in the winter you can experience the warm feeling of the Catalan Christmas traditions. But, without a doubt, the spring is one the best times to spend a weekend in Barcelona. The days get longer and during this season, the trees flourish, people leave their coats at home and enjoy life in the outdoors, one of the best features of a Mediterranean city such as Barcelona. Terraces and streets are full of locals and tourists who want to have a great time in these days. Many activities begin with the spring and the Catalan capital is one of the best places to enjoy them.

Since we want you to have an awesome Barcelona spring weekend, today we bring you a fantastic list of the top 10 things to do in Barcelona during spring.

What to do in Barcelona during spring?

Feel like locals in La Diada de Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi, the patron of Catalonia, is celebrated on April 23rd and commemorates the death of Knight Jordi for refusing to persecute Christians in the era of Emperor Diocletian as legends tell. The knight became a martyr and more legends such as Sant Jordi and the Dragon emerged from his story. This legend explains that the knight wanted to save the princess and fought against a dragon, who had the whole town frightened. Sant Jordi killed it and a rosebush with the reddest and most beautiful roses was born from the blood of the dragon. The knight took one of the roses and offered it to the princess. And seems that, since the fifteenth century, a fair of roses was organized in honor of this day.
The 23rd of April is also the international day of the book. That makes Catalonia one of the most significant days to enjoy this date, especially Barcelona. The entire city is covered with red roses and books, since all the bookstores in Barcelona bring their stock to the streets, assembling stands where they sell books directly to the public, in addition to red roses. Is a tradition for this day to give a rose or a book as a present to your loved ones.

Enjoy the Holy Week Processions

Catalonia is a big city, which means that its inhabitants come from all different parts of the country. The Semana Santa is a big tradition in regions like Andalucia, so Catalonians with that familiar and cultural background usually celebrate processions (religious parades). In the processions, the different religious associations (“cofradías” in Spanish) carry their religious images, usually representing scenes of the passion of Christ. Even if you are not Christian or a religious person, it’s an impressive spectacle that we encourage you to get to know. If you want to do something different in Barcelona during Spring, don’t miss them!

Visit the Eat Street Food Festival

Food trucks have become very popular in Barcelona in the last couple of years. That’s why weather gets warmer, the food trucks gather together and organize festivals where you can have all kinds of different food on the outside. Having a beer and a delicious meal sitting in the grass with your friends while enjoying the sun is one of the best things to do in Barcelona in March.

Have a barbeque in Les Planes Merendero

The Les Planes Merendero is an area designed to host all kinds of barbeques, with spaces for the grills, the coal and the wood. The merendero also has a restaurant, tables, chairs, parking, a football field and everything you might need to enjoy a sunny spring day. When the spring weather arrives, this place gets filled with groups who want to enjoy the sun and have barbeques. Tip: you can buy coal, wood and everything you need for your fire over there, but it’s cheaper if you bring it yourself.

Have fun with a Segway tour, a new experience

Segway and good weather are practically synonyms. Of course, you can enjoy a Segway tour all year long, but in spring it is even more attractive. With a good temperature and a clear sky, spring is a perfect moment to grab your backpack and start walking the city, getting to know even the most remote corners of it. But, since Barcelona is such a big city, you might need some assistance, and that’s where the Segway comes in handy. Available for groups, couples or families, even if you are traveling alone, with a Segway tour in Barcelona you will have a great time while visiting the main landmarks of this city. It’s a different way to know Barcelona, faster than walking and with a local guide that will approach you to the city, its history and its daily life.

Go to a Spring Music Festival

The Barcelona music festival season starts in the spring with the Primavera Sound. From there you can choose between so many festivals that you will be amazed. You have them for all kinds of public: techno dance in Crüilla, indie music in Primavera Sound or house music in Hivernacle. Even if you are travelling to Barcelona in spring with children, you have a familiar outdoors festival called Picnic Electronik. Great music and great fun for all the family.

Visit La Feria de Abril in Barcelona

The Feria de Abril (April Fair of Catalonia) is the name of the Andalusian celebrations that take place in this Spanish region during the spring. In this fair people dance flamenco, hang out with friends in the “casetas” (tents) and taste all kind of seafood, Spanish ham, wine and a traditional Andalusian drink called “rebujito”. In the 70’s there was a big movement of Andalusians that went to live in Barcelona, and that’s probably why neighborhoods like Badalona city have the best Feria de Abril celebrations in the city.

Go to enjoy some of the boardwalk terraces

One of the greatest things to do in Barcelona during spring is hanging out on a terrace. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is. You can have coffee during the mornings, have some tapas or rations if you want to have lunch, have a couple of “cañas” (glasses of beer) in the evening or even have dinner. And imagine doing all that sitting in front of the sea while listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

Visit the Chocolatería Street to discover the “Monas de Pascua”

In Catalonia is a tradition that the godfather or godmother buy a gift to his or her godchild called Mona de Pascua (Easter Monkey). The Mona is usually a cake, or a big figure made entirely with chocolate, and it usually brings toys on it, and sometimes has the shape of an egg. The chocolate-makers produce impressive cake designs with cartoon characters, traditional Catalonian motives and even football players like Messi. That’s why walking through Carrer Petritxol, the candy-makr street, is such a fun and delicious experience for a weekend in Barcelona during spring.

Enjoy La nit dels Museus

La nit dels Museus is a cultural celebration that takes place in the city of Barcelona in spring. Museums, art galleries, bookstores and all kinds of cultural business open during the whole night, allowing visits for free and purchases with great discounts. It’s the kind of night to be outside, walking through the city and having fun with your friends while visiting the best art exhibitions in Barcelona without paying a penny.